vérité de la vie



like a painting

born from my brush

come to life

a fresco of color

and little by little

through many fields

in gardens of pleasure

to deserts of pain

step by step

the pictures of life

come alive

with threads of gold

of dreams, of hope

and in the maze

of shadow and light

the truth in my portrait

the journey of life


©AvdL 2011


EVERYONE IS INVITED… poetry-potluck 
Do check out the amazing collection of poems here. 

89 Responses to “vérité de la vie”

  1. Gorgeous poem! I really liked “in gardens of pleasure/to deserts of pain.”

  2. Beautiful, Ms B! Welcome back, we have missed you!

  3. What a lovely poem!

  4. lovely, my friend, lovely!

  5. I like the colors in the artwork and the verse is lovely. Thank you for sharing your work with us. I miss you, Amanda. You are in my prayers. Blessings to you…

    • Thank so much my friend, I’ve been missing you too. Biggest hugs and love from a very wet Australia oxo

    • I am totally surrounded by all of this Carol, cannot go anywhere within a 10 mile radius…roads have been closed and it is just terrible. Almost dark outside and it’s just 1pm here. More to come, I pray for all of those who have lost their lives…72 still not found. Thanks for your blessings my friend. oxoxox

      • I’m so sorry to hear this. It looks horrible on the news. We feel so bad for the people in Australia. I was so hoping you were spared from this disaster. But you’re safe. I am thankful that you are safe. Be careful. I will keep praying for you and the families of those who were killed and the safety of those not yet found. How scary, Amanda. I’m such a little cry baby. I cannot imagine coping with something like this. My heart goes out to you, Amanda. Blessings to you and your neighbors in this time of need…

  6. A wondefrul portrait of life!
    You have been missed my friend!!

  7. colorful and beautiful…

    Thanks for sharing…


  8. You always manage to stir my soul and send my mind into another dimension of thought…this too is a truth of life my friend…so wonderful to read your words again.

  9. Your rhythm here is excellent, flows so well. Loved the theme too. What a peaceful place you have here, too! Thanks for dropping by Where the Butterflies Go, please do visit again –I’m subscribing here. I love my Aussie readers!

  10. So enjoyed this…I relish pairing art and poetry, such a metaphor for so many aspects of life. And I look forward to listening to the audio…I really like Enigma. Well done, my friend.

  11. Indeed, your poem is like a painting spread on a canvas.

    Colorful and imaginative.

  12. This is beautifully put.. a lovely poem..liked being here..

  13. Ooooo, I like this! What a vivid way of describing life as a journey. A beautiful and wonderful piece for potluck!

  14. Scent of my heart Says:

    Journey of a life, mystic and beautiful! I am huge fan of enigma it was mesmerizing to read the poem listening to the music! May you have a great day too!

  15. “with threads of gold of dreams, of hope…”
    Life has been a maze of emotions for me.. and I’ve missed your poems and reflection therapy! Wishing you all the best for 2011 and look forward to sharing many more wonderful moments through the coming year.
    Hugs to you xx

  16. Wonderful, well done and telling of an epic journey in life and light (and darkness). Thanks so much for sharing this with us!

  17. Awww Yvette, I have missed you too, more than you’ll ever know!! I share your statement about life…ditto is my answer to that but hope to be back more often, there’s a hole in my heart for not being able to write!! All the very best for 2011 as well my dearest friend, I send you lots of love and biggest hugs. You’re being thought of!! oxoxox

  18. Great imagery!!! And a lovely painting to help get the pictures in your mind to match up with the painting you’ve created through your words!

  19. You always make me so happy with your comments my dear….a very happy 2011 to you oxox

  20. this is plain beautiful amanda! i like it!

  21. Beautiful imagery, and I love the colors!

    Liked these lines the best:

    “in gardens of pleasure

    to deserts of pain

    step by step

    the pictures of life

    come alive”

    Your poem feels alive! 🙂

  22. Very well crafted, painted and sung.
    Canvas is already there.
    Our deeds and environment add colors to life.

  23. have missed reading your poems xox and all the wishes in the world for you

  24. All of the above, plus I like the idea that you ‘paint’ your life… I guess we do and some, like you, choose such lovely colours!

  25. you are back!!!!!
    a marvelous poem amanda, just splendid.

  26. Sweet. I like the way concept of inception to a full blown image…well done.


  27. thoughtsnotlost Says:

    You, my friend, are such a fine poet, wonderfully done…I loved this!

  28. You have such a wide, colorful pallet. Keep on painting life for us, Amanda!

  29. “…gardens of pleasure to deserts of pain.” Lovely image. Beautiful!

  30. signed .............bkm Says:

    A beautiful journey you have painted Buttercup with threads of gold….very nice and thank you for your sweet comment…bkm

  31. Bravo. Love both pic and poem. And, thanks for your work on Potluck.

    Happy 2011. 🙂 xo

  32. lovely and dreamy. Thanks Buttercip for your nice comments!

  33. Amanda agreed lovely.

  34. Awesome.
    Some very warm imagery here

  35. colorful…., meaningful….., beautiful……. it’s the taste of ART.
    Love it.

  36. Beautiful. I wish I could put pictures to words as you do…and vice versa.

  37. Beautiful and charming, it is so mesmerizing! Thank for such a wonderful work, love it^^!

  38. Absolutely wonderful and so beautiful Amanda! Wow xx

  39. Lovely flowing poem, Amanda.
    Sorry to hear about the flooding, it’s been on the news here in UK. I hope you are safe and well. Always in out thoughts. Hugs.

  40. Simply beautiful, Amanda.

    Enigma is one of my favorites! xoxo

  41. A well wrtitten poem!

    How are you Amanda? 😀

  42. A well written poem!

    How are you Amanda? 😀

  43. Lovely little piece Mandy, with some real meaning at its heart. Come play on my board someday if you ever want any proper constructive crit 😉 Are you gonna enter our Creative Challenge? Don’t have to, of course. Always fun and it’s anonymous, if that helps (not that you should be worried about that….:)

    Love to you

    Luke x

  44. lifeinarecipe Says:

    Simply a stunning piece Amanda. I enjoyed it very much, you are indeed an artist! 🙂

  45. Wow, such a vivid and beautiful poem.

  46. Wow, such a vibrant and beautifully written poem…thank you for sharing.

  47. Stunning artful imagery!!! And the perfect choice of song of too…. I love this ‘Beyond the invisible’ by Enigma… it is sooo mystic, and ..well… (for loack of a better word) enigmatic! 🙂 Really matches with your beautiful poem here…

  48. Beautiful piece with a wonderful message and some great images 🙂

  49. BEAUTIFUL portrait 🙂

  50. So lyrical and lovely and so full of the essence of life…

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