My friends, you might have noticed that I’ve not been around for a couple of days…apart from the fact that business has been very demanding this time of year,  my current situation compels me to not post on a daily basis like I have been for the last 7 months….I’m not disappearing completely…… I will continue to respond to comments made on all entries ………talk to ALL OF YOU, read your blog daily and  still post regularly…just not on a daily basis.  It has taken me a while to work this out, I have been on a spiritual journey…a lot has been happening in my life over the last 2 years and I know that I have grown and moved forward a lot.  This place, right here, with all of you, has given me so much …you have opened my eyes to so many things that I thought was not possible for a long time…..and I want to thank each and every single one of you for the part YOU have played on this journey.

All I know TODAY…is that I have a life to explore…one I want to embrace with everything inside of me….Wayne Dyer said….”Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal. Live this day as if it were your last. The past is over and gone. The future is not guaranteed.”…this is how I want to live….one day at a time…but with all of my heart and all the passion I have inside of me…..I send all of you so much love…always 🙂

On a lighter note…I’ll share with you my Sunday morning….(many of you might know that I live on the water and not at all hard to catch fresh seafood)…Late last night I’ve put the crab pots out…..when I woke this morning…….

Now who can argue that there’s not many a thing that can beat a brunch like this….

Crab omelette with Veuve Clicquot (and can have this all by yourself:)

Pottering in my garden (my favourite thing)

Ending the day with a platter and good friends…..

Love from Downunder…have a happy weekend..see you for Monday Potluck my dearest friends oxoxoxox  

54 Responses to “Downunder”

  1. What a beautiful Sunday all round…makes me hungry for food and sun 😉

  2. I understand completely. xxx

    ps: no fair to brag about crabs on your doorstep …

  3. carpe diem! life is too short. Enjoy every moment of it. Hugs and Kisses T

  4. There’s only way way to Live: NOW!

    Congratulations, Amanda.

    Peace and Hugs!
    Jamie xoxox

  5. I know what you’re saying! xx

  6. Amanda, if this means that you are in decision mode or some such pivotal point in your life, I cheer you on. I know this much about you – it will be an inside job! The only way we can turn corners is to be in motion.

    Many blessings as you do whatever it is that you need to do.

  7. I understand so well, Amanda. Much love and take care, my friend. xxx

  8. Take care Amanda! Sending lot of hugs and loves over to you from Singapore^^~ =D~

  9. I have been missing your daily post very much. You are such a beautiful presence in all our lives.

    just stay with us, dont run away completely. when friends go away they are missed very much. they leave a void inside our heart.

    have a lovely sunday.


    • Aww my friend, I will never go away totally, each and every one of you mean toooo much to me and have a special place in my heart. Thanks for those kindest words. I send you sooo much love across the ocean oxoxoxox

  10. divine…….there is a shift from ritual living to spiritual living….. science has given time and ability to communicate inside…and communicate outside..

    outer communication is easy and flooded with communications from body level or logical intelligence…..there are some at the heart level….still few from soul level….many quote from enlightened masters from past…but many time it is not suit to our modern times…

    happiness of being or oneness is the only purpose to spend our invaluable life …..a chance to be ordinary to be extra ordinary…

    we eat different foods but our body makes blood only from all kind of food
    so all our senses should only make happiness out of every thing one do..

    write for your own silence and happiness….till one wants to see value in other’s eyes…one remains poor…..when you become valuable in your own eyes…..every breath becomes prayer of God….and worship of work is spiritual living…..

    with good luck ….and,,,,,in a hope of master piece of eternal writing from you..

    god bless you…

    love all

  11. wowow- bruch…slurrrp
    Good Amanda you posted it- I had practically started wondering about your disappearance.. I know it (and I mean it)
    The only way to survive is to LIVE and NOW..
    I am so happy for you- I’ll miss you- don’t you hibernate.. 😀

    I consider you way too special- so you better be around- or else- LOLsss
    Loads of Love Mandies- xxxxx

    pssst: anytime any spiritual message is not decipherable you know who to discuss it with.. On a more serious note- I would love to read about those.. It’s like discovering your own “beautiful” self.. Keep that up- see you at the Potluck.. Dare you leave that.. 😛

    I guess now I am being a little over- bearing here- blame my VoDkA!!! hehehe

    Loads of Lovies My Dear.. Super Hugs and please stay around..

