early morning rain

camouflage Mount Tamborine

color the world grey



let my muse permeate you

cache of anecdote


perpetual rain

embellish my repertoire

it is not until


©AvdL 2010

32 Responses to “SATURDAY MUSE”

  1. Anecdote and antidote … such a healing thing it is …
    The poem feels like rain, Amanda, the drain that is welcomed by the parched earth below. Lovely … Happy Saturday! Have fun …

  2. Well Amanda…I’m still working my way through Friday…our gray skies have cleared and we’re back to summer like temperatures for at least another week…but when the gray returns I can always find a bright spot in my day by reading your post. Have a great day my friend.

  3. Fantastic use of haiku, Amanda. The trio flow so well together, yet they each have their own identity…I find them very relaxing; much like the rain. I’m a big fan of Dido, and you chose one of my favorite songs. Trifecta 🙂

  4. Amanda, this is so refreshing.. so healing.. very sweetly done- Magical..
    I am surprised though- I couldn’t find you in TPR this week..:(

    Love you heaps and loads..xoxoxox

  5. Beautiful song for my weekend.. xoxox

  6. haiku made lyrical… your words always touch the core of my soul, mandy. enjoy your weekend!

  7. Oh, how I wish it would rain …
    Three lovely pieces, Amanda.
    Happy Saturday night to you.

  8. At last a little rain – not really enough to count, but it is good to start slowly (as with many things!). Lovely writing, Amanda. Have a relaxing weekend, my friend! xxx

  9. fantastic picture and fabulous combination.

    wonderful poem. i dont like rainy mornings, i love to see sunshine when i look out of the window for the first time.

  10. “let my muse permeate you”

    A very original phrase!! Awesome!

  11. Mysterious and enchanting Haiku, tangerine, grey, perpetual… camouflage. This one makes me ponder. Thank you for a lovely work of art. Blessings to you, Amanda…

  12. very enjoyable piece…
    the art on top is always stunning.

  13. Cool! Wanna see my site? It’s at
    I have art, prose, and poetry there.

  14. Grey is after all a colour, though we try to deny it that status, calling it drab (for one)… It’s raining here too, and really quite pleasant. Love the haiku – “let my muse permeate you…” awesome. Perfect musical accompaniment as always.

  15. Beautiful words my friend sometimes a muse is hard to find

  16. Beautiful, Amanda!! Wonderful to find a few moments to indulge in your gorgeous posts again 🙂

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