MASQUERADE (For Monday Poetry Potluck)





Sculptured and sere

the masks we wear

chiselled and shaped

from pain we bear

phantom of illusions

spirits run wild

wounded souls arise

through plasters of ache

exposing their wounds

scattered in the wind

and counting the hours

to the depths of hell


©AvdL 2010

This is my poem for  jinglepoetry. run by JINGLE for Monday Poetry Potluck, a fast growing community for poets & writers of all genres to share their work, express and make friends.  Come join us, just click on the link!! FUN!!

79 Responses to “MASQUERADE (For Monday Poetry Potluck)”

  1. I liked it very much Amanda, especially the first half of the poem! xxx

  2. Love the poem and one of my favourites…Phantom of the Opera…have a great week my friend x

  3. Great word choices in this piece. Nicely written. Enjoy your week! 🙂

  4. I had said to someone else Buttercup that we all wear masks but we all are not willing to share that truth with others. This is a great piece. Love and Light, Sender

  5. most excellent! the first half of the poem flows like water…. very nice i enjoyed the piece…. take care….

  6. sharp and brilliant.
    Thanks for sharing!


  7. love the way your words flow….

    your entry rocks…
    another yummy treat.

    Happy monday!

  8. The beginning of the poem (first four lines) are brilliant; dig the overall concept and image. Happy Monday and Potluck day to ya. Hugs, Amanda 🙂

  9. This gave me chills. Brilliant!

  10. Beautiful and lovely words, Amanda!<3

  11. What a powerful and dynamic poem…really loved it.

  12. beautifully scripted – it has the feeling of the opera in the words. You sure do have an amazing control of the language. There is a cadence – a music about this piece. Really nice photo too!
    Many congrats on your new position at Potluck – I just said to Kavita that you two are the PERFECT people for this position. Kudos to both of you big-hearted poets – wonderful women.

    • Cindy, you will be amazed at just how much I have learned over the last months, I think I sleep with a dictionary and practically live on the online Thesaurus..but it’s fun and totally a passion I eat, sleep and think!! Thanks so much for your well wishes, it’s early days and I love working with Kavita, she is so creative and such an inspiration to so many. I truly value your support and good wishes gorgeous girl 🙂 Hugs xx

    • Cindy, thank you for your kind words!! Working wit hour lovely Amanda is totally a pleasure and an honor! Her dedication and sincerity are exemplary!!
      I am GLAD we are working together!

      And with your support, I am sure poetry potluck will be a grand success, and a huge community helping poets across blogosphere get together!
      Thank youuuuu

      Mandy… mwaah!!! 🙂

  13. LOVE this – absolutely

  14. This is fabulous my dear friend. just fabulous.

  15. chiselled and shaped

    from pain we bear -fabulous line!

  16. We’re ‘counting the hours to the depths of hell’?!? Wow! I sure hope not!

    (Eric covers his ears, closes his eyes and trys to think happy thoughts)

    • LOL…Eric, this was totally written with the theme for Potluck in mind…and what I meant was if people walk around with a “masquerade” forever, that is where they will end up 🙂 Was with good meaning in my heart:) Much love my dear friend x

  17. Powerful exploration of what constitutes the masks we often wear. I do somewhat share Eric’s response. I enjoyed the post. -bill

    • Thanks Bill, this was totally written for the theme of the first launch of Potluck (smiling) and what I meant was that by wearing a mask forever, will let you end up in the darkness:) Was with happy thoughts though 🙂 🙂 🙂 Thanks for your support my friend xx

  18. Angela Cohan Says:

    It’s wonderful to read your work–I enjoyed reading it.

    Thank you for your kind comments about my poems.

    Have a great week ahead.

    much love,

    • Makes me very happy to see you here Angela, thanks so much for your kind and warm comment. Hope to see you back again. Have a great day and sending you much love right back 🙂 Hugs x

  19. I like that your poem gets into a bit of the why of donning masks in the first place and then also the craziness that gets crazier the longer we wear them, and the utter chaos (hell) that forces us eventually to abandon all masks. (My read 🙂 )

    • Perfection G….to the very last line!! I so love it when someone gets it…and you totally did with this one. Giving you big kisses for that!! And of course for always supporting me:) 🙂 🙂 Hugs xxx

  20. WOOHOO!!!
    Way to go, hostess!! 🙂
    You are just amazing… (no masks here)

    A powerful piece … and its very very realistic!!

  21. Wow, masterful post altogether. Thank you, Amanda – you’re a true inspiration 🙂 Love the words and the stunning image – takes me straight back to Venice!

    • Oh Venice…my beautiful Venice…how I love thee!! Happy you enjoyed girlfriend, was written with the theme as inspiration for first time Potluck. Thanks so much for supporting us, it warms my heart to see you there…and of course…here too 🙂 🙂 🙂 Hugs x

  22. Your artistry is unending; your mastery of phrases, like chimes in the night, enchant and cry out, bidding the listener, the reader, to hearken, to think, to reconsider, to return, to remain… Thank you for sharing, Amanda. Blessings to you…

    • Your word phrases leaves me speechless too Carol…you have a gift to capture people’s words to perfection and I so appreciate that. I always read your comments more than once….it makes me happy and I thank you. Much love dear one 🙂 xxx

  23. buttercup the ending is chilling!
    Wow! Excellent piece!

  24. You and Kavita are both so deliciously creepy in your writes today. I thought it was spring where you live, not our dour dying fall! 🙂

  25. thoughtsnotlost Says:

    As always, I loves it. You are so talented!

    I wanted to pass these awards on to you:

    • Awww thanks my friend, I will cherish them and when time is a bit more on my side, I will post them on my awards page. Know that I love and appreciate you so much. Much love xxx

  26. Very beautifully phrased, Amanda. Pleasure to read.

  27. So good. I love the mask metaphor. Wish I’d written this.

  28. What I loved about this was that for me, it addressed the detrimental state of wearing masks. They hide what’s really true, allowing us to live with lies. And ultimately, the lies tear down the virtue of the soul. This is great, great work. Have a blessed day! 🙂

  29. This is great! You have such powerful word choices here.

    Mine is here.

  30. This poem took your poetry to another level, Amanda. It’s very well thought out and structured. A truly powerful piece of writing. As always the trifecta is perfect.

  31. Fantastic, powerful poem.

  32. Amazing movie clip! I really loved the poem, it was majestic..

  33. Your words that you crafted and the illusion to the Phantom of the Opera only brought it more personal to the reader’s own self reflection. Great work, Amanda!

    Glad you are in the Potluck!

  34. hi mandy, i wrote a similar poem and have the same (well, almost) title. i based it on the video and thought it was our prompt. glad to know i got it right.

    this is a lovely piece. we hide so many secrets behind the masks we wear everyday.

    congratulations for a job well done. potluck poetry truly rocks!

  35. Haunting descriptions Thanks for reading and commenting on my poem. Hope your week goes well.

  36. Altogether lovely. Don’t know how I missed this one when making my rounds.

    This is so absolutely true …

    Altogether fine post, Amanda. x

  37. very versatile my friend..

  38. And now…drum roll please..with my new internet connection I was also able to listen to the music!! Wow – it adds a totally new amazing dimension to your blog Amanda. I think I’ll be singing Phantom of the Opera all day now! lol

    Loved your poem – I especially loved the first four lines “Sculptured and sere the masks we wear chiselled and shaped from pain we bear” – wow! So much truth in those words!

    Missed you recently and am now playing blog catch-up…it’s a LOT of fun 😉 xx

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