Angels Fly



alone in the shadows

of eternal stillness

on my journey of life

in  fragile dreams

stretched out forever

in the light of angels

as they gently whisper

I search for answers

beneath and beyond

 Utopia of hope

a moment in time

as I spread my wings

and begin to fly


©AvdL 2010



52 Responses to “Angels Fly”

  1. This is such a beautiful dreams that you share with us…one filled with hope…loved it.

  2. This piece makes me feel at peace inside…thanks for sharing and as always I love ur work

  3. This is a beautiful, sensitive poem, Amanda, and I can relate so well to the ‘searching for answers”… Thank you so much for this post, my friend!

  4. betweenhearts75 Says:

    So lovely Amanda, you always have a way of setting my heart to flight, and could not resist stopping by, before I fly to dreams. Much love to you dear!!! Beautiful!!! 🙂 ~April ♥

  5. I sense the flight is one of necessity, not one that is cherished because it is with the loved one. Hopefully, it’s to the loved one. With love to you.

  6. I am in awe of the picture you have used xxx

  7. Hope, peace and courage…..a beautiful poem xx

  8. A lovely, calming, and hopeful piece. I enjoyed this.

  9. So calm and soothing..I feel like I have wings right Now to fly…thanks for sharing and thanks for stopping by on my webpage, also..enjoy and Happy Tuesday as well(+)

  10. This relaxes one amidst the turmoil of daily life & strife …

  11. Alone in the shadows of eternal stillness… Lovely beginning to your verse, Amanda. Thoughtful words of longing and searching for answers to the complexities in life’s journey. Another artfully constructed trio of media. Thank you for sharing and blessings to you…xxoo

  12. amazing job!
    every time I come, every time you impress me with another award winning piece.
    thanks for the cool poetry.
    Happy Tuesday!

  13. We should all learn how to listen to those ‘little voices’ that whisper bits of wisdom for our benefit.

  14. this is so pretty. the picture and the poem. the sweet whispering of angels, even the thought soothes the heart.

  15. Gorgeous poem, Amanda…dreamlike and poignant, the more I read it the more it expands in my mind, taking me in different directions. Well done 🙂 The image is stunning, I really like it. And the song, of course, is a perfect addition. Trifecta Perfecta!

  16. A little whispered encouragement from angels teaches us to fly – I thank you always for your encouragement!

  17. Loved the tension of the poem. Everything feels like that moment before you jump off a high-dive board; exhilarating and somewhat frightening. Good jog manipulating your word choice to maintain the tension with strong reference points sprinkled throughout. Very tense; very enjoyable. Thanks for posting, loved reading it.

  18. Beautiful…so beautiful.. the poem,the song,the photos, the words…the line “we are each of us angels but only with one wing; we must fly embracing each other,” is my all-time favorite introduced to me first by one of my daughters…I have always been wishing for my wings, but then I knew it would happen sooner when I heard this, because one would be easier to get than two… anyway it will be much more fun to fly next to someone…want to be my flying partner? Thank you for sharing this…it really brightened my day! Oh, by the way I nominate you for the perfect poet award, with all my love. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxHeartspell

    • I will be so happy to be your flying partner my dear friend, your message here’s so very special to me and touched my heart. I have also been wishing for my wings for a long time now and you’re right, flying next to someone would be much easier. So wish you liver closer…but in spirit we can meet somewhere on a cloud and fly together? Thanks again for the nomination my friend…I send you soooooo much love…:) 🙂 🙂 Hugs xxxxx

  19. A moment in time ah…but what a moment. The verge of flying can be both scary and… Exciting. Beautiful poem Buttercup!

  20. wow– just lovely. resonates with me alot at this moment. thanks.

  21. kelleygrrl Says:

    How beautiful…feels like I’m flying when I read it!

  22. Beautiful! I love the concept of beginning to fly 🙂

  23. ‘eternal stillness’….this arouses volumes of thought. Good write and I really dig the picture. Great match.

  24. You are the angel, Amanda!

  25. Fly, sweet angel. Thanks for a poem of hope and all is right with the Universe. xx

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