MUSINGS (Thursday Poets Rally Week 28)



Mystifying love

choices made

her enticing soul

in monologue

a confusing mind

tearing golden threads

from her puzzled heart

pondering when

she’d be filled with glee

 time to lift

her lonely spirit

and fill her beating heart

with whispers of hope



in absence

to a cosmos of life


©AvdL 2010


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93 Responses to “MUSINGS (Thursday Poets Rally Week 28)”

  1. such a lovely poem!

  2. betweenhearts75 Says:

    Fantastic and I sooooooooo love Enigma! Your words and beauty mystify my soul and grant visions of dreams to my heart. Always those lovely “whispers of hope” that set softly on the soul even when puzzled. I know this place so very well. The music….perfect!!!!! 🙂 Sooooo happy to be back online and see these lovely words! FEEL them!

  3. A work of art, all of it 🙂 Thank you for this thought-provoking, visual treat. Here’s holding out for the ‘whispers of hope’ xo

  4. People are the sum of their experiences multiplied by the wisdom they gained along the way.

    By the way, I’ve tagged you for a short meme: Tagged!

  5. I read the verse with the music video playing in the background. Enchanting, mesmerizing, with a mournful mood that draws a thoughtful retrospection of life and what really counts. Thank your for sharing this work of art, Amanda. Blessings to you and much love across the sea.

  6. Amazing :3 You have such heart and talent!

  7. The lines:
    “a confusing mind

    tearing golden treads

    from her puzzled heart”

    put me in mind of how intellect can ride roughshod over the truth. Those are indeed golden treads.

  8. your words read like the sound of running water,
    refreshing and fun!

  9. This brings a gentle and cool feel when read.
    You make me believe in love. Nice one…cheers.

  10. Love all the dimenions of the poem and with music in the background a perfect experience…thanks.

  11. I will not pretend to understand it….but I like it, it draws me in to such emotion that I can’t help but feel it. Good write 🙂

  12. Amazing, the music just flowed through with the poem perfectly, love it so much<3

  13. I linked you in,
    Many thanks for the beautiful participation!
    U Bring in fresh air..

  14. Lovely poem, I love the way the words flow.

  15. Beautifully expressed Amanda. I was also a bit flummoxed by ‘treads’ wondered if it should be ‘threads’? Very lovely!

    • You were right my friend, did not even notice as I have a dealine to meet before end of the week…thanks so much for pointing that out to me…am laughing now because wonder what everyone thought? LOLOL…love you and sweet dreams (you’re in lala land right now) xx

  16. Amrita Ghosh Says:

    a bit sad but lovely! hauntingly expressed 🙂

  17. tearing golden treads

    from her puzzled heart
    oooooh, like that a lot!

  18. Mmm, I like this one, Amanda, especially the 3 lines seperated at the end. Very effective.

  19. Beautifully put Amanda… am there and can hear the words echo sentiments that only I can hear but many go through 🙂

  20. Seriously, are you an Enigma fan? Cuz if you are, then same pinch!! 🙂 I have all their music with me..
    And ‘sadness’ is the BEST EVER choice for the poem you have written here.. wow!
    A little reflective time can open up many closed doors.. we just need to find the time.. Reading this one with enigma playing was a soulful “experience” by itself… sad, relaxing, joyous, exciting… all emotions in a matter of a few minutes!
    Beautifully done, my love…
    mwaahhh to you! Leap out of it, sleep a little, and get going! You KNOW where you belong! And we know you will be in our hearts! Love ya so much, Amanda… hugsss

    • Absolutely love them to death…think this song is my favourtie of all time. Had a good sleep but now have a deadline to meet…almost there Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh…have a good night my darling. Talk soon xxx Hugs x

  21. A willowy whisper of a poem. Lovely. Evocative … wonderful contribution to Rally. Such a pleasure …

    Peace and Hugs today and always, dear Amanda. xox

  22. ah ! so nicely written…..
    *cosmos of life* best !

  23. I actually actually love this poem by heart ! *hugs*
    Can I copy it in my journal please ?

  24. Beautiful, Amanda. It sounds to me like a lament of bad choices, and wondering when the right choice will come along.

  25. Your last verse… Waiting in absence , to a cosmos of life…. very stirring. Your work is wonderful end enticing.

  26. I especially loved the last lines. Beautifully written.

  27. Wow.. did you imagine while writing- I mean it is so identifying.. I do feel so.. No one else could bring out those deeply buried thoughts of my mind so beautifully- Only you can.. So refreshing..

    I feel so charged up- reading your words..

    Lovely.. Breathtakingly beautiful


  28. Such a nice piece!

  29. brillaint poem there 🙂
    the yearning has come out awesomely
    keep writing more dear 😀

  30. Buttercup, How do you do it? From the moment I visit your page, my eyes are transfixed on the screen. Your words and pictures make the whole experience amazing.
    How do you get those pictures moving? Am I missing out on something here?

    • Katherine, so happy you like coming here….make sure when you upload animated pictures, it’s in gif format!! Just like normal one’s (which normally would be jpeg). Thanks for your kind comment oxoxox

  31. I’ve always seen water and love as one in the same thing.
    Beautiful gifts that are both rare in today’s world.
    May love abound forever.

    Thanks for sharing,

    (My entry for the rally)

  32. You really captured the trouble with love *sigh*

  33. Happy Thursday!
    Have fun visiting back while enjoying yourself.

  34. Lovely and full of bittersweet beauty– nicely done!

  35. “and fill her beating heart with whispers of hope” is such a sweet little pair of evocative lines! Beautifully done poem, Buttercup!

  36. A lovely poem, Amanda. Very nice. I like it.

  37. fill her beating heart

    with whispers of hope….. your words flow like a dream… so flawless just d way I would want it… your blog is so well named ‘buttercup’—- your writing is as smooth as butter.

    viva la vida girleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

  38. Amanda

    Your poem was perfect — the Gregorian vocals in “Sadeness (Part I)” 1990 Enigma is my all time favorite of theirs. For creating the mood set to music for your poem this was “Perfection”. Enigma music goes with any love-lust and every thing in between concerning the emotion of the heart and soul.


    • Joanny, that music is one of my all time favourites (I love Enigma) and has so much passion. I am happy you liked it, thanks as always for giving me the time and your comments means more than words can ever say. Have a wonderful weekend my friend xxx

  39. This is really great; I love how you use the music as inspiration for your work.

    And thank you for commenting on my poem! xx

  40. A.B. Thomas Says:

    A great thoughtful read, thanks!

    • Thanks Ji, am yet to post my acceptance of previous rally but will do that this afternoon. Much love!!!!!!!! xxxx You rock, don’t know HOW you do it all!!! You are so good! xx


    Hello, friend:

    Monday Poetry Potluck Is NOW open, linking is open from Sunday 8pm to Tuesday, 8pm, welcome join us by linking in 1 to 3 poems, you could use an old poem, the more you share, the happier we are…hurry up!
    Thanks in advance.
    Hope to see you in our lovely potluck…

    Love you Loads

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