1 tsp olive oil.
1 x 150g packet mixed seeds and nuts (cashews, almonds, pepitas, sunflower kernels, pecans, etc)
1 ¼ cups basmati or long grain rice, washed well
1 x 40g packet sultanas
1 x 35g sachet Rice Cookers Mild Indian Rice
1 cup fresh mint leaves, torn
2 small Lebanese cucumbers, peeled and diced


1. Heat oil in a frying pan and pan-fry nuts and seeds until toasted then add to the rice cooker insert pot. Place washed rice, sultanas,  Rice Cookers recipe base and 2 cups (500ml) water into the rice cooker insert pot and stir.

2. Cover with lid and press selector control to COOK (DO NOT REMOVE LID during cooking). Cook until the selector control switches to KEEP WARM.

3. Let stand for 10 minutes with the lid on.  Stir mint leaves and cucumber through rice mixture. Serve with natural yoghurt.

18 Responses to “INDIAN RICE SALAD”

  1. yaaayyyy … Whenever I see Indian recipes posted on your blog and Cindy’s, I dance!!! 🙂
    I am a fan of food in general (thanks to my hubby) 🙂 Indian and everything!! 😀
    But Basmati rice and the typically Indian ingredients make me all goosebumpy.. heheh


    • I actually posted this one JUST for you because I knew you’d love it. It tastes sooooo yummy Kavita, one of my favourites. I sometimes wonder if you look at the recipe’s because I know you’re not very much into food…you are soooooo tiny:):) When I have a busy day, I sometimes forget to eat too but at the same time I enjoy food so much (I do food critique for a local newspaper in my spare time) and enjoy the variety and different tastes. And collect cook books….(don’t have space anymore)….Sweet dreams gorgeous girl Mwahzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz xxxx

      • Oh.. I EAT!!! Thankfully, it doesn’t show.. and I HOPE TO GOD it stays that way 🙂 I can’t say I enjoy cooking…but again, THANKFULLY, whatever I cook hasn’t flopped yet 🙂
        And why am I not so surprised about you being a food critique?!!? hehehe .. You seem to be perfect for that!!!!

        Sweet dreams?? You must be kidding, right!? 😉

      • And yes… this looks DELICIOUS! I think I will try it this Saturday 🙂
        I like trying new recipes, and experimenting… But the usual meal cooking thingie bores me! heheh

  2. Delicious … and such a stunning photograph!

  3. Looks delicious! Basmati rice is special, too. Thank you for sharing another great recipe!

  4. Double yum! Love rice salads … satisfying! Thanks for this. Definite thumbs up.

  5. cute post..

  6. lifeinarecipe Says:

    I am so excited about trying this recipe. I actually have Lebanese cucumbers growing in my garden. I bought the plants because I had never heard of them before, but I wasn’t sure how to eat them. I don’t have any of the Rice Cookers stuff, so I think that if I use some curry seasoning it should be a good replacement. With the return of our hot weather in the next couple of days, this will be the perfect dish to make! 😉

    • I saw those pics of the veggies in your garden…my word, you are so lucky, I don’t have the space where I live. I am envious!! I think it will taste fantastic…when you do try, let me know ok. Sending you love Cindy xx

  7. […] the most amazing recipes on her blog.  I was so excited to see that in the recipe she posted for Indian Rice Salad that Lebanese cucumbers was one of the ingredients.  I think that this is going to be the perfect […]

  8. […] and errands.  I had decided that this was the day that I was going to make the recipe for the Indian Rice Salad that my friend and fellow blogger Amanda posted on her blog Buttercup600.  Originally I had […]

    • WHOOOHOOOO….you rock my dear girfriend…I will be over shortly to read, I was wondering last night if you made it!!! Thanks so much Cindy, you are a special Lady with such a wonderful warm heart!! I love you xxx

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