Sadness fills my soul

often a silent weep

abundance of wishes

if only you were here

flickering of the candle

 shadows on the wall

desolate lonely surge

as fervent as the flame

burning with desire

so infinite and divine

always and forever

imagine you and me

eternity and beyond

as long as I can dream


©AvdL 2010


53 Responses to “IN MY HEART”

  1. WIthout the “abundance of wishes” and dreams we can all but give up on life…

  2. And they tell me I can write Love poetry…all I can say is…my Stetson is off to you, Red, and I may not ever be able to put it back on after reading this… Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful…I have no more words.


  3. As long as you can dream…
    Beautiful Amanda, love you dear friend.

    • As they say my dear friend, if we don’t have dreams…we won’t have much to look forward to!! I value your friendship and love you more my beautiful, vivacious, clever girlfriend!!

  4. Beautiful words, Amanda. I can get lost in your sadness… xxx

  5. Un Sogno…Dream…a sad capturing moment…”often a silent weep”…what aching sadness of love…hugs to you girlfriend xxx

  6. I am in love with this 🙂

  7. a beautiful portrait of sadness. Just fabulous. Your poems are mesmerising.

    thanks for these marvelous beauties.

  8. wonderful imagery! I found this very rich in detail. Enjoyed the read 🙂

  9. Someone Is Special Says:

    often a silent weep, wow so lovely potrait of sadness.. Lovel it…

    –Someone Is Special–

  10. brilliant poetry dear simply marvelous 😀
    and a wonderful pic to go with it 🙂

    Here from Jingle’s Rally
    You can find my poem at

  11. Striking image breathing words that convey heartfelt emotion, loneliness, regret, longing, dreams of joys eternal… Another creation by Amanda. You are brilliant to build memorable artwork of image, verse, and song. Thank you for sharing.

  12. You always seem to find the perfect music to go with your poem…the poem is again so beautiful…I love the everlasting aspect of love in the poem.

  13. I feel the longing and the desire to be together, so sweet Amanda. How you churn out good poems, day in day out consistently… Beats me!
    Good luck for the Poets Thursday!

  14. smart one,
    hope that your dream comes true…

    sadness and beauty are siblings..

  15. you write my heart there !!! thats why i love you so so much !!

  16. Dream on Amanda! Cheers!

  17. Another lovely poem by the lovely Amanda!

  18. So sad and beautiful and true. That’s how I feel when Cass is not around. Wonderful read, Amanda.

  19. Is it nostalgia? is it longing? all I know is it feels like something (or -one) missing – it would be worse if we couldn’t keep them in our heart and soul. I’m glad you’re here, with your soulful words, images and music. Thank you, dear friend!

    • Thanks Ruth, I think we can write from that place of longing when it’s been a part of your life at some stage. I am not there anymore but can still feel the sadness of that specific time. Thanks for always being here my friend. I have not been around visiting so much as I have a deadline to meet but will be back to normal in no time 🙂 Sending you hugs and have a great weekend xxxx

  20. As long as any of us can dream …
    Keeping it alive – the love I mean, the memory.

    A soft, sweet, gentle and special poem from a special lady.

    Thank you! 🙂 Hugs!

    • Thanks Jamie, I have to apologize for not visiting you lately, I always try to do your’s as you are top on my list!! I do however have a deadline to meet before next Wednesday and am running behind as it is. Guess what I’ll be doing this weekend? You’re in my heart and thoughts, don’t forget!! Love you xx

  21. very nice!

  22. Angela Cohan Says:

    I am dazzled with your talent. I enjoyed reading your work and listening

    to your selection of music videos. Wonderful work my friend.


  23. I loved it especially the last line. xx

  24. Such a sad poem which touches the heart – you express longing for and dreaming for love so well here. So many great people are out there…all of our hearts beating to the same hopes and desires…all I can say is…one day..we just have to keep holding on to that dream 😀

    The more I read your poetry, the more I appreciate your ability to express such deep emotions in such a few, perfectly chosen words. Thank you Amanda!! Your talent inspires me xx

  25. *as long as I can dream* here is always going to be YOU and Me .. A perfect fantasy ………
    Liking it a lot 🙂

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