Eyes – Windows of your soul



We spend large chunks of our busy days with our minds far away from where our bodies are.

Rushing toward the next moment, this present moment passes us by. And it will not come again.

Often this means that we are ”too busy” to look at people-even at the people we love.

 Even when we are sharing good news,we frequently do this without making real contact.

Yes it’s the contact we make that keeps our relationships alive.

Make it a habit to look at the people you love when you talk to them or when they are trying to talk to you.

Send love through your eyes.

Celebrate and enjoy moments of closeness.

The eyes truly are the windows of the soul.

We can give so much love to another person through a simple glance.

We can let someone know that they are loved or understood or value without a single word being spoken.

Why don’t you do it TODAY.


I am attending a seminar for the next two days and might not be able to write but will visit you if I can  🙂  Take care and I send you lots of love xx


Stephanie Dowrick.


68 Responses to “Eyes – Windows of your soul”

  1. so very beautiful and true. you have a lovely insight in human nature. eyes are the window to our soul. I firmly believe it.

    i share your feelings- to always find out some time for loved ones.

  2. divine….wisdom through eyes….

    eyes are windows to soul and oneness of vision opens the main door to God….

    Human eyes are hallmark of God’s grace.


    love all..

  3. Amanda, thank you for this reminder. When I take the time to look into people’s eyes, I have a strong sense of having been away. Where have I been?! What have I missed?

    And I notice how few take the time to reciprocate.

    I will look anyway.

    I love this posting. Big hug to you.

    • So very well said Amy, to me time and eye contact’s so very important…we need to make more time for what’s rally important in life!! Big hugs right back..have a seminar but will be reading yours over the weekend xoxoxox

  4. Lovely post, Amanda, and how true it is. The moments fly by and we can’t recapture them… Go well, my friend. xxx

  5. So much wisdom in your words. We need to stop and look at people when we speak, engaging them in conversation, letting them know we care. Thank you for sharing and enjoy your seminar. Blessing to you, Amanda…

  6. So wisely said, beautiful one! Have a fabulous seminar, xo

  7. True dat…preach on, Mandy…you rock.


  8. Your creations are magnetic.

    I feel like remaining submersed in situations and fantasies you stir in my mind.

    Thanks for the visit.

    I have read all your pices till lust, not seen the videos yet.

    Real masmarising, I really envy the man you are married to.

    Have a nice day.

  9. Yes true, I don’t even remember what colour dress my mom was wearing this morning when I left home. Thanks for such reminder posts.

  10. Funny thing is, we end up giving most of our time and attention to the things that don;t last, and bypass the things that do, like our relationships. Thanks for this. – bill

  11. I always see you, Buttercup.

    Why do you fill me up
    buttercup, baby
    just to let me down
    and mess me around

    And then, worst of all
    you never call, baby
    when you say you will
    But I love you still

  12. agree,

    aptly said.

  13. Contact is everything. This is a lovely reminder. Thank you.

  14. The eyes are the most expressive feature of our face, and you are very right, sometimes a glance is enough to tell someone you love them, or make their day. Very inspiring post!

  15. Send love through your eyes…. I adore this line…. so heartfelt…. so true… these are beautiful words of advice for the whole wide world. I loved the soul-touching music you picked for that visual candy-to-the-eyes presentation… it moved me with its sweetness, sensuality, nature-hugging, beauty….ahhhh…. thanks ever so much for sharing…. I will have to watch it again. 🙂 Cheers to you ! xoxoxoxoxoxoxolove you, my dear friend… Heartspell

  16. Such wonderful advise…hope your seminar is enjoyable…have a great day.

  17. lovely one amanda 😀
    hope you have a lovely time at the workshop
    will miss you please come back soon 😀

  18. Ooh, those sparkly eyes… So true, your words. And I am getting better at it as I go about my days.

    Send love through your eyes. Yes. Lips can pretend, but eyes will tell you the truth of it.

  19. My windows need washing… or rather, new glass.

  20. Amanda, you are just a beacon of Love and positive energy. The world and especially our little poetic piece of it is better because of you.
    There is so much value in listening to each other, and yes, it begins with looking at and connecting with the person you are with…being totally in the moment! It drives me crazy when people “half listen”…I often say to them…”Stop using my time talking thinking about what you’re gonna say next.”
    Your first line about how our minds are far from our bodies reminds me of the famous John Lennon quote: “Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.”

    Be well my dear…xoxo

    • Aww Giovanni, your words have melt my heart, thanks so much for these kind and sweet words. I cannot agree with you more…it actually hurt my feelings when I see someone not really listening or taking part in our conversation…I am very much a touch and eye contact person and will remember your saying .…”Stop using my time talking thinking about what you’re gonna say next.” just awesome!!! The quote of John Lennon’s one of my favourites!! You be well today and always my dear friend…I send you big hugs xxx

  21. And you are all about eyes, Ms B! Have a great seminar!

  22. That is so true. I often feel myself rushing and missing precious moments. Although I suppose every moment is precious. thank you for reminding me to see with love.

  23. You do have an excellent point too often do we try to avoid eye contact to not have to give a piece of ourselves with our words. I tend to think the habit follows us home too. Awesome buttercup! I will take this advise to heart. So here’s looking at you! 🙂

  24. Do it today! Yes. Perfect poem. Perfect sentiment. Thank you for this. The illustration is quite riveting. 🙂

    Hugs! xxx

  25. spiritteacher Says:

    WINDOWS OF THE SOUL speaks the truth. We need to keep our minds where our moment is in order to really live. Thank you for this powerful message. Peace, Sharie

  26. Hey, Buttercup! I’m still in the process of moving, but I just wanted to say beautifully written with a beautiful message :3

  27. DiamondsAndDogs Says:

    So true … I loved this. My favorite line is “Rushing toward the next moment, this present moment passes us by. And it will not come again.” We miss so much trying to get to the next moment.

    Best wishes and much love…

    • Thanks my dearest friend…what you’ve said’s so very true…we don’t make enought time for each other. I hope you had a wonderful weekend and send you lots of love xxx

  28. I so very much agree with you. We need to cherish the ones we love and cherish the close contact and time we have with them. Beautiful 🙂 be safe on your trip.

  29. Your eyes are notorious.
    Make them peep in my eyes too

  30. lifeinarecipe Says:

    Wise words. Today with cell phones and computers communicating eye to eye is not so easy now.

  31. I loved the pic you used in this post. they are truly iluminated. there is something mysterious yet charming in them.

    your choice of pic is as exquisite as your poems.

  32. Jessicas Japes Says:

    Love the image! And the message here!

  33. What a beautiful sentiment and wonderful advice for us all, Amanda. It’s so important to slow down and really appreciate the people we love. We tend to forget how fleeting life can be. xoxo

  34. I am in total agreement! You said it beautifully!

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