Slashed heart

bleeding soul

burning desire

in every dream



in monologue

echoes though

my ventricles

gap in time

not a sound

tears floating

in mid-air

until the next

breath of air


©AmandavdL 2010



45 Responses to “MONOLOGUE”

  1. Carol Ann Hoel Says:

    Another heart breaker. You present it so well. I really enjoy seeing each of your new creations so full of beauty and spellbinding words with lyrical art to cap it all off. Thank you for sharing, Amanda.

  2. Wow – superb image again that you’ve used Mandy. You are SOoooo creative! Love the words of your poem too – despite it being a heart-breaker! haha 😀 xx

  3. The lines “in monologue / echoes though / my ventricles” are amazing!! You have written another excellent poem.


  4. Wow, where do you get these images.
    They are incredible.
    The poem fits perfectly.
    It always does

  5. breathe taking image and wording…
    u r highly talented.

  6. Exquisite, Amanda, in the purest sense of the word. Your monologue is spot on. 🙂

  7. So wretchedly sad, takes my breath away…

  8. Intense. The poem pulses with energy. thanks for this. – Bill

  9. It amazes me how you put words together so artfully:


    in monologue

    echoes though

    my ventricles

    I like REM. Everybody hurts, how true.

    Hugs, dear Amanda!

  10. That’s really a monologue. Echoing all the time in subconscious…The pic look like ‘poison ivy’ from Batman.

  11. I can feel the pain in these words…a moving moment…great graphics..x

  12. Oh how sad… Beautifully written Amanda- it broke my heart…

  13. shoelessboywonder Says:

    Well done and thanks for sticking with my blog during my absence.

  14. i liked this one

  15. Beautiful and amazing=) Love all the images portrayed within this poem^^ Thank for sharing=D

  16. wow!! lovely =)

  17. Amazing Amanda..!! I’ve been thru the exact same feelings.. you’ve captured it perfectly..!!! Miss reading your works like before, but I’ll definitely try catch up as often as I can 🙂 much Love Amanda.. !!

  18. a heart breaker but full of love and tenderness…
    love your posts… the images and pieces are always so refreshing and new….

    keep rocking amanda….
    viva la vida

  19. wow for both- the pic and the poem.

  20. This was one perfect poem!!
    in monologue” — loved these words… sometimes, we don’t even realize what we are thinking of… the thoughts just creep in and out…and later, we feel like something just happened! It takes us a while to grasp the moment, the feeling in it and to make something out of it… And I think this poem expressed that feeling very very veeeeeeeerrryyy well!!!
    This was a superb piece, my friend…. AND SORRY FOR THE DELAY IN COMMENT 😦
    Weekend weekend …. phhheeww… have a HUGE backlog now…

    Hope you are having a fabulous Tuesday morning! 😀
    LOTSAAAAA LOVE flying your way… xoxoxoxo

    • Thanks Kavita, they sure just creep in and out!! It’s ok…you have to relax too you know. We all do…hope it was a good one!!! And ditto right back at you. Mwah xxx Have a good week ~ Hugs x

  21. Love the “echos through my ventricles” – very original. The waves that gurgle up on us … well done! x

  22. very powerful and full of intense energy. loved it! great pic too! thanks!

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