LUST ~ (Monday Potluck)


Impressions of you

my emotions run wild

like mortal remains

a victim to my lust

insatiable desires

burning like the sun

with carnal instinct

possessed by this poison

devouring me from within

and I caress the remnants

of my decomposed emotions

for this is just fantasy



I must


©AvdL 2010

The theme at Poetry-Potluck  this week is 7 DEADLY SINS…my poem is pure fiction! I’m  running on all cylinders still till the end of October..promise to be back to normal soon ….xxxx

119 Responses to “LUST ~ (Monday Potluck)”

  1. Perfect poem and perfect for the theme. I love it … and the whole package. Thanks! And thanks for your work on potluck, Amanda! Happy nibbles… Hugs! xx

  2. Excellent illustration for the poem. So true too. Lust can destroy us from within, unless we learn to control it! Wonderful poem, Amanda!!! xxx

  3. What a poem Mandies.. Really powerful!! Image equally captivating.. The number- oh very well complimenting.. This is just as perfect it could be..
    Lust….!!! hmmmm
    May I say it’s the Perfect Dish..??
    Great work Amanda- xoxox

  4. Sjoe, steamy; well done Girlfriend 😀

  5. Your poetry always takes me on a wonderful journey. Lust…it’s almost impossible to not give in to at times. I loved – “lust
    I must”

  6. ….SJOEEEEEWIEEE!!!!…baie goed gedoen… deel van die lewe van ons almal…

  7. so this week’s topic is “seven deadly sins”, you guys sure create marvellous topics.

    I will try it for sure, later. 🙂

    A very perfect picturisation of lust or may be very deep passion. When i think of lust the first picture that comes to my mind is gollum of “Lord of the rings”.

  8. lisaboyle4u Says:

    Gr8 one.

  9. lust you must- that is sexy!

  10. love the last line xxx

  11. Great poem. Simply beautiful.

  12. Yes, lust you must! That perfectly captured the sense of urgency inherent in lust.

    You know, Buttercup, you’ve gotta stop writing stuff about me like this… it’s a little embarrassing. 😉

  13. The serpent writhing startled me for a moment! Very impressive! The words in the verse match the image and bring it to life even more! The video also adds to the mood you created. You are an artist, my friend. Blessings to you…

  14. excellent poem for this theme!

  15. Wow, this is a very good piece for the theme! Awesome work! Love the picture too, I can stare at it for hours at end 🙂

    Apologies for not visiting for so long. Internet connection at home is terrible and I’ve been very bogged down with work at office.

  16. powerful sin poem,
    the snake makes me jump, but I know it is visual, thanks for the rocking talent.

  17. Great poem, and I love the snake at the top!

  18. Wow..what an excellent poem…but did I mention I don’t like snakes.

  19. Jessicas Japes Says:

    Just a fantasy? Oh yeah….I believe you, Amanda.
    That image has to go tho, it gives me the creeps!!!
    Powerful poem as always, girl.

  20. thoughtsnotlost Says:

    “Lust I must”…well done my “sinful” friend…haha.

  21. you have drawn a fantastic picture with words as always amanda!

  22. Lust is one of those sins which doesn’t necessarily have to be tied to carnal desires, you’ve captured well though the epitome of lust.

  23. wow..this poem makes lust feel so cool…Nicely done!


  24. Lust can certainly decompose ones emotions..if it takes a hold of you! Excellent poem, although I HATE snakes! Grrr xx

  25. Awesome! Love the concluding lines: BUT / lust / I must – and really, where would we all be if not for this so-called sin?? The pic is well-done, but to me, scary…

  26. Wow..the image and the words are amazing. You are hot, girl.

  27. Excellent poem and the snake adds to the flavor. Fascination with snakes, fascination with lust. I’ve done several reads. Way to go.

  28. Yep, I could feel the lust! That snake “slithering” all the while was a great touch too.

    Gayle xoxo

  29. lust I must indeed. Who said that was a sin? Sexually repressed Catholics in the Dark Ages…

    Nice one my friend… realy enjoy yr potluck Amanda (or can I call you Mandy by now 😉

    Warmest Salad

    Luke xx

  30. Doesn’t look like you really need my comment – it’s been said already – love the build-up and the crescendo of the last lines. Woowhooo, Amanda.

  31. What a red hot woman filled with fire you are! great poem for the potluck!

  32. Excellent poem on lust. It is perfect for this week’s theme, and it is a good reminder that we really do give up our emotions when lust is present.

    Mine are here.

  33. Amanda! I need a cigarette and a martini, baby! LOL. Great poem!


  34. Spicy! Very naughty little homage to the theme–and a great submission for the potluck. Wonderful poem, you’ve certainly captured the feeling–and it’s one we can all know well ;).

    I must”

    So true.

  35. “…I caress the remnants of my decomposed emotions.” – Brilliant!

    Your words are always a gift and you always seem to find the coolest images and pair them with tasteful and appropriate vidoes.


  36. Well done, Amanda…very evocative, the poem is very well written from beginning to end…Lust is indeed a deadly sin, but one usually dies happy 🙂

  37. Yeah, I am right there with you on the lust :). How have you been my lovely friend? I have an award for you:

  38. Stunning to view and to read..I’m hypnotized by this poem..full of true yearning…

  39. Oh, what a steamy poem.
    Nicely done to the prompt.

  40. I love the poem. That’s exactly how lust works. I try not to let my flesh and humanity speak louder than it should. It’s hard, but I think freedom’s got a lot to do with being masters of our desires.

  41. Oooooo, I like this alot!! fabulous job buttercup! that pic is so very cool too 🙂 Bravo!!

  42. Marvelous! I can feel the lust and its power, the raw underbelly of great energy! The picture of a coiled serpent around what it loves sells this piece as well! Thanks for sharing!

  43. mandy, no one else can write as passionately as you… and this piece is the best so far!

  44. Oh, my, Mandy! You’ve done it again.
    I always get a kick out of reading and seeing your posts.
    Lust appears to be the most popular of the 7 chosen sins.
    I’m getting the feeling that yours could be the deadly one. 😉 UT

  45. penelopephoebe Says:

    A perfect poem and such attention to detail with the whole concept deserve the accolades you are accumulating here. Brava!

  46. But
    I Must


  47. I always enjoy your work. This time is no different.
    There is much truth in your beautifully crafted words.
    Peace to you and yours,
    (my posts for potluck)

  48. So powerful! Love it! This theme seems to be churning out some great poems 😀

  49. But Lust.. I must.. I liked the ending very much.. well said..

  50. A true temptation for all of us.. great word play Amanda, love the poem, picture and song 🙂

    well done, dear xoxo

  51. DiamondsAndDogs Says:

    Loved this. Lust on …

  52. May be fiction, but the silent laugh at the end was definitely yours!

  53. “Lust I Must”!! You little vixen, Amanda! Love how you let your little impish side come out and play at the end. Also, the uber-sensual undulating snake graphic at the top set the mood.

    But the poem stands on its own. Congrats, good work!
    Amy BL

    • Thanks Amy, your comment made my smile….loved the little vixen LOLOL…glad you enjoyed the read, not an easy topic to write about but once I started, I could not stop LOL. Have a good day my dear friend …big hugs xxx

  54. Brilliant…Powerful…Awesome Image!!! You are phenomenal, Amanda!

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