My brush is a bird

that paints in red

loquacious and free

stroke by stroke

colour comes out

captivating me

 the dancing rain

 on my fingertips

flick of my wrist

of secrets born




©AvdL 2010










66 Responses to “DID YOU SAY ART?”

  1. betweenhearts75 Says:

    Ahhhh, this took my breath away!!! I am so happy yo reposted this from a couple of weeks ago. I was offline with computer difficulties and missing everyone and posts, and I KNOW I missed this then. Gorgeous and did you say ART??? ;D wonderful!!! ~April xoxo

  2. Quite a fine poem….and the image is just gorgeous.

  3. So happy to see you back again April, I have been quite busy too and not spending as much time here as I would like too:) Yes, this is one of my very humble (hiding my head) creations but love it sooooo much and have so much to learn still. It is fun and the best thing I have ever started!! Love you and have a great weekend dear one:) 🙂 🙂 xx

  4. That’s some amazing sand artistry in the video. And I love your “Return to Innocence” – a painted poem, vibrant, vivacious and, yes, free.

    Wishing you a wonderfully lazy Sunday!

  5. I don’t remember seeing this before Amanda, but I love it and think it is one of your best! Wonderful imagery! Enjoy your art…

    • So much for lazy Sunday afternoons…just called someone else Adee 🙂 grrrr 😦 Thanks girlfriend…I hear it’s a glorious day in South Africa…you have my heart there!!

      • Amanda, it’s a gorgeous day here – in fact the past couple of weeks have been really fantastic weather-wise. I thought maybe there is another Adee when I read that – moenie bekommerd wees nie!! I used to draw, but haven’t for some time, and had absolutely no patience for painting, lol. Now there’s not enough time in the day!

      • I know about time Adee, the older we get, the quicker time goes I think!! Hope your good weather lasts, it’s going to rain for most of the week here grrrrrrrrrr… OXOXOXOX

    • Thanks Adee, truly so enjoyable!! Have a happy week my friend xx

  6. I like the poem very much, and the painting.
    Enjoy the rest of your afternoon, my friend. I have promised myself I will just do a few hours of work this morning and relax this afternoon.
    Love you lots. xxx

  7. Wow, Amanada, your painting is fabulous. So is your poem, but I am drawn back to the painting for seconds and thirds.

  8. Reading this I feel so enchanted.. It’s been raining here too.. 😀
    Pencil sketches.. wow.. All the best.. where are they doing it..? Mandies.. You painted this one..?? This is an absolute piece of Art.. You blow me girl..

    Wishing you a great weekend- Girlfriend

  9. just awesome! what a marvelous painting! and that poem is pure dream.
    thanks for sharing this gorgeous post.

    have a beautiful sunday.

  10. Wow– fantastic! You are both lovely and multi-talented! Can’t wait to see how your verse + art blog will develop!

  11. Great poem and glad to hear you’re beginning pencil sketches. hugs

  12. I did not get a chance to read this when you first posted it, however, I am glad you did re-post it as it is very beautiful and has such a deep message. Keep it up 🙂

  13. mandy dear, that is a lovely painting and your poem brought it to life. indeed that is one fiery, feisty declaration of freedom! the video is in itself an awesome work of art. thanks for sharing it with us.

    also wanna let you know i have tags and awards for you. 🙂


    • I am so very happy that you have enjoyed it, the video took my breath away. Aww thanks so much beautiful Lady, I always treasure your kindness and words…I thank you so very much and will keep it in my awards blog. Have a great week ahead with lots of love xxx Hugs xx

  14. A re-post and is a new post for me. I like the painting and i love your poem. It’s very artistic and beautiful. I always think red is very striking!

  15. Hello my friend,

    Beautiful. Just absolutely beautiful. You have really brought the colour red to life.

  16. Greetings Amanda! What a beautiful post, artwork, poem, and video. I showed the video to my husband and we watched it twice. What amazing red blaze of beauty followed by words of a painter and video that continues perfectly your theme. Thank you for sharing your talents with us.

  17. Peace and Joy, to you, Amanda 🙂

  18. I realized it was a repost.. but I relished it nevertheless! Frredom has to be enjoyed…always!! 🙂
    And your painting is tooooo cool!! Gosh.. you are crazy about red..aren’t you?!?! 🙂
    The video was mindblowing! What a find! Thanks for sharing it with us here…

  19. I think poetry and art go so well together. Can’t wait to see more. I keep kicking myself for shelving my art – one day.

    Lovely as always dear friend

    moon hugs

  20. Something special for you : present you with this award here : http://ladynimue.wordpress.com/2010/09/20/bliss/ !!

    • Wow, always makes me feel so special when I see this, thanks so very much I really appreciate this kindness and gesture and will be over shortly to receive it. Have a great week ahead my friend xxx

  21. How exquisite…the painting is amazing, too. I love your blog, Amanda, and your beautiful spirit.

  22. very stunning piece.
    love the idea of art and poetry being one…
    how divine!

  23. helo amanda how u been…its been a while since i dropped by ur blog:)
    amazing poem….n wow stunning painting….

    • Baby, where have you been, missed you so much…been a bit crazy in my world too, soon I will be able to be up to scratch and visit everyone like before!! Whoohooo happy to see you here !! xx

  24. A beautiful poem – and love your painting too. The Lord has blessed you with many talents my dear friend. So glad you take the time to share them with us xx

  25. Altogether stunning, Amanda…you are a consummate artist!! Love how much you enjoy it too 🙂

  26. this is good art…. ur art of words is excellent 😀

  27. Your title “Return to Innocence” made me think of when you are a child and you are so one-focused on what you are doing without a care in the world and the “freedom” to just be. This is what I thought of when reading your beautiful, restful poem. Lovely…

  28. Ah! Vivaldi. Wonderful … and your brush could only be red, eh? 🙂 Very nice.


  29. thoughtsnotlost Says:

    LOVE this!! Your talent is without limits. Amazing job, my friend!!!


  30. “Of secrets whispering freedom…” Grand. Love and Light, Sender

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