Dry tears on my cheeks

spring blossoms new beginnings

on paper I will bleed



Gentle spring rain

In silence and memories

Love requires more


©AvdL 2010

69 Responses to “HAIKU’S”

  1. Such an engaging image and poem….really found the words quite beautiful.

  2. I love the combination of words you have here. Springs to mind such intricate images. Have a lovely week, my friend 🙂

  3. Profound in its simplicity. And full of meaning.

  4. Amanda YOU ARE A HAIKU QUEEN… am a learner….
    they just took me to some otr place… loved it totally…
    keep smiling…

  5. Carol Ann Hoel Says:

    Sipping iced tea and reading Haiku poetry by Amanda. Your words are three dimensional and images created inspire one’s longing for love and devotion. You are an artist in Haiku too.

  6. “on paper I will bleed” From a poet and writer this is not only apt, it is stunningly true. The dry tears, metaphor for pre-writing thought, was wonderful. Our craft is our passion and our passion is our art and craft. Beautiful images and words – I love this!

  7. Very simple but meaningful!
    Thanks for sharing, Amanda

  8. love Haikus,
    well penned.

  9. Enjoyed both of these. particularly the 2nd. – BIll

  10. loved them both…you are the haikue master. Very intense, beuatiful yet sad, provoking as poetry should be.

  11. Beautifully expressed ! I wish you happiness girl 🙂

  12. Very lovely Amanda. 😀

  13. Both are beautiful, but the first spoke to my heart. “On paper I will bleed.” Those words are incredible.

  14. You’re a true artist, well done.
    Have a fabulous week, my friend 🙂

  15. It seems too often that Love requires too much of one party or the other, but to me it’s worth everything. Nicely done.

  16. Light and beautiful! A pleasure to be reading you-

  17. I love haiku’s but the form is diffiult, and there are several different views over what is acceptable in English. Thanks for the reminder, time to try again with them.

    If you want to read the whole story, it started on Letterdash

  18. Wow, the first one especially really struck a chord in my heart. Lovely.

    Love does require more….I wish others understood.

    I love haikus, but I am just not disciplined enough to write a meaningful one.

    Love the image, goes very well with your post!

  19. lisaboyle4u Says:

    The pic is awesome. Even the poem is. Loved it. 🙂

  20. pain is so creative.. loved your words..
    Spring blossoms new beginning..lovely lines.. I must say!

  21. Wonderful Haiku Amanda! I love the beginning, the imagery of “dry tears” and wow- that is an amazing picture…

  22. That eye in the sky picture is amazingly beautiful

  23. Love requires more – so true, Buttercup!

  24. claudiadesouza4u Says:

    Awesome!!! Lovely use of words. Lovely poem.

  25. Amamda, you are writing haiku. I’m happy to see them. Very nice, indeed, they are :):):) Of course you blog has always had so many things going on, besides!

  26. Your words paint the perfect pictures…. 🙂

  27. thoughtsnotlost Says:

    Loved both, but this one was my favorite:

    Gentle spring rain

    In silence and memories

    Love requires more

    Oh and the picture, sooo beautiful and expressive.

    Here’s a lil present for you:

    PS..3 new poems on my site up as well as I new site layout, please check out! Thanks!

    • Whoohooo, thanks so very much, it is so sweet of you to think of me, I will be heading over very soon, excited to see the new layout. You made me smile, thanks again my friend. Hugs x

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  29. I do like a good haiku!
    And the recipe underneath looks yummy too!

  30. Ooooohhh … emotional and beautiful!!
    Spring is showing in your warmth, my dear friend 🙂

    Such pretty Haikus… your words mark the start of a love filled season…
    ENJOY it to the Spring showers!!! Share it with us too, in your sweet smelling poems… as we step into winters 🙂
    Hugs and smiles your way…

    • Had to try my hand at Haikus again, something that does not come easy for me…glad you liked the read and I do have a “Spring” feeling e every which way. Happy commenting…yahhhhhh xxxxxxx

  31. Powerful and beautiful Haiku….why am I not surprised? You rock girl!!! 😀 xx

  32. Love them both … and ah, we are writers … we do bleed on paper.
    Thanks for another wonder.

  33. on paper I will bleed

    that line gushes a poets soul! great haiku’s!

  34. nothing like spring to dry tears – as you say: “spring blossoms new beginnings” – and the tender voice and lyrics of Lionel Ritchie in the background

    and bleeding on paper can be very healing too, I’ve found…

    awesome post!

  35. Lovely, lovely haikus – “on paper I will bleed” – a wonderful metaphor for the writing life

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