I think I’ve lost my muse for writing…is that normal????? Argggggg, please tell me you have the same feelings sometimes too?!



silence of my soul

eternal hibernation

into the unknown


©AvdL 2010

32 Responses to “Silence”

  1. Sometimes for days on end. But never forever. The muse will have her way with you again soon, I am sure…

  2. It’s okay to give yourself a break. Every once in a while, I just quit and walk away – do something else. And I read something different – something that takes me into a new realm of a world or of thinking.
    Lots of people “dry up” at the solstice, partly in preparation for winter. Summer, like the moon, is waning, and so are many writers’ pens. So don’t fret – give yourself space to breathe and prepare – a growth spurt is waiting to happen.
    I have been away from my blogging for a couple of weeks – working hard on my book – and I needed the space. I’m glad I took that time, because now it’s fun to come back, and doesn’t feel like a chore or duty.
    Bless you for calling out to your fellow writer/friends. We’ll still love you if you take some time off. We’ll still be here. XXOO

  3. divine… I read on jingle blog…..what I like….I write….simple and nice…

    you are on a journey of creative enlightenment….and that is like climbing a stair…..please view..

    when you count….get tired…..if any body ask me how old…will say born now……yesterday gone….it was grace of god…..forget that you are writing……in India a blind enlightened master Surdas…composed more than 100000 hundred thousand poems….they never claimed to done that
    that is the reason most of the Indian art is not signed…as they always believed that through them god has created… a medium for god…with no ego….

    as we climb the stairs we relax after some….I wrote god = childhood friend in 1984..and in 2010 by chance have a blog…..silence takes time to mature…it is a time the silence is maturing in you….grace of god is showering on you……be in prayers…..masterpieces will appear….have to bear the journey in silence….

    bless you…

    love all

  4. It happens to us all…we lose sight of the muse, if you will. Haiku is my comfort form…I seem to be able to go to that well when the ink pot is dry, and find something to write. This Haiku is a good one: a good way to the quill to the parchment. You are wonderful poet, Amanda 🙂

  5. musicman50 Says:

    Just having a wander around from my niece’s page – Jessica’s Japes – and I like the music you choose, young lady!

  6. Totally normal, Buttercup dear… Muses are fickle creatures, given to sudden flights of fancy and abrupt, unscheduled absences.

    Think of it as a tidal cycle, an ebb and flow: Some times the words flow, some times they ebb. When they’re ebbing, it’s time to seek out inspiration.

    Once you’ve taken in enough inspiration – be it words, pictures, whatever – you will feel full and ready to flow once again.

  7. There are many many times that my head is completely out of ideas. That is why I only submit poems every so often. I’ve been working hard on my competition poem and have taken a small break this week. Next week I hope to have on in but then again it depends on my muse. So hopefully I’ll get an idea soon. Also it takes me about a week to write one poem. So that also hinders how many poems I produce at a time.

  8. You will get your muse back. Your works are always a pleasure to read. 🙂

  9. I think this happens with almost everybody. I cant say confidently about others but this sometimes happens with me atleast.

  10. It happens, I think, to the most prolific writers. I think of it as an incubation period – every now and then, a settling of sorts, or resorting, a new way of opening, perhaps. I’m intellectualizing it when, in truth, the creative process defies intellectualization. I spend more time in nature during those periods, walk more, listen to music, dabble in painting… cook, wash dishes, journal, take long baths. 🙂

    The muse doesn’t go anywhere, sometimes it asks me to open another window so it can breathe better…

    Sarah McLachlan is one of my favourite artists, thanks for posting the vid.

  11. My Muse decides to take her coffee breaks and vacations usually at the most inopportune times…but she generally returns with notebooks full of ideas for poems. I’m certain yours shall return in the same manner. 😉

  12. I agree with Gospelwriter, my inspiration comes in fits and starts and I definitely need to renew my feelings – almost like a small ‘re-birth’ for me… You are definitely not alone, Amanda! xxx

  13. Lovely poem, somehow I don’t understand why you think you’ve lost your muse.

    There was a time when I suffered from the severest writer’s block, it lasted almost 4 years (with rare moments of reason, where I wrote a piece or two). So I guess it is very normal. I just hope you get out of it soon 🙂

  14. powerful were those few words…
    brilliant. You don’t seem to have lost your muse 🙂
    lovely video.

  15. I don’t have a muse and it happens to me, too. There are times that words flow and times when they slow down and times when I think my mind has lost its way entirely, times when I have nothing to write. Blessings to you, Amanda…

  16. Was it Shakepeare: “This too shall pass.”

    During those dry spells, I have to to put my mind on something else entirely and forget all about it. After time, I return and test the waters. If it hasn’t returned, back I go to more diversion. The worst thing I can do is worry about it.

    We haven’t gone anywhere so enjoy the break.

  17. Wow, I wrote a Haiku on silence today as well. Very interesting choice of topics.

  18. I don`t think one loses it….I think the mind just channels it somewhere else….and it does happen to all of us…

  19. What is lost is only waiting to be found. The summers passing has taken my writing with it. But where there is death there is life and patience will offer us insight. You’ve done beautifully with this haiku. Always perfectly equipped with song and picture. I have no doubt you will find your muse again.

  20. Hey Amanda, yes, it happens. And that is not eternal hibernation.. it’s temporary hibernation!!! Come back soon with your writing muse. 🙂

  21. I write only when I feel strongly about something…If you don’t the words don’t come. If you are not having any muse, its probably because life is going well. Its strange though, we write, pray, and express ourselves so much more when we are down. Wouldn’t you agree? Perhaps you could write something happy? (just an idea) Best wishes to you and your Buttercup!

  22. You amaze me with your haikus. Maybe that is a poetic art I should explore, doubt I’d ever have the lovely results you get! This is beautiful as always!

  23. Hey, I get those writing blocks too. Been in one for about two weeks now. As a musician I been dealing with it for about 20 years. SOmetimes those lsast for a year or so, rough.

    I love what came out of your spot thought. This is really good, in my opinion. anyway.

  24. thoughtsnotlost Says:

    My friend, it will come back, it always does. *hugs*

    By the way, I have a new one up:

  25. Another priceless gem. Beautiful.

  26. hope you well

    very stunning piece.
    the image is super cooperative and fun.

  27. No worries my dear, it happens to all of us. I myself have posted nothing since October 20th. Your muse will return and she’ll be towing a railroad car full of ideas. xoxo

  28. Ah, Ms B, sorry I missed this one. Words are always there but sometimes our thoughts are unable to put them first. There are simply other things in your mind working their way through. Sometimes it helps to just write and save, not post, and then look at your words a few days later with fresh perspective. Not to worry, your voice is strong, it will return.

  29. beautiful…never lost..just wondering out

  30. Hang tough. My post to you is my response.

    Hugs! xx

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