Cold as ice

her mystic qualm

reserving her love

in absence of sound

entwined feelings

spirit of steel

with frozen emotions

born out of pain

the rules of hope

draw of a card

who can predict

what tomorrow brings?


©AvdL 2010

Image courtesy of Photobucket

63 Responses to “QUALM”

  1. Quite an intriguing poem! Love the picture!

  2. Enchanting and a little on the dark side of scary, capping it off with the gypsy music. Wow! The song and dance video was as captivating as the poem. The title “Qualm” fit very well with the illustration of the eye pierced by fingers. Another artful fantasy by Amanda. Thank you for sharing.

  3. WOW! thoughtfully sweet. I love the marriage of the title and the body. Perfect match. Nice one, lovely Amanda.


  4. The poem and the picture are both quite surreal in nature…I find both thought provoking.

    • 🙂 It’s meant that way Charles, sometimes we as woman need time with our own thoughts and might seem mysterious, temperamental and exact but it’s a time for introspect which does not always last that long:) :)..Thanks for being here my friend, I value your comments. x

  5. “spirit of steel” Powerful words. I do like the intensity of your words on this one. I hope all is well. You are doing an amazing job with your blog. Hope you are having fun. Keep us all smiling and keep us all impressed. I am always. 🙂 Stay well and happy. Se sure to smile.

  6. This poem, for some reason, reminded me of the song “She’s always a woman to me”..
    So mysterious and magical! Life and we women are quite similar in that way… unpredictable, challenging, awesome and worth living for/with!! What say??! 😉
    I LOVED this poem, Amanda.. it is so rich in meaning, and your choice of words and image are so complementary to each other! Amazing!! JUST LIKE YOU!!!

    Mwaahh!!! LOVE AND KISSES, my dearest friend..

    • Now this is what I mean, for some it might sound dark, but there is nothing dark in my mind when I wrote it…exactly the way you decribed it…we as woman are complex and like you say, unpredictable…and we need time to gather our feeling. Thanks for getting this Kavita. I love you xxxxx

  7. Very mysterious……..love this!

  8. “spirit of steel with frozen emotions born out of pain” – wow, such a great description of a person. You use such great imagery in your poetry xx

  9. born out of pain

    the rules of hope

    draw of a card

    who can predict

    what tomorrow brings?


    lovely sentiments,
    I enjoy the way you played….

  10. ur poem is so sweet…
    However, I had a chill when seeing some fingers in that eye, lol

  11. Holy dooley, that image makes me clutch my delicate eyeballs so that they don’t clunk out of my head! However, I have no such qualms about the excellent prose, Amanda. 😉

  12. She may be Queen of Ice, but we know that ice is very fragile and highly breakable. Thanks, Amanda. Beauty is your spotlight.

  13. It is a fascinating poem. From the image above it, and through the last line. Mysterious. – Bill

  14. Great poem as always.
    And that picture, awesome.
    Creepy, but awesome

  15. http://jingleyanqiu.wordpress.com/band-wagon-tag-and-three-things-tag-plus-an-award/

    a tag in the middle for you, plus an award on the bottom of the post,
    Happy Tuesday

  16. The ice will melt, but the narrator is taking some time to be her and her alone. Good poem.
    Daai oog laat my gril!

  17. with frozen emotions
    born out of pain

    Ohh my sweet Amanda how you have channeled something deep with just these two lines. Pain has a tendency to put the recipient in a shock like state freezing everything. You’ve done such a beautiful job with such strong words.

  18. A bit chilling. Well done, Amanda … the photo is shocking … to me at least. Perfectly matched with the poem. And then “Gypsy” … fine work here.

    Hugs! xx

  19. I was just talking to friends about Fleetwood Mac and there’s a song!Another great poem, another minute of concentrated thoughts,feelings and emotions…love visiting your blog xx

  20. Wow, this was very beautifully written. Love the last few lines especially.

    The picture is absolutely beautiful. I must ask, do you create these yourself?

    • Not all of them but am lucky to have a friend who does creative design and she has given me a CD with so many images on…somtimes I play around with Photoshop…all depends on how much time I have on a specific day! I love different images…always to match the topic of my poem and so does the video! It takes longer to chose all of these than to actually write the poem!! Phewwwwww…trifecta!! Thanks DP….you always say the sweetest things to me and I appreciate it so much!! Hugs for today!! x

  21. very intriguing and so true! freaky pic! love it!

  22. claudiadesouza4u Says:

    Wow!!! Very nice use of words.

  23. Beautiful poem, Amanda! Love these words: with frozen emotions
    born out of pain. That is how it is! Lovely description… btw the picture gives me the creeps… but it’s probably me!

  24. Such a nice One Amanda- I wish you loads of Love and Luck- both today and tomorrow..

    You are Tagged: http://oliviasbiopiclog.wordpress.com/2010/09/07/band-wagon-fun…ng-with-jingle/

    This is for you: http://oliviasbiopiclog.files.wordpress.com/2010/09/the-thankyou-award-e1283854837105.jpg

    Happy Tuesday

    • Thanks so very much, what a sweet thing to do for me, I am very much behind in putting these on my awards page…I will honor them later in the week, thanks again dear Olivia. I appreciate your friendship!! Hugs x

  25. GEES…that photo creep me out! No one knows what’s tomorrow brings. ALWAYS wish for the BEST!

  26. i want to peel away a layer and look deeper

  27. fantastic poem, a little eerie photograph.

  28. An excellent poem, Amanda…it’s your style of writing that I like. You always give the reader a lot to think about. The image is intriguing and unsettling at the same time…good choice.

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