ardent moments

spheres of my soul

caught up in rhymes

just empty words

of hurt and sadness

desires and wishes

my breath a silent echo

as I write these words

of a love so fierce

for the one I love

you watch over me

see my  aching heart

and caress it gently

as you see yourself

in the golden mirror

of my love

where I softly

whisper to your heart


©AvdL 2010


42 Responses to “MOMENTS”

  1. wow! I just got all quiet and crouched down like I’m waiting to hear a whisper…wonderful writing. Dig the pic as well

  2. Such a gentle expression of quiet love… Wonderful, Buttercup.

  3. Tender words of love. Beautifully illustrated, written, and sung. I love Celtic music. You put together the arts in a way that captivates. Thank you for sharing, Amanda. Blessings to you…

  4. This one feels so sad at the start but it has such a sweet ending!

  5. the poem is captive !

  6. Wonderfully expressed words of love, Amanda! But so sad, my friend… xxx

  7. Buttercup you have an eloquent sadness and beauty in your words I hope that you can find a laugh or two in this world. Have you ever pulled a practical Joke…Just wondering because I have (probably too much) but it truly makes me feel a little better especially when they are deserved. The one thing that I have found from all my rottenness is that at gatherings people usually laugh because of me…including my self. I have some of them posted on my blog and I’ll post more as I have time. The best ones are always the ones yet to come. Have a great day!

    • Lol, I have an absolute love for life and laugh a lot…part of who I am …I think I’ve been Guinevere in my previous life because I always write about love and in a way with sadness. That does not mean I am sad…I think we all have moments of sadness but that does not make us sad people. I love coming to visit you, you are a unique person with such high spirit and I love that. Poetry to me means writing about love in a way 🙂 ? Does that make sense? Big hugs and hope you have a great day!!

  8. Fiercly felt. Gently jotted. Lovely.

    (And don’t you just love Enya?)

    Happy Friday …

  9. It’s a touching poem, poignant with sadness and longing.
    Be peaceful my sweet friend.

    • I am good with the sadness…really!!! Don’t know why I always write with such sadness…it just happens 😦 Just comes naturally. Love you my girlfriend xxxx

  10. alleenloper Says:

    Oh, dear friend, I yearn with you. xxx

  11. moondustwriter Says:

    you whisper these delightful words of love Amanda.

    then bam right below you tempt me with lovely food!!!

    It’s time for bed and I want to eat scallops

    Love ya

  12. So powerful and”fierce”…goosebumps again.

  13. Emotional!! xx

  14. wow!! lovely yaar. i enjoyed reading it a lot :_

  15. this is an incredibly beautiful poem of deep love. Hugs to you.

  16. another awesome poem. soul touching. your choice of picture always takes my breath away, like your fragrant poems.

    you truly are a real artist Amanda. May more and more beauty pour down your fingertips.

    thanks for sharing them with all of us.


  17. This is so beautiful…I know he hears your whispers…I hope he sends his love to you on a warm gentle breeze. 🙂 heartspell I LOVE YOU, Amanda 🙂

    • I always feel that breeze my friend and just smile 🙂 Sending you the biggest hugs and hope you have a wonderful weekend….I love you right back my dearest Heartspell. oxoxoxoxoxxo

  18. Wow…’golden mirror of my love’…now that makes the heart flutter and skip a beat with its beauty….very fine poem.

  19. Such sweet words…who wouldnt fall for it. The love that burns in your heart is unimaginable. Well done, sweet Mandy.


  20. So poignant. I love it. Regards…

  21. what sweet, touching words, mandy! your choice of music for this wonderful piece is perfect. i love it! *sigh* you touched my heart. 🙂

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