Sunday Muse

 I’m sending you love, joy and peace with this beauty from my garden. Have a wonderful weekend my dear friends, I’ll be back tomorrow for Potluck. oxo


gardenias saturate the day
clothed in their array of lovely white
their fragrance permeates the nose
and far outshines the perfect rose

white gardenias take me there
while I sit upon my chair
and listen to the birds play
in their orchestrative way

I feel blessed to be
alone in my revery
on a white gardenia day


Rebecca Wiles 

22 Responses to “Sunday Muse”

  1. Gardenias are among my favourite flowers – how lovely that you have them in your garden. Happy Sunday, Amanda!

  2. looks, smells, and sounds delicious, my friend! have a great Sunday!

  3. Your white gardenia is strikingly beautiful as are the words of your verses. I enjoyed them very much. Thank you for sharing. Blessings to you this weekend, my friend Amanda… xxoo

  4. They are so wonderfully aromatic–I love gardenias. This poem reminded me of when I worked in an office and my boss had a gardenia bush growing in his yard–he would bring me gardenias for my desk when they were in bloom. Wasn’t that nice.

    Lovely poem, Amanda. xoxo

  5. Ah your words, image and music please all the senses…it shall be a wonderful weekend….have peace weekend my friend.

  6. How absolutely gorgeous, Amanda! Love the pic and all. Have a fabulous rest of your weekend too 🙂 XO

  7. Hope you are as serene as the fabulous magnolia.

  8. Aw, my beautiful friend, that is lovely.

  9. What a lovely restful picture you have painted with both the picture and your words, Amanda. Have a blessed Sunday and take care, my friend. xxx

  10. Jessicas Japes Says:

    Beautiful photograph, and lovely words.

  11. beautifully written nice pic


  13. They always remind me of my mother and I’ve never thought about it before but I bet they’d do fine in our climate. I may have to go to the nursery.


    see you at potluck tonight.
    feel free to claim anything in the post.
    have fun!

  15. so beautiful!
    love the flower and the sentiments behind.

  16. A pleasure to read. – bill

  17. Omar’s music is so holy and serene…That music goes straight to my soul.
    I used to listen this song…and now that feeling comes back with me again… Really wanna live more and more to capture the beauty of love, the beauty of life!
    What a beautiful piece of music!
    Thanks for sharing this, Amanda!

  18. White gardenias are one of the most beautiful flowers and their fragrancel- incomparable.

    beautiful poem.

  19. lifeinarecipe Says:

    Beautiful flower and words. I love gardenias..I think I will have to try and see if I can grown one indoors here.

  20. This is enchanting as is the new direction you appear to be moving in.

  21. Gardenias- you bet- they are such a bliss in blossom- what a lovely image here my Dear.. You appear to be all delighted to be moving in towards your new way.. Do share whenever you can.. Loads of Love xox

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