Searching for

that magic key

to happiness

where the sun

sets  every night

I aim my bow

against the sky

into the unknown


out of sight

beyond the stars

in the black night

the arrows fall

my mind wonders

of what awaits

will I ever be free

of these chains

that constrain

me so?


©AvdL 2010


69 Responses to “CHAINS”

  1. will I ever be free

    of these chains

    that constrain

    me so?

    I know I’ve asked myself this question time and again – we all have our chains, don’t we? seems to be a fact of life. Love it (no, I didn’t mean the chains, lol), and Joe Cocker, well… he’s something else, isn’t he? Thanks! Hugs too!

  2. Maybe not in this earthly life unless you really can overcome spiritually!!



  3. “I shot an arrow into the air…”

    I wonder how well-constrained you really are if those chains allow you to access weaponry.

    (The chains are all in your head, dear… break free!)

  4. Laurel Suzanne Says:

    I was constrained by chains of my own construction until I finally broke free and am exalting in the warmth of the sun and fresh air where I now find myself. We create our own chains and we create our own freedom from them.

    • Amazing, as I was replying to your first message, this one came through!! 🙂 Luckily this is just fiction my friend but so true your words. Life is wonderful!! Much love my friend xx

  5. I hope that we all find that key one day. Just imagine all of the smiles. 😀 Stay well and happy. Thank you for spreading the love to the world. It is great to have you as a neighbor in this community. I miss ya and hope to be back really soon. All is getting done…slowly, but surely. lol

  6. cryptic , short , powerful .. just the kind of poetry that keeps me glued to reading !!!! you are just amazing with all these expressions !! 🙂

  7. It’s amazing where your imagination can take you, Amanda.. cuz I know for a fact, that this is NOT how feel….
    You have a free mind, and an unchained spirit!!!

    Kudos for presenting such a sad but beautiful picture of many a heart, A…
    Sometimes, no matter how free we are, we still do feel those invisible chains tugging at our minds… and then, all we wish is to BREAK FREE!!!
    Here’s a couple from me, to you… hope you don’t mind…
    1. Rules of Freedom
    Fleeting Existence of Freedom

    Your poem touched me, Amanda… cuz I always talk about this freedom of mind!!! Being free, and feeling free are two very different things indeed!

    Thanks for sharing this amazing poem, dear sweet girl… you speak my heart so often.. I am alost terrified of you now ! 🙂 Awww… just kidding! I LOVE YOU LOADS!!!! 😀 😀

    • So true my girlfriend, as you see I have started to change the tone of my writing a bit, had many comments about too much love writing all the time and even though this is soooo different for me, it’s like a novel playing in my mind….but in the end, I am such a romantic at heart and that will never ever change…and true, unchained spirit!! Your comments always fill my soul dear one, I know you feel the same. I am going to read your poems soon…know that you are loved…always ~ A xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Love you more!!! (Be carefl now,LOLOLOLOLOL hahahahah) xxxxxx

  8. …these are so right out of my thoughts Amanda……it`s like you looked right into my head……stunning words….and music……I thought the other day that I would have loved to hear Uncle Joe perform together with Zucchero…….almost like they are twins….

  9. What beautiful poetry, intense and moving. The artwork is mesmerizing! You have done it again! Thank you, Amanda, for taking me on a trip with you into the unknown… Blessings..xxoo

    • Strange places our minds can take us Carol, I always say, it’s like giving birth every single day…I get soooo involved in my poems,….chop and change words, looking for the right image….the mind is a wonderful thing and I am so thankful to be able to do this…I love it and even more so when I read your comments. It’s like sweet honey to my ears….I send you love my far away girlfriend xxx

  10. valid demonstration…
    lovely image!

  11. Lovely expression of something I think we all feel from time to time. Thanks. – Bill

  12. the picture : broke my heart

    the poem : made me sad

    over all : lovely poem 🙂

  13. These chains that tie us down, are endless. I often wish we could just be free of them and live as we wish. I think at some point, we all need to learn to break away from these chains, and at other times we need to learn to compromise with them.

    I just know, I was chained down by many things, but letting them go has really set me free in a way I cannot describe. 🙂 Freedom holds true happiness…

    • Thanks for the fact that some of us DO learn to break free…I have learnt to let go a long time ago as well and there is no better feeling my friend…only happens on the path of life…we have to walk the steps to get there. I would not change it for anything. Much love ALWAYS xxx

  14. It is really up to us in the end, isn’t it… whether to stay chained and constrained? Good one, Amanda!

  15. I sometimes wonder how much the human frame constrains our thoughts and imaginations? I suppose one can only wait to see……….

  16. Intense, deep..
    It is so delightful to come across your Blog..
    So very My mind…


  17. Thought provoking poem! I greatly enjoyed reading your work!

  18. claudiadesouza4u Says:

    Wow!! Nice.

  19. Amanda…this one is very well conceived and written. Every day there is a tiny new facet to your poetry…I love watching you get better and better. You never fail to impress 🙂

  20. very nice, Amanda, the emotion comes across beautifully. And great graphic as usual!

  21. Your graphics always amaze me. Your poems even more. I was happy to read in comments you really were not in constraints of the physical or emotional. Great Job! 🙂

  22. thoughtsnotlost Says:

    I felt the restraint. I felt the longing. As always great job!

    PS. Thank you so much for you kind words on new posts to my blog, much appreciated!

  23. I feel
    The chains turning
    Twisting, surging
    My myseries
    Hold me deep
    Within their clasps
    As the chain turn free
    Open but bound
    In an uncanny peace
    Of human belief

    Couldn’t stop myself from adding the above after reading 🙂 guess its my take 🙂

  24. Now this is clearly not you, Amanda, but an issue some folks need to face. Fine poem. Well done … love the are … AND the music!!! Yes!

    Have a good day, Amanda.

  25. lifeinarecipe Says:

    I think one of the greatest chains is our fear of the unknown. When that arrow shoots off to land somewhere in the far horizon, fear may remain because it is not visible and its fate unknown, but one thing is for certain….action was taken and that there lies an arrow somewhere out there.
    Very nice poem Amanda! Have a great day friend! xx

  26. Beautifully Composed Amanda,
    And a lovely reflection of truth …
    Despite being a fiction!

  27. shoelessboywonder Says:

    truly awe inspiring keep it up and thanks for the visits sorry for the wait for my return

  28. Intense as always.. 🙂 powerful words woven in a style that only you can compose 🙂 Amazing Amanda 😀

  29. Yes, do not doubt it for an instant! Lovely, my friend!

  30. What an amazing graphic! It’s captivating! And your poem is WOW – I especially like the words “I aim my bow against the sky into the unknown”. Sometimes, that’s exactly how I feel about life in SOoooo many ways. Your words have a magical quality to them Amanda…just awesome!!!!

    Chloe xx

    • I am so blessed to have so many messages from you WHOOOHOOOO…yep, we all go through life’s up’s and downs but there is always a better tomorrow!!! So glad you liked it Chloe…your feedback means so much!! Have a kick ass weekend girlfriend xx

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