These Red Shoes



I almost died today (*)

acquiring these red shoes

there is something about them


being in the presence

of these red shoes

makes me incredibly happy

it’s maddening, I know

I could weep poetries

about their beauty

their allure

their passion

their mystery


there is something about

these red shoes

yes, there is

 In case you’re wondering…I’ve had the most relaxing weekend, could not resist the above (and thought about you so much Cindy)

Enjoy your Sunday my dear friends xxxx (I’ll be back tomorrow)

Inspired by my friend etheriel


56 Responses to “These Red Shoes”

  1. Be still my beating heart …

    Love you 🙂

  2. Bwahaha, I admit they are very fetching, but really… Nice one, Amanda! xxx

  3. Sexy shoes, Buttercup. Put your tootsies in them and snap a pic!

  4. a gorgeous poetry for a gorgeous pair of shoes. 🙂
    just lovely.

  5. shubho bijoyadashami (happy vijayadashami)!

  6. Awesome red shoes – enjoy! I loved these lines:

    I could weep poetries
    about their beauty
    their allure
    their passion
    their mystery

  7. Sexy shoes! They are beautiful and so are you! I didn’t get to hear the song or I would have listened. There was a message that said my country was blocked for copyright issues. Just letting you know. I’m sure it added to your delightful verse and gorgeous red shoes. Glad to hear you are enjoying your weekend! Blessings to you, Amanda…

  8. I can see why you had to have them… they are so perfect and who doesn’t love red shoes? It was a good day to indulge! 🙂 xoxoxoxoxoxo Heartspell

    • Amanda, do you know where Kavita has been? I’ve been checking her blog for some time, but I don’t see anything new…just concerned and thought you might know…Heartspell

      • She will be back after the 19th (later this week) her parents in law from India’s visiting….and she can’t wait to be back either…I am very busy too until the end of month but promise to be back to normal then 🙂 Biggerst hugs my friend xxxx and sooooo much love oxoxoxoxoxox

  9. Nice one. Has some really good lines in it 🙂

  10. “I could weep poetries” … I loved, loved this line!!!!

    By the way … the shoes are FIERCE!

    Best wishes to you, my friend. Take care …


  11. Sweet poem! Especially like “I could weep poetries” – wonderful line! I’m a guy [said in a deep voice flexing arms] so I don’t get women’s love of shoes, but some feelings even about “things” are universal

  12. What is it about red shoes…it’s not that Wizard of Oz thing is it?

  13. Before I even read the poem I said to myself…”those are some sexy shoes!”

  14. Oh, I am so pea green with envy of your red shoes. Could not walk in such anymore … but just love this photo and poem. Enjoy the shoes. Glad you had a great day. I think I’ll get a pair of red shoe laces for my walking shoes! Compromise is the essence of life. LOL!

    Great fun, Amanda. Thanks! 🙂 xx

  15. Indeed beautiful red shoes..!!
    Just the straps themselves would make any dame a divine damsel ..!! LOLsss
    Pretty shoes and equally lovely poem to read..

    My weekend was so crazy (read: invites)!! I have not rested since last 8 days.. till yesterday afternoon..!! poetry, potluck, poems… wowie, I had to ask God to keep me busy!! :-/

    hahaha- now all refreshed and charged up again- you have done a wonderful job at the Potluck again My Girlfriend.. XXX- smack- this is a big one for Poetry Potluck Post..

    The regulars now- xoxoxox

    • Thanks so much for helping us out Olivia, I have a meeting tonight and can only start reading in the morning or very late tonight…but we will get there 🙂 Crazy time of year for me as everyone screams their head off for last minute orders…please bear with me and I promise it will all be fine very soon again. Love you for the help Olivia…big hugs xxx

    • I am addicted to shoes…red ones that is 🙂 xxx

      • Sweetheart, I would have done that even if you had not said it here.. I hope you know what I mean- I am reading the response after 3 days here- LOLsss A slacking me- grrr

        It was kind of fun to be around Potluck- I had heaps of thrills- Honestly, I couldn’t have asked for a better start of the week- I missed the 2 of you for sure- then again, I was loving all the attention.. hehehe

        Be assured girlfriend- I am always around- no matter what- you can lean on me anytime for any stretch of hours- in continuation.. 😀

        mwaaaahs- xoxox

      • You are awesome my friend…and know that I am always around too…just sometimes not so much as normal…but it’s all good. Have a good day and know you’re loved xxxxxxx

      • Shoes..
        Lacy Ribbons..
        Tellme more- make me fret.. 😀 xx

      • I get heart pulpitations just looking at them….let’s dance tra la la la xxxx

  16. Yes, those red shoes did make me think of Cindy.

  17. I love that you can write poetry about shoes and your passion for them! They look great! I wonder if a girl’s best friend really is diamonds sometimes? Although perhaps diamonds could be traded in…for more shoes! Hope you had a great weekend xx

  18. I’m a sucker for cute shoes, Amanda. These are stunningly sexy!

    I don’t know if I could walk in them for very long though… 🙂

  19. They’re beautiful and it’s a big plus that they are comfy too!

    I normally wouldn’t solicit you to read any of my poetry, but I think you will get a kick out of my poem dedicated to Halloween. Being a shoe girl–I think you’ll appreciate it. It’s called Midnight’s Tea.

    Big hug back to you! 🙂

  20. ladynimue Says:

    grt beauty !!! 🙂

  21. I looove this! A couple of days ago I visited a friend and tried on her red glittery flat shoes, and i share the same emotions you told in your poem, Mandy 😀 The color, the glitters, it’s otherworldly 🙂

    A very fine tribute to the feminine in all of us, great work, Mandy 🙂

    • What is it about red shoes….I don’t have words to describe it…I feel like a princess when I wear RED shoes!! So happy you enjoyed the little poem too, emotions run wild with me when it comes to shoes…nothing compares…EVER!!!! From one girlie girl to another….have a great week my dear friend. Mwah xxxx

  22. Utterly delightful, Amanda! Fabulous that you indulged – go girl!!

  23. Red is the best color for shoes– they go w/ everything! I wear them whenever possible. Really, when did you ever see someone in red shoes that did not look better of for it!

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