mirror of feelings

my lugubrious essence

drift, flit, run – to me


©AvdL 2010


40 Responses to “Torn”

  1. Haiku is such a beautifully expressive form when done well, and this one is done well, Red. Mirrors are dichotomous…in one glance they are brutally honest, and with the next glance, devilishly deceitful.
    Beautiful post 🙂

  2. beautiful. hope and pray that they return happily. 🙂

  3. betweenhearts75 Says:

    🙂 Lovely…seems they must somehow always come back….love dear heart ~ hoping you are well dear! ~April

  4. I’ll take this one away with me into the garden and enjoy it there.
    Miss you, sweetie. xxx

  5. Ohhh… what a haiku, Amanda! I hope that when they return to you, they are delightful and bright.. just like you!!
    So happy to be reading your words again, my dear.. TALK TO YOU SOOOOOOOOOON…

  6. A lovely haiku and picture! 😀

  7. Okay..I’ ve finally caught my breath after reading your poem and listening to the song…the memories it fostered were long buried but came to the surface again..a bitter sweetness…but here’s something from a stranger “You’re truly beautiful.” Cheers my friend!

    • Charlie ….. my dearest friend, your comment made me smile …. thanks for always making me feel wonderful. They’re very special to me!! Sending you love and hugs across the continents oxo

  8. Buttercup – Amanda, dear – your essense is anything but lugubrious. (But it’s awesome that you used the word!)

  9. Melancholy Haiku and video, too. Missing you, Amanda. Your work is lovely, as usual. Blessings…

  10. Amanda, I will continue to send you loving light with trust that you will take what you need so you know the joy of being loved. So many of us here in our blogging family care about you that I am confident you invite love where ever you are.

    • Amy, I can feel the love, know that I keep it inside and appreciate your presence and thoughts more than I can say!! You are very special…I send you love in abundance!! oxo

  11. So elegant and lovely! Gorgeous piece :3

  12. lifeinarecipe Says:

    Beautiful Haiku…more oft than not, mirrors reveal more questions than provide answers. In your busy life we may not see as much of your work but your presence is as powerful as ever when ever you treat us to your beautiful words….I hope you are well and finding peace!

  13. She leapt into her sky, caddied and weeping
    Listfully emporium and tasted wine licorice
    She turned into a beautiful raven
    And danced in her blackened mirrored prism
    Her tears touched the emptied air as flight was her reflection
    Hearts found frozen to the ground etched in smiles
    She looked up and saw him shining in her aura
    When the dawn blissed their forever
    They flew and perched their love beside their wisdom…
    Gazing deep elder forests shade
    Twisted juniper groves and birch white paper
    OOOOOO… shivering like twilight
    Winter is now our tribe!!!

  14. Miss your words and images to start my day! Hope all is well! xx

  15. Love this haiku! Mirror reflections have a way of eliciting push-pull reactions and I love how you capture this in the last line.

  16. I really hope they come back! Lovely words!

    I miss you too girl! Hope to see you writing more regularly!

  17. Buttercup, you are indeed quite a haiku writer!

  18. They’ll be back…they belong to you and no one else! Reflections have a way of returning, just maybe not as we want them to. I’ve missed you.

  19. the image is powerful,
    your words are few, yet complete and well rounded…

    divine piece.
    Glad to see you post.
    Happy Wednesday!

  20. Good I stopped by!! I hope they are as colorful as a rainbow when they do and hoping soon too!! I miss you loads!!

    Loads of Love xoxox

  21. Stunning haiku. I have felt exactly like this at times, so I love how elegantly spot on you are in your description. Fabulous. Oh, and that image… simply stunning!

  22. Great haiku Amanda and an very nice picture. lol

  23. Entire package: stunning. Well done haiku. Hope the emotions come dancing happily back …

  24. ladynimue Says:

    touching ! fantabulous haiku !

  25. I’m very much a fan of the senryu. This one is quite fascinating. Thanks for visiting the cafe. Pleased to be making your acquaintance!

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