Yours is Love…
that surrounds me
like the air I breathe
inside me
and out
sets me free
holds me fast
like gravity
keeps me grounded
like the wind
gives me wings
lets me fly
calls me back
holds me close
in the still night
in your heart
shines the light
through your eyes
shows the way
to heaven

Image courtesy of  desktopnexus 


81 Responses to “YOURS IS LOVE…..”

  1. Perfect feelings for that someone..
    I had been sulking for long now.. After reading your verse; I feel so much better..
    Thanks Mandy.. You are one nice woman that I have been blessed to discover..

    Much Love..

    • The feeling is mutaul dear Olivia, you are a bright light all around and I am happy to call you my friend. Thanks as always for your wonderful comments. Hope you have a great weekend xxxx

  2. This one is really beautiful. I love the combination of image, words, and song. The mood is ethereal and spiritual and draws me into contemplation of past, present, and future. Blessings to you, Amanda. Have a great weekend.

  3. Just LOVE-ly, Buttercup… you captured the dichotomy of Love quite well.

  4. Wow – I love this Amanda – this is a perfect description of love! I really enjoyed your use of rhyme too…excellent-o 😀

    • Thanks Chloe, hope you are having a brilliant weekend. Hugs and lots of 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • Yes, thanks Amanda, I’m having a GREAT weekend. Like you, I’ve been working on a couple of deadlines and I feel like I’ve got loads done! So pretty pleased with my little old self! 😀

        Oh Happy Days!! Love you loads xx

      • Same here and now it’s Monday again…where did the weekend go? Grrrrr…hope you have a good one my friend xxxx Loads of love to you xx

  5. Absolutely beautiful, Amanda! Your talent is a delight 🙂

  6. Dear, you took a wonderful poem and turned it into an experience of Love with this fantastic post…the trifecta is perfect, and you do it with such Style! I for one, love it 🙂

  7. Wow!…Amazing!

    Cheers to you sweet Amanda….and have a super sexy weekend!

  8. Just a lovely poem…with so much true love expressed.

  9. I absolutely LOVE this!! I love the photo too. Butterflies are my favorite! Wonderful piece 🙂 XX

  10. Angela Cohan Says:

    Just lovely — a beautiful expression of love

  11. Ah, now that’s true love, that surrounds and is everywhere, holds me fast and sets me free at the same time – I feel loved.

    A wonderful poem, thank you!

  12. Inspirational– I wish love were always so gentle. I don’t know how you can focus your thoughts so clearly to write a poem nearly every day. Amazing! have a good week-end!

    • Not always easy Marilynn but my goal is to it for as long as I can!! Dedication I guess….and you’re right, love is not always so gently but we love it 🙂 Hugs my friend xx

  13. Pragtig, laat my hart glimlag.
    Have a super weekend, you’re a very special friend.

  14. Love, love, beautiful love…. so nice, Amanda. Sending love your way for the weekend! 🙂 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxHeartspell

  15. Love the reflection and the images. A delight to read. – bill

  16. This is how love should be… supportive, but not clingy… love the way you’ve expressed it, Amandy. 😀

  17. Sorry! — Amanda —

  18. Very dear description of a true love. Nice work, Amanda. “… showing the way to heaven …” Just made my Friday p.m.

    🙂 Hugs …

  19. “calls me back
    holds me close
    in the still night”
    Oh I love these lines… 🙂 Great poem Amanda, it touched my heart. !

  20. amazing sentiments,
    stunning imagery in your words.

  21. Oh yea babes! I was singing your poem in my mind! This is love!
    Beautifully expressed, sweetheart!!!

    And with this sweet thought, I shall doze off …
    Have a lovely Saturday!!! 🙂

  22. Absolutely beautiful…such pure feelings. Great poem Amanda! Very passionate

  23. Awww love the image so much, you got my butterfly obsession into this!<3 Yours words blaze across the image and gave a wonderful feel out of it, I totally got mesmerized :3 Thank you so much my friend^.^~

  24. terrific. fantastic poem and the picture is gorgeous.

  25. Ms. Peaches Says:

    wonderful…beautiful!!! thank you for sharing I’d like to share 2 awards with you

  26. “shows the way to heaven”

    I love this line. Love breeds love by example of love in action, and by knowing someone cares, someone believes in us, someone accepts us as we are. Heaven is that place where love is given and received unconditionally, like the air you breathe in and out – Oh Amanda, this poem is really, really good. Some love poems are sickly sweet, silly or over romanticized, but this is more than any of that – this is a deep, transforming, mature love love-poem. A poem that realizes love is a teacher, a mentor for the soul. Five Star rating for this one, girlfriend!!

  27. what a lovely piece,
    love butterflies…

    they have the beauty that make one fall, so do your poems.

  28. Glad that you linked in yourself…

    the party will be boring without dishes from you..
    keep showing your magical tricks on cooking books of poems…


  29. This is great Buttercup! Simple, mature, honest and reflective. Nice write. Love and Light, Sender

  30. So lilting and so lovely….

  31. systematicweasel Says:

    Wonderfully written! =)


  32. Lovely poem. Has a windswept feel and inspired tone 🙂

  33. signed .............bkm Says:

    holds me like gravity….that is Love ….great write…bkm

  34. Beautiful buttercup!
    I love the video too!

  35. Lucky you and lucky that someone who loves you. Have a beautiful butterfly week. Victoria

  36. Amanda, I love the way the poem was awashed in a tribute to love.

    Thank you for such writing.

    Welcome to the potluck!

  37. great writing amanda and a good song that reminds me of the old days where i used to enjoy with my older cousins..

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