Ever After




Oh Soul of Radiance
Friend of the stars
You fill the dark sky
Oh light of my life
Fight your wars with your head held high
May your renown spread upwards to the sky
I call to you
Please come to me
To hold me close
Your voice in a chant
Raise your sword to those cruel and vile
Slay the monsters, go employ your guile
I will sing this song
To your loving soul
For to lift your heart
And keep you from fear
Lift your bow and may the arrow release
Manoeuver your dagger with deft and ease
There is no danger
A lantern to steer
To show you the way
And let in the light
And while you are gone, I await your return
You defend your pride, as I sit here and burn


©Kavita & AvdL 2010


The beautiful and talented Kavita and I have entered into a dual poetry challenge that we wrote for Monday Potluck.

It is quite easy to identify who wrote what lines!!  If you’re familiar with my style, you’ll know that I don’t write long lines.  

It was so much fun writing this with you girlfriend…one of many more to follow!!  Thanks so much ♥

We have written this for Monday Potluck at Jingle Poetry.

Please do visit these sites to read the other amazing creative offerings.



57 Responses to “Ever After”

  1. another poetry challenge post.
    again for Monday poetry potluck,
    you girls rock!

    way to go…
    the image takes my breath away.

  2. Oolala, you two shine together! And that image too, wow!

  3. Mmmm – nice images, lovely words and beautiful picture! Well done both of you. 8)

  4. Woohoo!! this looks FAB!! 🙂
    We GOTTA do more of these !!! I love working with you, girl!! mwahh!

  5. You do know how to augment your words with amazing images! 🙂

  6. Sina Saberi : The Blog Says:

    beautifully written

  7. Well done sister’s..you both shine! Yvette x

  8. What a great image to set the mood, and that line ‘Lift your bow and may the arrow release’, just lovely.

  9. Amanda, Like I said you don’t fail to amuse me.. Since I had read the one at Kavs site, I could sense the same mix of romance and power- both the emotions within one poem.. I must say you make one envious duo..
    Girls you rock…
    I have no words to appreciate excepting WOW..!!
    There couldn’t have been a better treat in the Fall evening.. IST- 6.30 and I am totally refreshed.. I am so envious… LOLssss

    Loads of Love sweetheart..

  10. Hey, good job job..to both of you. Picture is cool as well…dress mad e of clouds..:)

  11. what a magnificent showdown of words! this is an excellent piece, kavita and mandy! =)

  12. You ladies give yourselves challenges upon challenges, and you always rise to them. Good stuff… Wonderful potluck. Thank you! 🙂 xoxo

    • Thanks dear Jamie, it was so much fun writing with Kavita…something new to me and will certainly do it again. Been missing you…how are you doing my friend? xxx

      • Just fine. Downing cups upon cups of good coffee through the night and catching up on all my visits. Busy days … and weather much too hot … miss cooking, but whittling down the waiste line with all the vegetable and fruit salads.

        Hope all is well with you, that you are caught up with projects, and enjoying Coco and art lessons and Life. xx

      • Art has been on hold (it’s school holidays here) but will start again next week. Am actually very happy about that as I have been totally over my head with things to finalize before beginning October (which will run well into also) All is good, just miss visiting all my friends here and will never be able to catch up again but life happens and we can only do so much! Coco is good, keeps him Mommy happy forever! Hope all is good with you my friend and please always take care. I send you love xxxxx

  13. Oh boy! Dueling poets! So what do you do – stand back to back, walk ten paces, then turn and start writing?

    (Watch out for that Kavita: She’s a dead-eye with words!)

  14. You ladies did a magnificant job!! I’m loving it 🙂

  15. I love the pictures and every beautiful words in this post! It’s so beautiful!

  16. You and Kavita are both lucky partners 🙂 Good job 🙂

  17. really nice! great image

  18. Yes, I liked the poetry as it unfolded, but before I read the ‘directions’ was puzzled by the changes of mood. Then I read each of you separately and all became clear. Interesting experiment. One more read and it seems the writers could be lover and Queen! One soft and the other proud and demanding.

  19. thoughtsnotlost Says:

    Friend–you are very dear to me and I wanted to let you know that through this:


  20. buttercup what a super idea!
    And an excellent turnout!

  21. Great poem. I love how the lines fit together — I wouldn’t know 2 people wrote it if you hadn’t told me.

  22. awesome duet. just loved the fabulous poem and the graphics.

  23. Waa– A beautiful poetry as a result from a duel challenge? Definitely the “fight” that people will love to see more. ;p

  24. Beautifully written and can also be eloquently spoken…Love it, Amanda.


  25. Naomi Estment Says:

    What an awesome job, way to go ladies!! I absolutely love that final word 🙂

  26. WOW Amanda & Kavita!! Both image and poem so striking – I have to keep going back just to look again and read again. Great marriage of minds you two…

  27. the natural flow of your words is simply beautiful and powerfully entangling!

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