Today I remember


Perfect moments


Without profile



My lover

Soul mate








My rock



But you are

                         So much more





©AvdL 2010




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92 Responses to “MORE THAN WORDS”

  1. Beautifully constructed and perfect with that image.
    Have a peaceful evening, sweetest dreams.

  2. very beautifully conveyed. awesome.

  3. This one makes me smile, Red. I see the sun peeking through those clouds…and that’s so much more than words can say. Smiles and Hugs to you…lots of smiles and hugs. 🙂 🙂

  4. sweet 🙂

    nice descriptions, words or ……. dunno how to describe it..

    but i liked the post a lot 🙂

  5. Love makes your talent shine so bright
    so bright that night feels like day
    so bright that differences cant be made
    so bright it brings out the Amanda in you.


  6. No, no, no…

    When you post a poem call “More Than Words” you don’t follow it with U2’s “With or Without You” – you follow it with Extreme’s “More Than Words”!!!

  7. kelleygrrl Says:

    This is so beautiful….simple and beautiful!

    Love, Kelley….I wish you enough!

  8. This is sooo lovely and it is so familiar. I love it Amanda. xxx

  9. Brilliant! Indeed, they are just not words, they are what defines our lives and our love!! I love the scrambled presentation, just right out of your heart and mind!
    Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog!
    Write more!

  10. lover, friend, soulmate… perfect indeed but the words “Today I remember.. Yesterday.. Perfect moments.. Alone” make it sound sad and tragic.

    profound and beautiful!!!

  11. Alone is perfect, “with or without you” is perfect – and all the words in the English (or any) dictionary couldn’t begin to describe the whole of me, of you, of anyone or anything at all. But, after we’ve listed the words we just breathe in the essence. Then… there…

    I love this so much, words and spaces, image, video! You too (U2) – hugs!

  12. Soul searching and beautiful words and the image is perfect for the loyalty and devotion spoken in the verse. The music adds to the mood of this stirring poem. Thank you for your creative spirit and for sharing this with us. Blessings to you, my friend across the seas…

  13. u really impress me.
    extraordinary post.

  14. so much more than only words…how beautiful!

  15. Excellent match between image and words….very strong poem…loved it.

  16. Thoroughly enjoyed the shift, Amanda. The design gave power to the transition. Where do you find those fabulous photos?!

  17. Pristine and lovely. Such emotion with such few words. Well done!

  18. thoughtsnotlost Says:

    Wonderful my friend. From words chosen to structure used. I loved this! Hugs!

  19. Laurel Suzanne Says:

    You are reading into my mind and my soul. This is beautiful and my new favorite of yours.

  20. Oh yes!! Sometimes words are just not enough… and yes, “they” span waaaay beyond the panorama of words!
    Beautifully done, Amanda… Really loved the form of this one.. very unique! And the end slightly offset, was really perfect! It added so much depth to an already rich poem…

    Love ya, lady!! Happy visiting/blogging/commenting/replying!! 😀

  21. Beautiful poem and picture! All the many styles you do. 🙂 You rock, darling!

    Oh I wanted to tell you I submitted a poetry book to a publisher here in MN.The book is called Stumbling and Standing- Coping with Multiple Sclerosis through poetry 🙂

  22. This sort of choked me up – it was so loving. Anyone who has this kind of love in their life is lucky indeed. The list-effect of this layout set the whole poem up for the ending – aside and apart – it worked really, really well. Great poem, beautiful illustration. (I don’t know why – perhaps because my time is so limited – but I rarely listen to the music, so when I comment, it’s always on the poetry, never the videos. One day I’ll treat myself and listen to them too.)

    • Cindy, I value your constructive comments and thoughts more than you will ever know. You are a special human being and I thank you for being here. Much love to you my friend xx

  23. the super-short line length fits perfectly your intentions here–beautifully crafted. 🙂

  24. I really like how you set the tempo of the poem by utilizing one word liners so everything rests on the syllables =] nice

    also great video post

  25. Simple and sweet but says it all…

  26. Nice reference to the band Extreme… the poem was short but sweet, keep up the good work!

  27. the best people in our lives are worth so much more than just words

  28. Simple and straight like a confident archer, and more penetrating than her entire arsenal.
    Thank you for sharing this!


  29. Ah, How Lovely!!! All of it…and yes, most definitely, ‘more than words’! Thank you for sharing some more of your beauty 🙂

  30. that was very well written.
    You do have a talent with words.
    Thanks for the get well wishes.
    I am feeling better already!
    Hugs to you!

  31. I like the simple form of this

  32. Beautiful and delightful, this poem in its simplicity expresses strong emotions. You are very talented. Cant wait to read more from you. Have a good day.

  33. Lovely… and it looks beautiful too, one word per line descending like that. Delightful!

  34. This piece is phenomenal! The ending was so powerful and the way you switched to single words!! Excellent work!

  35. Fantastic work. You rock!

  36. Ah, I like this. Very visual in its way. And our loves are always more than … words! Truth.

    Hugs for a fab weekend. Thanks for the music …

    • I hope you’ll have a great relaxing weekend too, how are you doing and when will you get the results back? I am thinking of you my dear Jamie and sending you so much love across the continents…can you feel it? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  37. Thanks for asking. Part of weekly monitory where if there’s a crises, I get a call. No call so all is well.

  38. That was amazing Amanda… Such a beautiful way of remembering your dearest… Full of dreams of tomorrow… Wish you all…hugs!

  39. stunning image,
    perfect flow.
    yummy poem!

  40. Another wonderful masterpiece!=P love it more than words<3

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