Unwritten (One Shot Wednesday)



constant taunting stars

eternally shining above

meander in this barren land

inquiring  where my heart is

trying to find a hollow tree

flawless and untouched

new home to my memories

I bend and grasp my soul

no more turning to dust

rising from my ashes

as the phoenix rises

prevailing my own race

pursuing  the vague

trail of the moon


©AvdL 2010



92 Responses to “Unwritten (One Shot Wednesday)”

  1. Mysterious and intriguing words and image and video…pursuing the vague trail of the moon… If. Unwritten. These are some of the clues that would lead the reader to an answer to where the heart is. Find the hollow tree, flawless and untouched…Getting closer…Thank you for sharing your art, Amanda. Blessings to you always…

    • Sounds like this might be a hard one my friend…what I meant is that all the sadness and sorrow from the past, will be buried in the hollow tree…and I will rise from the ashes and pursue happiness…following the trail of the moon…which can be sometimes bright…sometimes dark…but I will follow!! Crazy thoughts I have I know…thanks for being here Carol 🙂 xxx

      • Mystery solved… And so beautifully. I like it even more now that I understand it perfectly. I am reading it again with the author’s enlightenment. What a beautiful message, Amanda. Yes, it was difficult for me, but now I see. Thank ;you for explaining.

  2. Very captivating, clever girl.
    Much love xxx

  3. alleenloper Says:

    Strangely, I understand this.

  4. Stunning. Real depth here.

  5. Wonderful words.xx

  6. Very nice, Amanda. I love the hollow tree for your memories… Time now to look to the future… Lovely writing. xxx

  7. A very pretty poem, Amanda…that Phoenix is a wonderful bird, I’ll be keeping my eye on here 😉

  8. I just loved it Amanda. Its so my type of poem. I too dont believe in giving in and giving up. No way.

    lots and lots of love.

  9. Amanda….you have a touch of very special talent that communicates with my soul….I love your work and stand in awe….stunning !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!….sjeesh mens…..dis wonderlik….

  10. I also thought it was a journey to the soul, but beautiful words, images, and intent as well.

  11. Most enigmatic, you talented one! Have a beautiful weekend 🙂

  12. Phoenix oh phoenix! Wherefor art thou phoenix? I think it just left me behind! 😛

    Love this poem, Amanda. 🙂

  13. Sooner or later we all have to follow the moon – willingly, I mean, as opposed to being dragged around by our heels. 🙂 Love the hollow tree as a repository for memory.

  14. Very engaging and suggestive. I am going to have to spend some time with this one. – bill

    • I actually thought many would say that my friend….my life’s a bit busy this time of year (at the office) but promise to be back in no time again!! ) Biggest hugs xxx

  15. Hiya Amanda. Thought I better come over and say thx in person for your visit to my page.
    I’m so busy with my postgraduate work right now that I have had no time for blogging and visiting. The poetry rallies were fun but too demanding of my time. I may return now and then for them, but I will try and visit more regularly. Your posts are always so immaculate, Amanda, I bet you are always superbly dressed and made-up, and your house is just perfect – am I wrong??? LOL
    When I read the word ‘phoenix’ in this poem I immediately thought of The Chilean miners…what an escape!!
    Anyway, I will probs move back to a free wordpress site soon, so I will keep in contact with you, I promise!
    Love and hugs to you,

    • You have nailed it so well girlfriend hehehehehe….so happy to see you here again, truly missed you…my life’s a bit busy this time of year (at the office) but promise to be back in no time again!! ) Biggest hugs xxx

  16. I tend to think of the stars as friends, so I’m not sure about the “taunting” part…but I like the sentiment of this piece 🙂

  17. Rising like a phoenix is never a bad idea…at least everyone will clear the area for you!…smile you deserve it and it doesn’t cost a thing.

    • So happy with your always kind and sweet comments my friend ….my life’s a bit busy this time of year (at the office) but promise to be back in no time again!! ) Biggest hugs xxx

  18. An enthralling poem and image….it’s the fourth time I’ve read through it.

  19. You’ve done a great poem here.
    And i love that song

  20. love the uplifting spirits…
    magical transformation never disappoints.
    fabulous poem!

  21. What a beauty poem, 🙂
    I enjoyed every word!
    Peace to you, Buttercup

  22. No more turning to dust—ahhhhh! Wonderful!

  23. Powerful!…the thoughts of the phoenix brings me some super energy.

    Have a beautiful eve,


  24. thoughtsnotlost Says:

    Magical, your writing always captivates me my friend.

  25. Well crafted:) I like the beginning a lot:)

    • Thanks Mark, my life’s a bit busy this time of year (at the office) but promise to be back in no time again!! ) Biggest hugs xxx…know that I always read your work xxx

  26. What a powerful image..!! Powerful words- phoenix is!!
    Damn neat My Dear.. xoxox

  27. Another captivating poem which stirs the soul 😀 Thanks Amanda! xx

  28. it brought to mind the travels of the indians …the trail of tears that one…wonderfully captivating write…nice one shot!

  29. Great poem, especially loved the last two lines!

  30. Adore the straightforward simplicity of the poem’s plot and picture-words. Excellent stuff.

  31. new beginnings are always good!!

    superb one shot!

  32. That was very clever, Amanda. Quick pace I found. An excellent One Shot, my friend. hugs

  33. betweenhearts75 Says:

    Very beautiful Amanda, as always your words carry sweetly, “persuing the vague trail of the moon ” ~ yet it still persues…excellent OneShot sweetie! xoxox ~April 🙂

  34. Very elevated – your words, of course, triggered excursions to other work – Eliot, Yeats, Frost all seem to meld into the images you cry out to the universe. Thanks, @beachanny

  35. moondustwriter Says:

    The second phoenix of the day

    that rising out of the past or hoping for a better tomorrow – it’s what keeps us from getting bogged down

    a lovely One Shot

    Thanks from the Moon

  36. I love the “No, I will not give in!” that I read between the lines in your poem.
    Like this very much, Amanda. xoxo

  37. signed .............bkm Says:

    pursing the vague trailing of the moon…nice ending…bkm

  38. One to read more than once. 🙂

  39. Inquiring where my heart is — what a beautiful way of putting this sentiment!

  40. I enjoyed the imagery in your words and loved the first line ‘constant taunting stars’.

  41. this was a great share, it flowed with the image seamlessly..cheers pete

  42. The vividness of the this verse is perfect and i Liked it so much …thanks for sharing.. the image attached is so great …

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter: @VerseEveryDay
    Blog: http://shadowdancingwithmind.blogspot.com/

  43. inquiring where my heart is…new home for my memories…strong lines..hopeful lines…i also like the picture – underlines the words perfectly..great one shot amanda..really enjoyed the read

  44. Neat One Shot, Buttercup.

  45. mommylebron Says:

    Wow, this was beautiful and so visually inciting!
    “no more turning to dust

    rising from my ashes”

    This one of the greatest and most rewarding struggles of life. To realize we’ve hit the depths of our own ‘rock bottom’ and then we begin the arduous yet fulfilling journey back up!

  46. Love the “pursuing the vague trail of the moon” — it’s a unique take and lovely One Shot!

  47. beautiful!

    “pursuing the vague
    trail of the moon”

    I loved that!

  48. “the vague trail of the moon” such an atmospheric line– love it!

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