in ante meridiem

whispers of the wind

through the eyes

 of an innocent child

where I can dream

and capture the stars

visions of my youth

chasing butterflies

effervescent love

to laugh and sing

and write my song


©AvdL 2010

56 Responses to “INNUENDOS”

  1. Hypnotic, magnetic, dazzling! Having read the verse I am listening to the music and watching the video with the woman on horseback riding effortlessly over the clouds. Your creation has captivated and carried me into a dream world. How shall I return to earth? Thank you for sharing. Amanda.

  2. Wow…between the poem and the video…I feel like I’ve just had the most wonderful spiritual experience….thank you!

  3. childhood dreams are beautiful, chasing butterflies is cool,

    impressive words.
    love the images.

  4. Wonderful poem as always and i adore that song by enigma.

  5. Enigma wove me through my childhood along with your well chosen, buoyant words. Many thanks, Amanda.

  6. mangoesntangoes Says:

    Enjoy reading this writing. I also enjoyed looking at your entire site. You are gifted in many ways, thank you for sharing.

  7. Sweet is the word that comes to mind when I read this, Amanda, the sweetness in a child’s world…Your song is well written 🙂

  8. Yes, as Tracy says, there is a lovely sweetness to this. Nice to read with my early coffee.
    Have a super weekend, my sweet friend.

  9. The poem and post are filled with light. Wonderful, Amanda … sweet and with a certain innocence …

    Like it a lot. xo

  10. Sweet innocent nostagia… Lovely, Amanda.

  11. This whole post was effervescent – you’ve achieved a new level in your writing and other work – lovely stuff – just lovely

  12. Excellent expression and some great writing.

  13. Lifted up in a riled
    All along the wild
    The enigma is filed
    Under what’s been piled
    An innuendo to the next show

  14. Beautiful Amanda! Brought back many memories of the childhood I keep pining for. 🙂

  15. Enjoyed reading your page 🙂
    Lovely creative work!

  16. Short poem, but meaningful and sooooooo sweet! This is so amazing!

  17. Very meaningful and beautiful

  18. kelleygrrl Says:

    Makes me think of how pure and creative my kids are…great poem.

    Love, Kelley…I wish you enough!

  19. You captured emotions so beautifully here. You make loving feel so easy when you write. Missed you alot.


  20. Your words wrap their arms around me and carry me on a delicate hypnotic journey. Wow – your poetry always leaves me in awe!!

  21. Innuendos of life’s spiritual layer, that’s how I read this. Lovely, Amanda. Just lovely. 🙂

  22. that was pretty cool. 🙂

  23. STUNNING image and poignant words…too beautiful!

  24. sweet as your eyes….
    hey I loved the mink you wearing in your gravatar….

    you are a star Amanda…
    keep shining…. and keep sparkling…

    viva la vida:)

  25. (Boy, am I LATE to this party!

    I remember my Aunty Meridiem… sweet old gal, always had cookies.

    Are you dreaming while sleeping, or dreaming while awake?

  26. Beautiful! There are times and places that carry us into another world, into another time… where everything seems to be dreamlike and as per our convenience 🙂 I love that world…
    And the song you have chosen is lovely.. Enigma’s songs always take me to that special place… and Return to Innocence is just perfect!!!
    How beautifully you have articulated this wonderful feeling, Amanda…
    “chasing butterflies” — awesome!! Best way to describe it! 🙂

    • I love Enigma too, soooo missed your presence here in our blogosphere my fien…hope you had a wonderful time, sometimes it’s good to just step away and fresh air!! Did you miss us? Chasing butterflies is what I’ll do…forever my dear friend. Sending you loads of love and hope you have a brilliant week…mhazzzzz…I will send you an email later in the day regarding Monday ok xxxx Much love xx

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