Friends (One Shot Wednesday)



Ripples of my musings

survey of my soul

as ripples fade away

slowly breaking the ice

I hear the music play

together we compose

harmonies of our souls

capturing the moment

of spirit, hope and words

sharing common ground

thus, less pain and hurt

more joy and happiness

in visions of my reflection

I see you



©AvdL 2010

 Submitted for

One Shot Wednesday at One Stop Poetry

I have not been around visiting and commenting on a daily basis like I normally do and wrote the above to let you know that you’re in my heart and thoughts…my daily life has been quite busy these last couple of days but I will be back to normal in no time. I am however, together with Kavita, doing  Mondaypotluck at Jinglepoetry and will visit as many as possible at One Shot Wednesday .  I love you all….big hugs always!! oxox

93 Responses to “Friends (One Shot Wednesday)”

  1. I read my name there :D.. very beautiful.. “less pain and hurt, more joy and happiness”..
    Friends are a rarity.. Blessed are you and your friends- I am counting myself again- LOL


    • Of course you are there my friend…you all have a special place in my heart in this virtual world. Much love Olivia….I’ll be back to normal soon, just have another deadline to be finished this week 🙂 xxxx

  2. Thanks, my friend, seems we’re all a bit hectic at the moment.
    Take care of yourself, much love. xxx

  3. I see you…. friend…great words…and great choice of of my favourites…yvette x

  4. Yes, Divine Buttercup – seems a number of us have LIFE happening! Or, there’s a bug called blogitis that has hit.

    Your beautifully worded poem sends a well-received message. Thanks, Amanda.

  5. Always an inspiring read my friend…….great piece……you take care now you hear…..huggs……xxxxx

  6. This is just awesome Amanda, you spoke my words in your poem.

  7. Lovely poem, Amanda. You use such evocative words and I love the images you conjure up! Don’t work too hard… and take care. xxx

  8. The whole poem is great.
    The last five lines are pure class

  9. I really love your warm posts, Amanda. I can so relate to what you are saying here. I hope you get everything done as you plan. I’m also trying to catch up on blogging from my end of the world. Have a wonderful week.

  10. I was glad to read

    “less pain and hurt
    more joy and happiness”

  11. This in indeed very thoughtful of you Amanda 🙂 Thank you for being there and encouraging always 🙂

  12. beautiful words. Everybody seems so busy lately. I have just started up my last year of university, so am trying to keep up on that well commenting daily. This is a real challenge, your poem has inspired me though. All the best

    • So wonderful warm and understanding Mark, your comment made me smile…it is hard sometimes to keep up to date because in this virtual world, we create and develop very special friendships and the last thing we want to do is letting our friends down…I wish you all the best (even more so doing your last year) That is wonderful and I will always come and visit, no matter what!! I value your support also my friend. Take care now 🙂 xx

  13. Love your poem – you have described very beautifully the ways of breaking into friendship, and of continuing friendship… you are such a friend!

    together we compose

    harmonies of our souls


  14. Another fine poem…the concise expression of friendship is just divine!

  15. Beautiful poem, Amanda. The image of the woman looking at herself in a blizzard like setting is mesmerizing. Thank you for sharing another Amanda creation. Blessings to you…

  16. very impressive,
    you never fail to entertain and please with your art and fancy taste. Cheers!

  17. Striking picture, touching poem!


  18. those kinds of friends are priceless…harmonies of our souls…nice one shot!

  19. signed .............bkm Says:

    ripples of my musings….very nice..bkm

  20. friends, such an emotional word that gathers all life in few letters..:) lovely poem..great lines, can’t even think of picking a one favorite..excellent one shot 🙂

  21. You are a wonderful friend to all. A lovely one shot.

  22. You capture the spirit that is found in the blog-o-sphere. What a beautiful tribte to all your friends that you have made Buttercup. A beautiful poem.

  23. betweenhearts75 Says:

    Truly beautiful Amanda, you captured in words how special friendship really is. Before meeting our dear Moon, I had not even blogged much, somehow she brought me in with those open arms and smiling ways, and talents, and kind encouraging words, and I ended up doing much more in blogs than expected.The friendships here have been much more than ever thought, and this poem you’ve written really expresses what it all means. ~You my dear friend, such a special talent, in more words than I can say brought a teary smile. I love this!

