Inside my own thoughts
Nurturing future plans
Motivational decisions of change
Establishing a meta-positive attitude
Truthful to myself and all others
To live my best life today
Aiming to a better life


©AvdL 2010


24 Responses to “IN METTA”

  1. This is “all good” in fact, its VERY good!
    (How is the holidaying?)

  2. Thumbs up 🙂

  3. This post is almost too beautiful, Amanda. Wonderful goal! xxx

  4. Stunning, Amanda!! I caught my breath at the image and love the poem. Thank you for sharing this beautiful concept, xo

  5. Hi Amanda – what an amazing photograph – and such excellent thoughts on how we all ought to try and live our lives! A veryuplifting post, thanks girlfriend!

    Have a fun vacation 😀 xx

  6. just splendid amanda. we all should be trying it.

  7. We can’t strive for more than that – well done. The photo is amazing, and Enigma always have something to say, don’t they? Hugs!

  8. A goal worth having and striving for my friend.

  9. Very inspiration, Buttercup!

    (You’re still pretty active online for someone on vacation)

  10. Beautiful post, Amanda. Introspective and inspiring thoughts attractively put together for us. Amazing Blackberry! Blessings to you a thousandfold…

  11. Lovely sentiment, gorgeous photo! Is it a beautiful warm spring yet for you?

  12. Gorgeous photo, Amanda and your poem is a burst of promises for yourself.

  13. Very motivational acrostic with great aim taken at improving life. cheers & hugs 🙂

  14. lovely words.
    make a decision to live a beautiful life,
    way too cool.

  15. The feeling of loving-kindness for your life’s choices came through in this sweet, meaningful poem, Amanda. xoxo

  16. lovely!

  17. Happy deepawali! May light, happiness and wealth shower down on your world and stay.

  18. Excellent work!! Posting from the blackberry is a life saver some days I must say 🙂 Really good poem.

  19. hehhe..this seems to be the EXACT state of mind you are in, these days… no? 😉
    It’s a good thing you are thinking this way, though!!
    We need it… all of us!!

    Great going, Mandie!!
    Love ya!!! Best luck with everything!!
    But.. me missing youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu…

  20. this is absolutely beautiful…
    and the video is amazing. lovely post

  21. Wonderful insight “motivational decisions of change” I love that line!!! Thanks for dropping by and again enjoy ur vacatio !!!

  22. this is lovely!

  23. WoW! I’m gonna try blogging from my BBerry too. This looks GOOD!

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