An update on my “bucket-list….I have posted this some months ago and the weather’s begging me to soak up the sun on this beautiful Saturday. I believe if I put this in writing, I’ll be more accountable….and the list does not end, it grows….. as my life does!!  So…here goes:-


1.   See snow again

2.  Learn to ride a Harley

3.   Go horseback riding again.

4.  Go and see the Pyramids in Egypt.

5.   Go on a Mediterranean Cruise.

6.   Ride a camel…..(keep away from their breath!)

7.   Fly in a hot air balloon.

8.   Cruise Antarctica.

9.   Make and Fly a kite.

10. Trecking in a rainforest.

11.  Dress up as a Santarina.

12.  Learn how to make jewelry.

13.  Learn how to speak French.

14.  Plant my own strawberries.

15.  Building the biggest sandcastle at the seashore.

16.  Sleep overnight in a hammock.

17.  Get in a time capsule  to somewhere no-one knows?? 🙂

18.  Ask someone else  to make a life list of their own.

19.  Meet all of my neighbours.

20.  Taste a million cheeses.

21.  Learn how to draw.

22.  Sing Karaoke.

23.  Remember to send a birthday card to everyone in my life for a full year.

24.  Go and do a Rodeo in a cowboy hat.

25. Get rid of  my caffeine habit. (well, almost )

26.  Grow a herbgarden in my backyard.

27.  Try to work out Rubik’s cube….(without cheating)

28.  Name my own shade of lipstick

29.  Roast marshmallows over an open fire.

30.  Milk a cow.

31.  Row  in a canoe

32.  Forgive, really  forgive.

33.  Go skiing.

34.  Ride an elephant in Africa.

35.  Listen to music and not fall asleep.

36.  Start a good food fight.

37.  Drive a tractor.

38. Try to keep my elbows off the table.?? (This one’s for Cindy T)

39.  Take a  Great Dane for a walk.

40.  Learn to surf.

41.  Stay up the whole night  till the sun comes up with a good friend.

42.  Set foot on all 7 continents.

43.  Swim with a whale shark.

44.  Learn to dance  the Tango in Argentina.

45.  See the Victoria Falls.

46.  Experience Las Vegas.

47.  Learn how to paint.

48.  Having a picnic at the foot of the mountains, sipping a sweet iced tea or  a Merlot.

49.  See more of America.

50.  Skydiving.

This list keeps on growing…and I am lucky to have put a line through many that’s not mentioned here!


34 Responses to “UPDATE ON MY BUCKET-LIST”

  1. I see you’ve crossed a dozen or so off already – good for you! I’ve done a few of these, not that many; learning to draw/paint are on my list now, and I long to go horseback riding again (used to have my own, and I miss them). Making kites and flying them – oh yeah, gotta do that again too.

    32. Forgive, really forgive.

    Oh wow, that hit me between the… Yes!

  2. learn to surf, swim with a shark…

    what a list,
    some I may never make it,
    Glad that you dare to challenge yourself doing some…
    have fun!

    please don’t stress yourself out!

    • Thanks Ji, I know the list is long but would love to do all of them if I can…and never ever stressing myself out!!! It’s all fun fun fun!!! Lots of love xxxxx

  3. Great list! You mentioned learning to speak French. No bucket plans for a trip to Paris or a cycle through the French countryside? With your love of food, I think you’d spend one week in France and never want to return.

    A tip for table elbow-training… My friend’s grandmother used to place a quarter between each of his elbows and his side whenever he sat down at the table. If the quarter didn’t drop during the meal, he was allowed to keep it. Needless to say, despite him being a tall man with long arms, he was the best person to sit next to at a crowded table. 🙂

    • Whoohooo, now the trip to Paris I have done…and have fallen in love with her it sooooooo much, I think it’s the most beautiful and romantic place in the whole world…but you have mentioned cycling through the French countryside…YESSSSSSS BABY!!!! That is something I also would loveeee to do, I don’t think one really ever can say you have exprienced all of France without seeing and enjoying all of her (THE FOOD FOR SURE!!!) What a great tip for elbows on the table…I laughed. Thanks my dear friend, your comments are always so rich and interesting and I enjoy it so much!! Hope you’re having a swell weekend….where exactly are you situated? Much love xxxxx

  4. What a fantastic list! Dream and plan big, I say 🙂

  5. Carol Ann Hoel Says:

    What a great and unfathomable bucket list! You never cease to amaze me, Amanda. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Sjeesh girl……and what`s going to happen to us and your blog while you are persuaing all these goals…lol…..elbows on the table….ok sorry,that`s me….and watching sunrise with a friend…..or friends…heavenly……fo sho!!!!