    • Dearest April, your warm and beautiful words brought a tear to my eye too, I have also just started blogging about 6 months ago and it truly has opened another world to me. And what you say about Moon is so very true, she has the most beautiful spirit. I thank you for these wonderful words my dear friend and treasure it in my hearts. Love always xxx

  24. Hello, my friend 🙂 Glad to cross paths again. lol Wonderful poem that I’m sure many of us can relate to. hugs

  25. That’s for you and me, Amanda!! 🙂 Yaaaayyyy!! Seriously, that’s THE FIRST thought that sprang to my mind when I was reading this poem! Ofcourse it’s to all friends, but reading it HERE specifically made me think of us! :)…especially these lines:
    “together we compose
    harmonies of our souls
    capturing the moment
    of spirit, hope and words
    sharing common ground” — potluck…remember!??!?!? 😉

    This is a FANTASTIC ode to friends and friendship! It’s the BEST bond ever!!!
    Love ya heaps, lady!! And thanks for being my friend..mwah!!

    • together we compose
      harmonies of our souls
      capturing the moment
      of spirit, hope and words
      sharing common ground
      Indeed we do my dear Kavi…and I am so very fortunate to have cross paths with a warm, loving beautiful spirit like you!! You light my day with your bright nature and right back at you for being my friend!! Love you more 🙂 xxx

  26. Such Exquisite imagery, Amanda…full of wisdom, truth and inspiration, thank you!! XXX

  27. I believe this one is up there with the favorites. Awesome, beautiful, captured quit well. love ya too…xxoo 🙂

  28. Thank you for the lovely poem. Hope it’s all good, happy things to do …
    Don’t exhaust! …


  29. I see you… bringing my thoughts from the movie “Avatar” and I loved the concpet of saying “I see you” as touching ones innerself… I loved the way you have painted the inner soul in love and the words

    “together we compose

    harmonies of our souls”

    Were amazing…. Thanks for sharing a wonderful post… and poetry..

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Connect with me on Twitter at @VerseEveryDay to read one verse everyday on life, love and longing…

  30. Hey Darlin… thanks for thinking of me. Beautiful. Love and Light, Sender

  31. Happy Wednesday!
    your work shines bright and more…

  32. ..sharing common me – that is beautiful – and what friendship is about…great one shot!

  33. Beautiful expression of your loving kind thoughts to your friends, you have a special way of being thoughtful of others, and creative at the same time.

    Take care,


  34. You never failed to impress me as always, I am going to list this as one of my favorite! I love the spooky feel at the back :3 throughout the warmth of friendship ;D

  35. fantastic would be an understatement perhaps, Amanda 🙂 so beautiful words, and u keep one interested with the short lines too..! thanks for sharing a lovely one shot..

    My One Shot

  36. endearing ode to friendship…Thanks for reading and commenting on my poem. Hope your week goes well.

  37. Compact, concise, so beautifully expressed. Hope and joy, a very positive picture of friendship. Well done!

  38. Simply beautiful, with a soft elegance. Well done. (And I liked the video, too.)

  39. This is beautiful. Robbie’s not bad either. Love him!

  40. Buttercup,
    Don’t have to say anything – we all have those moments playing catch up with deadlines.

    Just remember to breath deep, okay.

    Cheers, friend!

  41. Buttercup,
    Don’t have to say anything – we all have those moments playing catch up with deadlines.

    Just remember to breath deep, okay.

    As usual – beautiful work!

    Cheers, friend!

  42. What a great poem for friends! Hope things settle down for you.

  43. such a beautiful warm poem… i understand the sentiment…cheers pete

  44. This is incredibly beautiful, Amanda. This tiny and enormous world we have crafted out here in the ether is filled with such incredible people. People like you, dear friend, who give love and support so unselfishly, creating a safe haven. I’m not sure if it is the intimacy of the creative writing process and product, but so many souls are bared on blogs, such risk is taken with one’s very essence, and always, friends rally round to say “we’re here, we see you.” It’s magical.

    • Patti my friend, your comments are ALWAYS so heartwarming and full of love, that makes you the special person you are. You have amazing talent and are sooo well respected in our community. Thank you for these beautiful words of encourangement and support. I am so blessed to be part of this community and have people like you in my life, even if just in this virtual world because as you rightly say, so many bare their souls…thanks for being my friend. Hope you have a great weekend 🙂 Hugs xx

  45. This poem brings tears to my heart…in a good way 😀 We are so blessed to have friends in our lives, both close and far..and our lives are truly enriched by sharing life together.

    I love all your words but especially “in visions of my reflection I see you MY FRIEND” What is a friend but often a mirror of ourselves – or certainly a person that can understand us.

    Thanks for YOUR friendship Amanda – it means a great deal xx

  46. I’m in your position – I need to rewrite this poem so people know I to support them just crazy busy with all these balls in the air.
    Do what you can my dear friend but dont get so overworked you dont love it

    Love and hugs from the Moon

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