Almost 2 weeks ago my phone rang…..”I am on the Coast for the weekend…do you think you’ll be available”?   OMG….I have not seen you in almost 8 years,  do you for one minute think I will not be able to see you?  “So if you can make it, let’s meet at Marina Mirage, there is a wonderful restaurant called Glass”!

Nothing in this world was going  to stop me seeing you after such a long time…you looked so wonderful, even after all that you had to go through these last couple of years.

I ordered charred lamb fillets, goats cheese, pomegranate, fine beans, caramelised pumpkin and red onion with balsamic reduction…….

You had eye fillet, trio of mustards, cauliflower puree with Gruyère cheese, green beans wrapped in bruschetto.

Dessert was Manderin and cream cheese Parfait with Lemon and Basil aspuic, chocolate madeleine.

Wine (this one’s for Cindy) Hensche Henry’s Seven (a Shiraz, grenache, viognier blend…(I’m keeping one specially for you girlfriend!!)

I came home after a wonderful day ….Jusqu’à la prochaine fois mon ami très spécial!!!  Mwah xoxoxoxo

43 Responses to “A SPECIAL FRIEND”

  1. WOW! The shiraz sounds interesting and I see there was a but of bubbly too. Nice manicure my dear 😀

  2. MAGNIFIQUE, ma chère amie!! LOVE the video inclusion, which inspires my creative juices to no end 🙂

  3. I am drooling already oh my god! XD And it is a great wonderful reunion!=3~~~~

  4. Those dancing cutleries are as lively as you are.. Are they infected of you..?
    Don’t forget to invite me over once- I am one of the biggest foodie going around


  5. Eating good foods with friends. Nothing better than that!

  6. cute looking and makes me feel hungry.

  7. What a lovely surprise for you! I am so glad you had a wonderful evening!

  8. morning.i gave you a Happiness Award. Just follow to my page to accept..thanks

  9. It’s awesome to reconnect with old friends, and to me dinner at a good restaurant always seems such a wonderful accompaniment to friendship…

  10. Carol Ann Hoel Says:

    Wow! Thank you for sharing your experience and your delicious dining menu. The restaurant video was also entertaining and remarkable for ambiance. How nice that you saw and old friend once again! What a perfect celebration!

  11. Good friends, Good conversation, food and wine…SIMPLY THE BEST way to spend a Sunday…xx

  12. Though my island is much closer than Australia, our ferry connections almost make it seem as fare in the minds of people in a hurry. I know the elation over the effort that people make to reconnect. Thanks for sharing it, dear gentle soul.

  13. I am happy for you and your friend…. how lovely, the write-up, the photos, the food, the company… good for you on enjoying life! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Heart spell

  14. It looks as if you had a lovely time…loved the pictures.

  15. My mouth is watering. Sounds like a wonderful meal and an even more wonderful time together. – bill

  16. I wish i could reach through the screen and grab that steak.
    It would be GONE. lol

  17. And a fantastic time was had by all. Wonderful! 😀

  18. Cool, renunions are always great. Good to see you have fun…thats all we ever want in this life we live.


  19. Isn’t it wonderful to get together with old friends?…so good for heart and spirit.

    You know, I just ate dinner and now I’m hungry again. Wonder why!

    XX 🙂

  20. lisaboyle4u Says:

    Wow!! I m sure must had a wonderful day. Meeting old friends after a long time is really a great feeling. I loved the pics of the food also. 😛

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