    • LOLOLOL….I have to put all of those dreams out there…maybe they’ll all come true!!!! Bugger the elbows on table…..me tooooo!! Lotsa love to you…have a kick ass weekend!!! xxxxx

  7. Awwww… I wonder whether it is so presure?!?!
    However, I love article 42: “Set foot on all 7 continents.”

  8. OK, I’m thinking I will win tonight’s lotto draw; then we can cross a few things off this list, starting with the cruise … elbows be damned *evil wink*

  9. Quite a list. Love it. – Bill

  10. That’s one deep bucket, Amanda!! 🙂
    Have some solutions for you (if I may).
    Point 6 – Go visit this state called Rajasthan, in India… And before you go there, let me know too.. I haven’t been there myself…
    Point 9 – again, India…in January! We have a kite festival around that time 🙂
    Point 13 – talk to me in Francais 🙂 Five years of French class, and what do I remember? Not much, I am afraid.. but I’ll try 🙂
    Point 24 – TEXAS, baby!!! Gee… why didn’t I “meet” you a few months back? I was in Texas for 5 years till March 2010.. 🙂
    Point 28 – pleeeeeeze name the shade as “buttercup”… I will be the FIRST to buy it! 🙂
    Points 30 and 37 – Indian village please!
    Point 49 – PLEASE DO THAT!!!! I am waiting for you !!! 🙂

    And now I feel like making my own bucket list… yaaayyy
    Love ya girl!!!! Totally!!!

    • LOLOL….it is quite a deep bucket but without dreams, what will we be? I always believe that you have to put it out there to make it happen and I have been very blessed in my life for I’ve done a lot of travelling and so much to be thankful for.
      Now…what makes you so special is that you truly make and take the time and effort to reply in depth….it is so much appreciated…you are a unique woman with a heart of gold, I know I’ve said that before, but I want you to know that you stand out from the rest…you really do my girlfriend. Ok…Rajasthan..added! Want to learn to speak French…you lucky girl but it’s like with anything in life, if you don’t practice daily, you forget!! Love love love Texas…did not know you lived there!! Lipstick will have to be “Red Buttercup” LOLOLOLOL. And lastly, would love to meet you to my friend and when I do come to NY…I will look you up…Yahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…now go and make your own bucket list…soooo want to see it!!!! Much love…going up the mountains today with friends for lunch…it’s a gorgeous day!!!! Mwahzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz xxxxxx

      • wowww….hope you had fun in the mountains… we too had a great weekend! Now back to replies and comments… LOTS to catch up on .. hehehe
        Yes, i too will start penning down my bucket list.. I am totally inspired after seeings yours 🙂

      • It was awesome in the mountains…I know…I’m just starting to catch up…LOLOLOL…can’t wait for your bucket list!!!! Will we see it??? I hope so!! Loviezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz my darling and have a great week!!!!!!!!! Love yah xxx:) 🙂 :):

  11. That’s quite a bucket list, Amanda. I’m exhausted just reading it! Better have me a cup of tea and a little lie down… 😛

  12. brilliant ideas. 🙂
    i loved that photograph- its gorgeous.

  13. I do not have a bucket list; however if I did, the top entry would be “avoid kicking the bucket” for that would put a real damper on the whole thing 🙂 The strange thing is..I live in the mountains here in Tennessee, and I have ridden an elephant. Now…where did I put that bucket? 🙂

    • LOL….dreams in writing…does come true…not just on paper!! Lucky you with the elephant…you did not tell me that before!! 🙂 Maybe you have used the bucket for the leak sometime ago…remember??? Quick…go fetch it!!! LOLOLOL x

  14. Wow – this is an amazing bucket list! Wonderful and it brought a smile on my face to know that you have such great fun-filled dreams and aspirations. Great also that you have completed a number of the things (and more) on your list! You go girl !!!! I believe that if we did not make goals, we would have NOoooo idea of where we were going in life! Okay, so I think I’ll go write my own bucket list now too…you might have started something off here! 😀 Chloe xx

  15. lifeinarecipe Says:

    Friend, I see you have a few things on your list that I have on mine, like see the pyramids in Egypt and ride a camel. Perhaps, one day I will see you in Las Vegas. It is one of my fav places and I try to go there at least once a year.
    So many things…so little time! I hope you get the chance to do all on your list!
    ~Cindy~ xx

    • We have to have dreams, else it would be boring. I’d love to go to Vegas….always hear so much about it…who knows….maybe we’ll meet there one day! How wonderful would that be? Have a great week my friend xxxx Hugs xx

  16. wow!!! what a list amanda

    Looking forward to see yu do adventure stuff

  17. Wonderful list … and looks like some changes are in the wind … May it all come true for you. Hugs! 🙂

    I was admiring my young neighbor’s motorcycle. (Bright yellow!) He told me I could take a spin if I wanted. What a temption … Grey hair blowing in the wind … biceps too … 02 tank corded to the back with a bungie cord … goggles … helmet … a thing of beauty???!!! … 🙂 Poor kid. Clearly he’s never really looked at my car … bumped, brused, bashed … Too fun…

    Good luck, Amanda!

    • My motto is that that we have one life….no matter of age…and we have to live it fully!! I soooo want to do all of the things on my list, I am blessed that I have done some extensive travelling in my life and I think once we stop embracing life and not be active, all passes us by!! I so laughed at your comment, don’t know what I’ll look like but don’t care!!! Love you Jamie xx

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