“Elementis”- (Monday Potluck)




 Gibraltar tolerates

invasions of rage

restless blue seas


with immense forces

destructive, constructive

fire flames of phoenix


cadaverous  stone

with roaring power

the marrow of trust


obstinate gentle air

create or destroy

nature’s balancing act


©AvdL 2010




This has been written for Monday Potluck at Jingle Poetry.

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67 Responses to ““Elementis”- (Monday Potluck)”

  1. Wow, this is an awesome entry.
    i love those images at the top.
    You’ve really done well with this poem

  2. Powerfully captured!

  3. Nature’s forces aren’t always ‘balanced’ and they can have enormous consequences. Really loved this, Amanda, and the pictures too!

  4. ” Gibraltar tolerates

    invasions of rage

    restless blue seas”
    You rock Amanda!

  5. a true blissful piece.

    you speak of elements as if they are your friends…
    powerful and beautiful flow…

    perfect potluck piece.
    thanks for sharing!

  6. Great mix of images in this verse– never been to Gibraltar but your description seems spot on. Beautiful images for the elements as well. Perfect job, my friend!

  7. I like the juxtapositioning – ‘destructive/constructive, blue seas/fire flames, obstinate/gentle, create/destroy’ – and how it’s all summed-up by the final phrase, “nature’s balancing act”.

  8. This is so lovely.. breathtaking piece.. Happy Monday..

    –Someone Is Special–

  9. Love how you incorporate all the elements. It also has sort of a mystic feel to it and the imagery was wonderful. Another magnificant piece dear friend!!

  10. Love the way you represented the four elements and the message at the end of the video is one that continues to amaze me. When I went to the Amazon, it was surprising to find how many small animals the guide stated were rare to see..some I never saw during the two week visit there…the guide said that unfortunately seems to be more common now days…thanks for the video.

    • I envy you Charles, one of my dreams to go there. It is very disturbing to read and know about what is going on with global warming and our planet! And 2050 is not that far off, a serious matter very close to my heart!! Thanks for reading and always listening to the video…I appreciate it very much my friend ~ Hugs xxx

  11. Beautiful images above the poem and in the video, the song’s rhythm like a heartbeat throughout its powerful message. Your poem is a thing of beauty itself… Thank you

  12. Think this might be my favorite poem of yours, so far that is 🙂 “destructive, constructive / fire flames of phoenix” That’s a poem by itself. Excellent write!

    • Receiving a comment from someone I value and respect so much, makes me want to dance reading this!! Thanks Adam, I value your friendship and comments so much. Have a happy week my dear friend ~ Hugs xx

  13. fabulous poem and pic. loved the combination.

  14. Fantastic piece!! You do an excellent job of combining structure and flow to portray your message 🙂

  15. thoughtsnotlost Says:

    Every time I read your work–I am in awe all over again. Amazing job friend!

  16. Amazing, flabbergasting! Your poem, illustration, and video show how inexhaustible are the wonders of nature here on Planet Earth. You put together an awesome show of God’s creation that is breathtaking. Amanda, your post has made my day. I will appreciate this day more because I experienced your work. Thank you for sharing.

    • Aww Carol, your compliment means so much to me, thank you so very much!!! What a sweet thing to say…and it is breathtakingly beautiful, we are so lucky to be here. Very happy you enjoyed my friend. Hugs xx

  17. Brilliant! Loved the images!

  18. Great, Amanda – and it is Nature’s Balancing Act. Great poem.

  19. Makes me see the interraction of the elements with earth in a whole new way.

  20. Luv your pictures, and the way you wrote the ELEMENTS!
    What talent! That took a lot of time to do, and I’ll say,
    “It was worth your trouble. Good work here!”

    “cadaverous stone” and “obstinate gentle air”
    Magnificent combinations! 🙂 You do rock…if ever so gently.

  21. …nature’s balancing act…

    …that line brought this piece full circle for me…luv your wordplay. (^_^)

  22. The great nature’s balancing act within the elements … beautiful… I enjoyed reading it…

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter: @VerseEveryDay
    Blog: http://shadowdancingwithmind.blogspot.com

  23. Concise yet powerful diction. Love the poem, love the song, love the pictures, great work, Amanda 🙂

  24. Such intensity! I dig your poetic style the most amazing amanda beautiful buttercup…Go Jingle Poetry!

  25. I love the elemental power in these words, I can feel it building right up to the end of the poem. “Nature’s balancing act”, fabulous ending! 🙂

  26. Great piece! I agree to great ending. 🙂 The picture rocked too.

  27. Nicely done haiku! I love them all, and the video is spectacular! Great post, Red! Trifecta!!!

  28. Focusing on Gibraltar is a brilliant take on this prompt. Good for you!

    I’m a Jingle newbie, so I’ll try to keep stopping by.

    Your blog is amazing – methinks you took the upgrade to enhance with all the artwork and graphics. Truly a work of art!

    Peace from the US (yes, there are some of us still working for it),
    Amy Barlow Liberatore

    • I am so happy you’re here and thanks so much for the support. No upgrade…just the normal and love playing around with the art!! Thanks so much for your kind comment. Many hugs xx

  29. Absolutely stunning, Amanda. The whole thing, just wonderful.

    I don’t think you’ll mind: Going to put the vid up on Peaceable tomorrow along with a link to your poem.

    Sad news in the vid – although not news really – but lovely … very fine poem too. Thank you!


  30. Welcome to Potluck!

    Ah, you describe very well the power of nature, which, sometimes we underestimate. I liked it a lot. Very well written!

  31. “marrow of trust” — i was sooo taken by that, Mandy! That line totally rocked my senses all over the pace.. it was beautifully and SO APTLY said!

    I have no idea why you felt this poem was kinda raw… I personally think it is very very powerful!! In fact, of all your non-love poems, I would call this THE most strong one!

    Loved the way you have described those emotions and associated them with the elements – it was very nicely done!

    You make Poetry Potluck a beautiful and paradise-like place for me .. that’s FOR SURE, my friend!

    Loviez you loads!!!! xoxoxoox

    • I am so very happy you liked it my dear girlfriend…it’s always important to me when you like my work, I really appreciate it so very much!! Thanks for enriching my life in so many ways. I love you loads xoxoxoxox

  32. fire flames of phoenix

    obstinate gentle air

    love choice of words. the imagery is stunning! really good job.
    oh, and thanks for visitinig my blog 🙂

  33. […] thanks to Amanda for sharing this with us. Please read her dear poem, Elements, on this very […]

  34. mandy, you nailed this week’s theme beautifully! the entire post- the images, the video and, of course, your poetry- PERFECT!!!

  35. oh amanda
    this was one helluva piece of poetry u wrote..
    i am awestruck..

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