lost in my thoughts

soft sound of your voice

and I remember your eyes

a painting come to life

of untrammeled beauty

in efflorescent dreams

waiting to blossom…

put your heart in my hand

and I’ll give you mine

peel away the layers

in my forgotten valley

where butterflies still dance

bring back the fervor

of yesterdays ether

no figment from the past

the journey of our souls


where I linger


and keeping faith alive


©AvdL 2010



32 Responses to “Reminisce”

  1. Wow, Amanda…this one really struck me as a beautiful expression of such touching emotion that, in my mind, it’s instantly a classic to be known by heart. This is perhaps the best you’ve written in my opinion.

  2. As always, a beautiful piece of writing.
    Love you much. xxx

  3. beautiful words xoxox

  4. I see the muse returning 🙂
    A lovely poem indeed… cherish the moments, enjoy it as it comes… the key to living is well, LIVING! Explore, discover and enjoy…

    Well penned, my dear..
    Very heartfelt..

  5. Author, G. D. Grace Says:


  6. This is beautiful to read and fathom, my friend. Blessings to you, Amanda. I miss your presence, but I surely understand. The times of our lives are like seasons. Seasons change, and often revolve. May we see you again refreshed and renewed when the time is right.

  7. Very thoughtful piece. I admire the way you explore the importance & quality of relationships. – bill

  8. To have had such deep love…one is truly blessed for many never taste of its sweetness…a wonderful poem.

  9. Beautifully done! 😀

  10. “untrammeled beauty”… “efflorescent dreams”…

    Gotta love a lady who can utilize language with such panache!

  11. Well done. Much more expansive than usual. That’s a good thing! Hope all is well. Judging from the tone of the poem, it is.


  12. Simply beautiful! I absolutely love the ending, very well done!

  13. Beautiful reminiscence – and I love the sense of peace I get in the final lines “where I linger / breathing / and keeping faith alive.” Good to see you!

  14. Beautiful words..enhancing a beautiful imagery in my mind…where butterflies still dance !! hugs to you xx

  15. What a beautiful poem! I totally love it!

  16. Full of beauty and depth, as usual, Amanda

  17. so very beautiful amanda. just like the beautiful buttercup smiling above it.

  18. beautiful..
    keep faith alive.
    that’s how one moves on…

    your talent remains divine.
    Thanks for the poetry treat.
    Happy Thursday!

  19. Jingle speaks true. That is indeed beautiful. And so many words there that I’ve not seen or heard used in sooo-ooo long. ‘Untrammeled’. ‘Efflorescent’. Thank you for keeping these wonderful words alive, Amanda! 😀

  20. Hi Amanda,

    Today my blog turns 1 and I am inviting you for the birthday party…hope to see you there.


  21. lifeinarecipe Says:

    Wow! I agree with Tracy…I think that this is the very best you have written. Your words have come together in beauty!

  22. heyyyyyyyyyy amanda how r u???nice reading ur poem after a long time….great one btw:)

  23. O you beautiful one…
    “…peel away the layers
    in my forgotten valley
    where butterflies still dance.”
    Love it!

  24. divine…. so much silence and serenity…. l
    love all…

  25. A beautiful, goose-bumps poem – and pic. Thank you for the interluse, Amanda 🙂

  26. Simply Beautiful, Amanda! 🙂
    All the Best,
    Peace to you, my friend

  27. I love the ending!

  28. Just stopped by to see if you put anything up. Thinking of you. Hope all is well and that you are having a fine December. You are missed, but it is good to know that you are nurturing you sweet soul.

    Best wishes for the holiday season.

    In metta,

  29. Simply beautiful – and quite breathtaking Amanda 😀 Love you loads xx

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