It has always been a struggle during the night with Coco sleeping on my bed.  He has the tendency to nestle up close and even though there’s more than enough space on the bed, for some reason he thinks he has the right to all the space.  Seriously, so many times he’s taken over the prime soft spot in the bed, no place for me to be comfortable, leaving me grasping the very edges while he stretches out in luxury. It normally starts the minute I start walking upstairs to go to my room, he races me to bed….settling himself FIRST, before I get there.  It would not be a problem if he’s been snoozing and hops off as soon as I show up, but another altogether when I have to order him out-of-the-way or physically haul him aside so I can lay down!!

Which brings me to the topic of this blog…Dog Beds!!!   Over time I think I am the one that has developed a psychological problem because I cannot resist walking pass a pet shop where they sell dog beds!!  I have tried them all, the standard pillow that looks like a cushion, a nest dog bed (with raised edges), donut bed, orthopedic bed, raised dog bed and even a heated bed!!!!!!!!    All in vain because I still can’t get him to sleep in his own bed.   Don’t get me wrong, during daytime he loves lying on his bed but as sure as the sun will come up tomorrow, he will not sleep on it during the night!

Yesterday I went to lunch and just happen to walk past this new pet shop with the most beautiful dog beds (yes…..again!!)  Not wanting to go into too much detail, I walked out with another and this time with a “mink” blanket to match.   I came home overly excited thinking that THIS will be the “right” one…….and guess what?  He slept on the bed again…now I’m asking you….who is the one with the problem????  

In my “next life” I want to come back as Coco…..just have to make sure I have the same “PACK LEADER“??????????

This is a repost.

34 Responses to “WHERE DOES YOUR DOG SLEEP?”

  1. Bwahahahaha, girl; who actually owns whom in this relationship?
    Chelsea is going to have such a good laugh when she reads this!

  2. I feel your pain, Buttercup!

    We have two dogs, a dachshund and a basset hound. Every night my wife and I have to share the bed with the dachshund, who tunnels under the covers to nestle up against our legs.

    Usually the basset hound is relegated to my son’s bed, but when my son is staying at a friend’s house we’re stuck with BOTH dogs!

    Our king-sized bed doesn’t feel so big sometimes.

  3. You are SO owned! LOL

    Nice post! 🙂

  4. Ooh, that is the comfiest-looking bed – I’ll bet if you were sleeping there, he would be only too happy to stay in it. Wondering who’s the boss in that happy family. 😉 And truly, he is the cutest dog, don’t think I could say no to that sweet face either… 🙂

  5. Well how can you refuse a face like that? 🙂 I respectfully suggest closing your bedroom door w/ him & the new bed outside. That is if you have a bedroom door…

  6. I’ve laughed so hard it hurts! Ha! Great video! Coco definitely thinks he is alpha dog, leader of the pack, and you are his slave. Really, your only problem is that you are too soft on Coco. You all but feel the necessity to allow him to have the prime place on the bed because you love him. Think differently: You are alpha dog, Amanda. You need to express your authority and back it up. Bark and bite him! He wants to sleep near you. This won’t change. Every time I lie on the couch for a second, Shady jumps up and sits on me! Like you, the problem is mine. I should make him get down and make it clear that he cannot jump up again. There is no help for us, Amanda. Blessings to you…

  7. lifeinarecipe Says:

    Loved the story, but I think that you err in placing the importance on the bed…it is not the bed he needs but you. I am sure if you were able to crawl into his little bed he would be right there too. You could try placing his bed on yours at night and see if he will sleep in it then because he will be close to you. Just a thought…I have a cat who will have next to nothing to do with me, but is obsessed with my husband. We put a cat bed on the couch next to where we sit and the cat will go into his bed to sleep instead of on my husbands lap now. My husband says it is the best present I have ever given him…freedom from the cat! If my cat was as cute as your dog I would not be able to deny him anything! 😉

  8. It’s not the BED, you idiot (sorry!), it’s being right slap bang up next to YOU! We also race to bed and I always lose and have to yell “Move up – that’s MY side!” every single night! I have a Queen-sized bed and we both sleep on the same side, lol!

  9. Sorry, I got a bit carried away, Amanda. Love this post! xxx ♥

  10. Oh…this was just funny…something about the alpha dog in the pack did enter my mind. 😉

  11. Coco, down boy! I’m afraid Coco isn’t being very sensitive to your needs but Amanda, a little advice, do not buy another dog bed. You’ve given it your best shot–now give it up!

    Coco has the most darling face!

    I loved this post–animal/pet stories are the cutest! xoxo

  12. so funny story,
    dog beds, hope he like it.
    have a fun Wednesday.

  13. We sure do train our animals well. They know exactly what they can get away with.

    I watch with great interest when my cat waits with dire determination to jump on my lap the minute it’s available. Sometimes the wait is long, but he has patience. Because we are in Canada, I justify that it’s because he needs warmth as well as love…a calvin klein pillow…expensive cat food…

  14. Coco is soooo cute! LOL…xxx

  15. It’s clear to me that the real issue is how you can fit into the new dog bed. maybe you should start buying bigger ones. That’s the only way you’ll ever get him out of your bed. where you go, he goes. he is as cute as can be, so I doubt you mind all that much. Hope all is well, Luv. xoxo

  16. lol. kind of makes me glad i dont have a dog.
    What you need to do is put the dog bed on the end of your bed because then he might actually sleep in it. lol

  17. clearly Coco has been talking to Patch. We have dog beds galore but Patch prefers mommy! Maxine however has her own couch! But then again who can resist the comfort of a doggy cuddle 🙂

  18. your coco is like my misha. She used to let me sleep in my bed. just like your coco she was there first, always, and stretched royally. 🙂

    i had to push her to side to make my place in the single bed. her hot favourite was pillow, all stretched on it.

  19. lol….he’s adorable.

  20. Always an issue. Poor Coco. Poor Amanda. Our cats have actually been of a problem this way than the dogs.

    Before I have another dog I plan to study Ceasar Milano. He makes good sense to me.

    Love the photos of Coco. Pet him for me. Gyps says “hi!” 🙂

    Hug! @ you and the pup. xx

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