Bedazzled – for Poetry Potluck



The yellow crescent moon

brimming with quiet tears

planted in her own orbit

bound on a balcony of cloud


Her crown of gold

in  glory so bright

spans over the horizon

and shines  in her delight


Total unforgotten glory

singing during the night

a galaxy of silver flame

like diamonds in the night


©AvdL 2010

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74 Responses to “Bedazzled – for Poetry Potluck”

  1. Lovely writing, unfortunately my workload prohibits me from participating.
    Have a great week, sweet friend. xxx

    • Understood girlfriend, you don’t know just how crazy my life is right now too!!!! So please forgive me if I don’t make the rounds like I normally do!! I’ll love you ….forever your friend xxx

  2. Great post, Red 🙂 The poem paints the coy moon brilliantly with her total unforgotten glory…well done! Showing another facet of your poetic talent.
    Potluck is Lucky to have you 🙂

    T L H

  3. What a very lovely poem and image. I am smiling at the beauty. I hope you have fun writing this week. 😎

  4. Beautiful Amanda, especially the ending – “…a galaxy of silver flame
    like diamonds in the night”. 😛

  5. Woaah, it is beautiful. I love ur image. How could u make that beautiful picture?

  6. What a gorgeous poem. truly bedazzling.

  7. Ah…tooo…Gorgeous – words and all! I love how the water ripples in the moonlight 🙂

  8. Enchanting poem and photo. The moon is a constant inspiration.

  9. Wonderful and memorable imagery. Vivid. Nicely done! – bill

  10. A lovely meditation on the moon, Ms B! Your imagery is arresting.

  11. your image simply takes my breath away….
    what a divine piece,
    Thanks for sharing!

  12. What an enchanting piece!=P I love it, my friend!

  13. Beautiful, beautiful imagery!

  14. Another creation by Amanda, this one starring the moon in all its beauty! The Beethoven piece, Moonlight Sonata, crowns your words and illustration perfectly. My hubby wanted to hear it twice more so I washed dishes to the sounds of Beethoven’s sonata. Thank you for sharing.

  15. love the first stanza…the balcony of clouds…..nice potluck dish…bkm

  16. Nice potluck poem!

  17. What a beautiful entry for potluck! Love the video’s music and moon pictures…

    a galaxy of silver flame

    like diamonds in the night


  18. Beautiful Amanda! Love the imagery. You’ve really created a beautiful picture in my mind.

    Apologies for not dropping by sooner.

  19. Wonderful poem and image…love the reflecting water effect.

  20. Have you ever been to Broome,WA… see the staircase to the moon, happens from March to October ….? Lived in Broome for a couple of years absolutely magnificent, the full moon reflects of the mudflats…
    Another one of Australia’s wonders!!
    Too long a reflection.!!..loved the poem …Yvette xx

  21. loved your potluck entry, oh and the image you put up with it was a nice added touch, =]

  22. “bound on a balcony of cloud” beautiful poem, Amanda. That line makes me think of the timelessness of Romeo and Juliette.

  23. Come on now, Buttercup, you’re slipping: That moon is neither crescent nor yellow. But it’s a lovely poem regardless

    (I’m just one of those people who can’t help themselves, so just pity me)

  24. This is so pretty, and love the pic, too.

  25. Beautiful and luna herself 🙂

  26. thoughtsnotlost Says:


    This part is my favorite:

    “The yellow crescent moon

    brimming with quiet tears

    planted in her own orbit

    bound on a balcony of cloud”

    Magical, my friend. Amazing!

  27. Lovely poem, Amanda. I love the line: “bound on a balcony of cloud”. Fantastic! 😀

    • Thanks dear Tony, always wonderful to have you here, been hectic and busy lately so please forgive me for not visiting enough, promise to be back on track very soon. Much love to you in a rainy Brissie…and they said it’s Spring? xxx

  28. Ooooh… you really are the queen of romance, Amanda!
    After reading this, I actually got up and went to my window to watch the moonlit sky for just some more time… and now I have an idea for a poem…yipppeee!! 😀 Thankoooo
    You have very beautifully personified the moon here, my lovely friend… it deserves all the respect we give, and more! And so DO YOU!!
    What would I have done without you… potluck would just be “pot” without you…just half! 😉

    • Thanks my dearest Kavi, I don’t know what I would have done without you either, you are a light in my life and I really enjoy so much working with you…we understand each other and think so alike!! I am very fortunate to be able to do Potluck with you, and rightly said,…it would just be POT!!! You are a bright star all around and I love you…thanks for this wonderful warm comment…it always means so much to me. Love you girlfriend xxxxx 🙂 🙂

  29. this ode to La Luna is a silvery sonata.

  30. serenemusings Says:

    Amanda was delighted to see Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven at the end….My abolute favorite next to Fur Elise!

  31. what an enigmatic piece, mandy! i am truly bedazzled by your beautiful words. that image is also perfect.

  32. This was fantastic! Great job.

  33. I really like the structure of this poem. Flows nicely.

  34. Bravo! Perfect for the occasion … and the moon is my familiar …

    Lovely. Thank you…happy bedazzled!

    Hugs! xx

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