Chasing a dream

in a blaze of fire

an immortal soul

that walks within me

 like storms on the ocean

sweet rush of emotions

the height of crescendos

so whole in my power

aglow of feelings


 without you

my spirit  is lost

 you are



©AvdL 2010


97 Responses to “FIRE IN MY HEART”

  1. I love this, Amanda. Lovely imagery!

  2. Your emotions are overkilling…you bring them out to the fore and make the readers feel it exactly how you paint it…The third and fourth lines struck me.


    • I am so happy to read that…I like the “overkilling” part so much (smiling) Thanks Em…love your comment my friend. Sending you loads of love across the continent 🙂 Mwah x

  3. Lovely words. Really liked the ending of it as well. All the best 🙂

  4. U r so talent by using heart-fire picture to express ur feeling!
    Love it!

  5. OOO Amazing!:D beautiful words and the image <3<3 my dear friend, another wonderfully written poem once again=D

  6. As always – beautiful. You have such a special way of expressing your heart and soul.

  7. Awesome job! I felt passion throughout. 🙂

  8. In a word…Hot! But, since I can’t say just one word…The poem is incredibly evocative and beautiful. I notice it’s fiction…too bad, that would be one lucky fellow. Well done, Amanda.

  9. sweet 🙂 The picture is just awesome and loved the shape of the vase you created…

  10. The Image is so captivating- and so are the words.. You really know how to take the reader glide through a passionate dream.. strong words.. sweet emotions and undying passion to stay committed and being wanted……


    You just did it again……

    • And your comments are most beautiful and so much appreciated my dear Olivia, your presence here means so much to me, I value your friendship and dedication to this so very much!! Love you beautiful girl xxxx

  11. Hello Dear Friend- here you are- tagged..


  12. Oh maaan!! How you write so passionately, totally leaves me awestruck!
    This was blazing hot, girlie!
    And the crescendo you mentioned… yea, I totally heard/felt it!! WOW!
    But then again, I was destined to 🙂

    At 5am, you made my sleepy eyes go AWAKE, and my heart go thump thump! phheeww
    LOVED this, Mandiez!

  13. I felt the passion firing up each letter of your beautiful poem..
    This is love as sensitive poets feel it.. beautiful Amanda!

  14. A beautiful poem once again. I loved the imagery.

  15. You give a good helping of feelings and emotions here. Well Done! Great
    image for your poetry. 🙂

  16. Powerful! Fantastic burning image and poetry! xx

  17. the fire brings a unique intensity

  18. fantastic poem and video.

  19. love the imagery of the poem… Chasing a dream / in a blaze of fire… – and the image too is awesome – you always do have the most amazing images!

  20. A strong buildup in this verse overflows with imagery leading to a climax, a statement of love and devotion. The illustration of fire on the ocean vividly sets the mood for this amazing verse. Thank you for sharing with us this beautiful expression of passion.

  21. I like the imagery in the poem and its passion….also enjoyed the video.

  22. “Yes, yes, I’m George… George McFly… and I’m your density… I mean, I’m your destiny.”

  23. Woah-woah-woah! Right from the beginning you hook with this one–the picture’s captivating, and sets the stage for a brilliant poem. Such imagery. Such passion. Powerfully done!

  24. like storms on the ocean

    sweet rush of emotions

    vivid and fun poem.
    love your way of nailing it.

  25. Ha! Pointer Sisters. Brings back memories. We won’t go there …. 🙂

    The poem is a crescendo! Love it.

    The photo is wonderful. I am partial to the blue and gold … my school colors.

    Have a good one, Amana! xx

  26. “Chasing a dream in a blaze of fire” You phrase perfectly frames your photo. One can feel emotions raging. Thank you, Amanda.

  27. betweenhearts75 Says:

    Wowww this left me so absolutely speechless! Truly amazing, beautiful, full of passion and “fire” Such a beautiful beginning “Chasing a dream” =)) Such an amazing talent you have, and you certainly set my heart to racing with this!!! ~ April 🙂

    • Awww, thanks so much April, I always appreciate your feedback, I am sorry for my absence lately, trying to play catchup and will visit soon my dear friend. Sending you much love always !!! xxx

      • betweenhearts75 Says:

        you need not everrr apologize my dear friend! xoxo I have been so absorbed in some reading material and writing, sometimes I am of absent mind altogether, lol!!!

  28. A passionate piece with amazing complimenting photo… so nice. And of course I love the song, too. 🙂 Love to you, my warmth-of-spring friend! Heartspell xxxxxxxxxxxxx:)

  29. powerful imagery and a powerful image to go with 🙂 always a pleasure to read you!

  30. I enjoy the way you convey these emotions.
    The accompanying picture is also amazing!

  31. claudiadesouza4u Says:

    Wow!!! loved it.

  32. Amazing poem Amanda! The ending fit perfectly! Simply beautiful!

  33. Dreamy, delightful and full of fire!! You’re brilliant 🙂

  34. The words ” like storms on the ocean, sweet rush of emotions” made me smile – so wonderful. You rock!! As always xx 😀

  35. glad to reread the fire poem,
    powerful imagery,
    masterful job.

  36. Beautiful! Fire in the heart for an all consuming love!

    Mine is here.

  37. The poem and the picture both talk beautufully the fire in your heart.Nice poem!

  38. thoughtsnotlost Says:

    You knocked me out with those first two lines:

    “Chasing a dream

    in a blaze of fire”

    Great job as always!

  39. You are an artist of word and images.

  40. I love this “Chasing a dream in a blaze of fire.” Masterful, Amanda

  41. A passionate outburst, a romantic vow– wonderful!

  42. Always wonderful writing.
    I have added you to my blogroll of “fellow poets I follow”.

  43. Very beautiful poetry and I enjoyed reading your last line… it was beautful. Picture was amazing.
    Thanks for sharing..

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter: @VerseEveryDay

  44. Very engaging. You find the most fascinating images! I enjoy visiting your blog. – bill

  45. on the dot, immediately 😀 sensational, Amanda 🙂 imagery so vivid..!

    Happy Wednesday to you 🙂

    My Potluck Poem

  46. Wow, this is beautiful. I love your work.

  47. oh my!!
    wat a lovely poem amanda 🙂
    simply marvelous 🙂

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