    • My darling Olivia…your message made me smile…I will not hibernate, that’s a promise and might even been more around commenting when I don’t have to post on a daily basis. Just find it very hard to run a fulltime 5day week in my business and do the blogging the way I have to for 7 months. Dont you worry, I’ll never leave, I love all of you way too much and your friendship means so much to me. I love you too and thanks for always being there for me, I truoly appreciate it so very much . Lovies always xxxxxx

  12. Thank you, Amanda, for this great view of the Land Down Under! Australia is awesome! The kangaroos are stunning! Your little part of Australia on the water is amazing. Good is good to you and I rejoice in this. You are my friend across the water. Enjoy your pursuit of life on Planet Earth. Blessings to you…

    • Thanks for always understanding Carol, I am not going away and you might see more of me …just find it hard to keep a balance with writing, commenting and visiting my friends whilst running a 5 day business at the same time. I love and care about all of you too much and want to do it the right way. I am blessed and have so much to be thankful for…you take care too my dearest and all blessings to you too 🙂 xxxxx

  13. Makes me want to up sticks from my mountain and move down below! Also made me rather hungry 🙂

  14. awesome reflections…
    you did amazing job despite everything happens in your daily life.

    Three awards for you, ignore, simple letting you know I appreciate your work.

  16. Thank you for sharing your morning, Amanda, and blessings on your continued journey, wherever it takes you. Big love & hugs!!

  17. The “journey” you are on is important and I wish you new enlightenment each day!

  18. lifeinarecipe Says:

    The omelet looks sooo tasty! How nice to be able to gather food from your front doorstep! Time and activities changes for us all..I too have found of late things using up my time, keeping me from blogging as regular as I would like…but you know, we are all here for each other whenever that may be. We will wait with bated breath for the times you can write and share your life adventures, poems, recipes and wise words with us.
    I still have your I Believe post printed and posted in my workroom…I read it every day…you are very special!

    • Aww Cindy, I always appreciate your warm and kindest words so very much my friend…finding the balance in our lives…that is the answer!! And I will never go away completely…I have created friendships on here that means more than words can ever say, …you are one of them. Thanks my friend and I send you sooo much love. Always xoxoxox

  19. Seems we are both on a long journey :3 I wish you the best!

  20. …you take care Amanda…..and I appreciate your kindness as well…you are right that it is great with everyone around here……journeys….ja…been on one for some twenty years….and then woke up recently….maybe I will bolg about it sometime…

    • I think we all get to a stage where me move forward in our thinking and just with all we do in life. Cant wait to read if you decide to write about it…maybe I will too 🙂 Big hugs my friend xx

  21. Many blessings and love, Amanda, as you continue your life’s path. You are a treasure.

    Gayle xoxo

  22. Looks wonderful! Lot’s of joy. – bill

  23. Okay…right after Panama…I heading to the Land Down Under…take care my friend!

  24. Well…I’m heading there. 😉

  25. Emile Zola said, “If you ask me what I came to do in this world, I, an artist, I will answer you: I am here to live out loud.” I’m glad you are committed to living out loud, dear friend. Having Veuve Clicquot for brunch sounds like an excellent start.

    Many hugs! xoxoxo

  26. And of course you have to sail off on your adventure, my friend. I will be happy to see you when you pass by, and happy to know your are sailing. sending much love! m

  27. Amanda, such a nice indulging essay about how you are taking a break.. ! Thanks for caring about your readers more than about yourself in telling us how you feel, I think that is why there is so much of love in your site everytime I visit.. !
    Take it easy friend, thanks for keeping us all together as a community! Your time and energy are infectious!! I love all the pictures, definitely helped make you more personable for me 😉

    • Dearest Rachana, thanks so much for taking the time to color my world with your presence and to write such a warm, loving comment. It means more than words can ever say!! You are a special lady in my eyes and know that I will always be around. I send you much love across the continents. Hugs xxx

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