Nights in a Paper Cup (My Amanda)

She comes to me in the night, she comes from thin air
She finds me alone in my dream…
She is the wind in the cloud. Eyes blue-green, as deep as the sea
Bright as the Southern Cross they gleam.
She speaks in the language of goddesses and gods
I know what she means, my leaping heart hears…
What she says with her smile, her playful smile
The tilt of her head and her tears, her deep blue tears.
She came from the heavens, never earthbound angel
She surrounds me and whispers like the Zephyr…
She lifts me from the doldrums of the melancholy blue
And when she is done I am rested, and she, my Vesper.
I will not know love if for eons I stand here in the dust
I will never hear the three holy words spoken aloud…
I will not know peace and comfort will fail
Until I can find her and Love her in the cloud.
This week at Monday Potluck the theme is LOVE AND ROMANCE. Someone very special wrote this poem for me and it’s been treasured from the heart for a long time.  I thought it appropriate to post  on this special occasion.
Please click on the link and don’t forget to check out other’s writings as well, thank you very much!

67 Responses to “Nights in a Paper Cup (My Amanda)”

  1. Oh! To have such words written for you … of course you treasure them!

  2. What Cindy says plus…another Trifecta! Beautiful post, Amanda 🙂

  3. I am mesmerized once again, truly beautiful =D

  4. claudiadesouza4u Says:

    Wow!! Lovely.

  5. This is too beautiful! Simple magic Amanda.
    lots of love.

  6. Lovely poem, great diction, kudos to you dear Amanda 🙂 xoxoxo

  7. Lovely poem, Amanda. Rather hypnotic. Feels ancient and wise and like soft echos through eternity. Well done. Thank you for a dear potluck poem.

    Hugs! xx

  8. A wonderful tribute. Thank you for sharing it, Buttercup.

  9. what beautiful thoughts xxx

  10. Truely great Amanda,
    More then the writer I am interested in knowing the person’s fate that day. How did you treat him. He desrved a really very special from you.
    Enjoy your papercup.

  11. How beautiful to be the recipient of such words and thoughts!

  12. You must really be magical wind of his cloud… I think even if one person gives such kind of lyrical confession and praise.. life is worth it.. thank you for sharing such intimate aspect of your life.. it needs courage and a clear spotless heart.. happy to have read you today.. shall be back..

  13. eh? makes me think!

  14. Wow, there is such strong beauty and love in this. We all would aspire to be so loved. Hold it close to your heart my friend.

  15. Amamda, this is absolutely lovely.

  16. Lovely words written about you, Amanda. Thank you for sharing this tribute to you with us. The image and the video add your own sweet touch to the spell of the verses. Blessings to you…

  17. Somehow the words “no greater love” came to mind as I read this…so very beautiful.

  18. Diamonds and Dogs Says:

    Loved (pardon the pun) it!

  19. wow,
    the image takes me away,
    your words are soft, sweet, and soothing

    let love dominate now,
    way to go.


  20. signed .............bkm Says:

    love the use of Zephyr and Vesper in the same stanza – lovely sound Amanda….bkm

  21. A pure gem of deep intimacy. Since true love never dies, what a great reminder that you still have this beloved.

  22. thoughtsnotlost Says:

    Such a light, dreamy mood this poem gives me. It’s almost like a fairy tale. Love it!

  23. Scent of my heart Says:

    Lucky you to have someone telling you such words! Treasure with capital “T”! Lovely!

  24. Beautiful imagery and words. Really liked your constant use of colours in the imagery. Really lovely piece

  25. Oh, Amanda–this is magnificent. You must feel so very loved.

  26. To have such a poem written for you – WOW! “the three holy words” – nothing beats hearing “I love you!” What an amazing voice that Heather Nova has. Thanks for sharing!

  27. This is truly beautiful Amanda!

    “She lifts me from the doldrums of the melancholy blue”

    Awesome imagery!

  28. I don’t know how I missed this… but I’m glad I found it today! Lovely, Amanda, truly beautiful… xxx

  29. Jessicas Japes Says:

    Very beautiful! Someone is very special to someone!

  30. You got cool stuff over here. Those recipes are to die for. Very neat site. Liked your poetry style too.

  31. Amanda,
    A beautiful poem.

  32. delicious! you are a muse of love…

  33. This poem is so beautiful….and the picture is really cute…
    I loved reading it..thank you for sharing and visiting my blog… 🙂

  34. What a beautiful poem to have written for you, Amanda! Gorgeous!

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