Blowing in the wind



silent love lingers

on your trembling lips

as you slowly decipher

the storms of the soul

in nurtured desires

and a reverie of love

hides below the surface

of dreams and dither

finding shelter

in the hands of delusion

and the secret of love

from times gone by

now just a whisper

born out of ashes




like the circle of life

it cannot negate

thoughts of

 you and me…


blowing in the wind


©AvdL 2011



36 Responses to “Blowing in the wind”

  1. Ah, what can I say?
    Love you Girl.

  2. Perfectly lovely and so Amanda … 🙂 Good to have you back! 🙂

  3. After an evening of listening to perfect jazz…I come home and just before bed read this lines of yours…a perfect end to my day.

  4. have a super weekend my friend xox

  5. Sweet… I enjoyed reading this one.
    Happy Friday!
    ~ xoxo

  6. The good s always there, preserved somehow perfectly by the passing of time. You have written beautifully, my friend.

  7. The memories stay – sweet sentiment, Buttercup!

  8. Lovely piece. A lot of beautiful imagery and a touching ending. Great work.

  9. The ending is always so so touching in your poems .. sigh!

  10. your words are mind blowing…
    dynamic piece.
    Thanks for sharing..

  11. Beautiful message of hope, Amanda. Stunning photo. I love the song, too. The last part of your verse seems to suggest that our past sorrows cannot negate memories or deny future relationship. Perhaps I read more into it than you wrote, maybe not. Anyway, it’s lovely. Blessings to you, Amanda…

  12. a beautiful piece friend, bravo!

  13. So lovely with a gorgeous image.

  14. Sina Saberi Says:

    wow wow wow! such delicate sensations depicted with such eloquence 🙂
    related to it big time!

  15. gorgeous- truly beautiful. i loved the last few lines so much.

  16. amazing energy in these words…
    i love the way you almost end and say “but” and keep going too….

  17. Sometimes…often…your poetry can move me…always it stops me and makes me think. Well done, Red 🙂

  18. Excellent poem.
    Some great thoughts accumilated in this.
    Katie Melua, she is amazing.
    I only wish ahe’d do more of her own songs.
    She is a good songwwriter and it annoys me so to see people with genuine talent wasting it by doing covers

  19. Scent of my heart Says:

    So sweet words! Loved the song too. Happy Australia Day!

  20. So moving, Amanda…all of it, xo

  21. DiamondsAndDogs Says:

    Lovely as always. Hope you are well, my friend.

    Take care … D.

  22. When I saw the title, I thought I hope she posts the song…I’ve always loved it byut never heard this artist. Your poem is lovely, from beginning to end, just loved it. And the pic is fabulous. Mandy, you rock all the way, love!

  23. Mandy

    Beautiful in every way. It touched me so deeply. I felt every word.
    I loved it!


  24. Good read. Didn’t get to know you over on Jingle for more than a month but from what I see, you’ll be sorely missed!

  25. hope you well…

    Happy SundAY!

  26. Nicely written……keep on writing

    i am from BHUTAN

  27. Love is indeed like the phoenix… it has this amazing ability to be reborn out of its own ashes… and its this ability that keeps love alive forever…
    I got really absorbed in your words and emotions here, Amanda… most artfully and beautifully conveyed.. they spoke to me on very deep levels…
    Write on, sweet one…
    Love ya loads!

  28. It is always fascinating to read you.
    The image, too is very cute.

  29. Guess the writer have written with deep emotion and love 🙂 Great work !
    Writing Style
    What type of writer should you be?

  30. lifeinarecipe Says:

    (Hugs) Reading this just made me feel like sending you a hug…words seem ineffectual, so hugs will have to do…a wonderful poem Amanda!

  31. how are you?

    hope you well.

    missed your stunning poetry, bless you.

    do post at times, we all miss you.

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