Maze – Haiku



convoluted maze

tears mixed with mud and blood

dwindled in the dust



©AvdL 2011



15 Responses to “Maze – Haiku”

  1. Wretchedly sad, my friend.

  2. A lot of sadness in so few words. Well done, nonetheless.

  3. very apt for what you are witnessing xox

  4. Such sad words Amanda xx

  5. pain portrayed with utmost perfection.

  6. I like the haiku, but I’m not crazy about that bloody-eye pic.

  7. Words and visual telling of painful defeat and surrender. Artfully created mood. Makes my heart break for the hurting souls of the world. Blessings to you, Amanda…

  8. wonderfully sad…

  9. Such deep sadness expressed in these few lines.

  10. Wow, hard-hitting image and words, Amanda, xo

  11. Very sad and powerful message expressed here.

  12. few words..packed with an oceanful of sadness… such is the power of your words, my friend… amazing!

  13. that’s got grit to it…there’s experience there. I like it.

    Great to see your writings again. been awhile for a while (not in Folsom or anything, just away).

    whoa…just remembered it was a haiku. you put a whole story in my head. GREAT job

  14. The pictures you find are always incredible and go well with your pieces.
    Sad, strong piece xxx

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