of what you are

painting images

deep within

thoughts of you

balloon of love

take flight

building dreams

from miles afar

you play

in the street

of my heart


sweet nothings

enchanted idyllic

au courant  


in the end

a poem

comes to life


©AmandavdL 2010



56 Responses to “AU COURANT”

  1. Cool graphics. I like how you tie in music to your posts. Now, I have an award for you. To accept click here:

  2. simple but perfect words.
    lovely writing!

  3. Amanda, ur poem is so touchy!

  4. fully familiar…nice. you brought that to a sweet peak…and i did have to look up au courant…thanks for teaching me…smiles.

  5. Beautiful, as always. The words fell down the page so easily. Loved the images and music too.
    X Lisa

  6. Carol Ann Hoel Says:

    Another striking arrangement of visual, written words and sound. You are an artist, Amanda. Thank you for sharing.

  7. So beautifully done, Amanda.. dreams, memories and thoughts – all fusing and taking shape to form a poem… how lovely!!!
    Sometime miles have nothing to do with love/any lovely relationship — look at us! 😉

    Yaaayyy… love you lots!
    Happy Friday!!! Just half a day to pull thru’..and then..weekennnnddddd!!! 😀

    • Thanks dear darling…and no, miles has nothing to do with it…I want to give you a thousand hugs…sending them across the ocean. Can you feel it???? Yeahhhhhh it’s weekend and it’s a beautiful warm day!!! Enjoy every moment of it, like I will!!!! Lotsa love just for you 🙂 🙂 🙂

  8. “balloon of love/take flight” What delicate words you’ve woven into your poem. Like a balloon released taking flight into the infinite universe, your love soars higher and higher. I loved it Amanda.

  9. Another cascade of carefully selected and placed words. Amanda, methinks this style suits you. 🙂

  10. I think this is just lovely Amanda.

    Also, I remember a perfume my art teacher used to wear, called au courant; I wonder if they still make it …

  11. Beautiful, I especially loved the end. Great poem!

  12. This is beautiful, loved it, especially the ending. Great job my friend!

  13. A well constructed poem, Amanda…you just keep on growing as a poet….A POET 🙂

  14. I do love your poetry, Amanda…

  15. Love it. A poem is a dream, then a dance, and then it just is!

  16. I loved ‘you play in the streets of my heart’ – it has a certain childhood familiarity that tickles in my oldest memories.

  17. what a divine beauty. i love white doves.

    fabulous poem. so tender and dreamy.

  18. The words, the imagery, the music… everything is wonderful Amanda- I daydream all the time! 🙂

  19. I love the line…you play in the street of my heart….and the photo with its movement is just gorgeous…such a lovely piece on love from afar brought close to the heart! Happy Weekend, my sweet romantic friend! Love you….Heartspellxxxxxxxxx

  20. Very nice. Nice cadence. Nice imagery. Particularly like: you play in the streets of my heart. Wonderful work as always, my friend. 🙂 xo

    • Happy you liked dear Jamie…trying all sorts of new things lately…hope you have a fabulous weekend…it is election day here in Australia and I am bout to face the crowds….grrrrr!!!! Lots of love xxxx

  21. beautiful image…. lovely dreamy vivid poem… video is again doing gr8 with the piece…
    you are simply amazing Amanda… 🙂

    keep rocking
    viva la vida 🙂

  22. building dreams / from miles afar … simply beautiful poem. makes me want to go home and sleep and dream!

  23. ah, what a beautiful image, lovely poem too.

    you play / in the street / of my heart / whispering / sweet nothings…

    sweet dreams are made of this…

  24. The image is mesmerizing… Two subtleties in the language I found particularly impressive,”balloon of love” & “au courant” these lines stand out for me in this great poem. hugs & cheers 🙂

    • Thanks Adam, I also like “balloon of love”…makes me want to fly so high!! Have a fabulous weekend with your loved ones dear friend ~ And as always ~ Hugs x

  25. Wonderful thoughts and images. “you play, in the street, of my heart” is especially inspired!

    • Aww thanks Lawrence, I am glad that you liked it…and even more happy to have you here. I hope you’re feeling much better and the energy’s coming back! Have a fabulous weekend my friend, winter is fading here and that makes me very happy!! Sending you love across the ocean ~ Amanda x

  26. What beautiful graphics…just couldn’t resist visiting….great poem! x

  27. lifeinarecipe Says:

    I love this poem! It seems so musical when I read it.

  28. This is spectacular. Passionate, moving, lusty and there is an ethereal thread weaving itself between the lines of this poem, Amanda. 🙂

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