I just could not keep this to myself…for weeks I have been waiting for a certain parcel to arrive from someone VERY special in South Africa…from experience I know that it can take forever and every single day I have been listening if the “Postie” on his scooter would actually slow down and stop….about 2 hours ago, as I was talking on the phone, I heard a knock on the door, instinctively knowing what it was all about!!

My day is filled with the brightest of sunshine, as this is the best present I could ever wish for!!  I am smiling from ear to ear and thank YOU, young Lady, for making me smile and so very happy.  From the very beginning I knew you where very special…and forever you have that special place in my heart…thank you so much!!

I have a notice board in my kitchen where I keep everything that’s very important and dear to me…know that your place is set forever dear one..give hugs to your Mom 🙂 

Dedicated to ONE very SPECIAL Princess…GIVE YOURSELF CREDIT 🙂  I love you Chelsea and Cindy 🙂 oxoxoxox

28 Responses to “TO A PRINCESS”

  1. Thank you for sharing this, she wouldn’t let me see it 🙂
    And now she’s going to be all big-headed that you’ve blogged about it, there will just be no way of living with her *giggles*
    love you

  2. A very gorgeous addition to your noticeboard indeed!

  3. Somehow as soon as I saw the collages, I knew this was going to be about Cindy’s daughter. How lovely that she did this and so independently designed and sent. A great addition to make your home even more homey. And clearly the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree. She has her mom’s artful eye.

    Congratulations on a fine gift.

    Hugs all around.

  4. well, thank the princess on my behalf too for making my friend so happy.

  5. I am glad that you received what you were waiting for. Blessings to you, Amanda!…

  6. That is such a wonderful gesture from Chelsea – what a really sweet thought… Cindy must be very proud of her! xxx 😀

  7. Beautiful, really beautiful. Thank you for sharing your gift here. And that young lady is some talented…

  8. lifeinarecipe Says:


  9. Hallo there….lucky you….what Ilike about such a situation of waiting is the anticipation… take care now you hear…….huggs my friend…

  10. I wanted to add…the ballerina is stunning!!!!!!….I haven`t been for a while…that is a shame….

  11. Ah…took me a few minutes to figure out the connection…must admit that’s the first Lady GaGa song I listen to…most interesting. 😉

  12. Buttercup I thank you for your visits and I have put you on my Awesome Authors worth reading list. Have a great evening or day which ever your case may be!

  13. Wow…I can imagine…much love to you, Mandy!


  14. listened to the song, she is hot, young, daring, and talented..

    dog, men, ocean, water fountain, music, love, and dances…
    these together form magic.

    Glad to see you smile,
    well deserved gift from Cindy and her lovely girl…

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