Blog of the Month

The River Literary & Artistic Journal honored me by announcing this blog their blog of the month.

A huge thank you from me to theriverjournal .… My muse was on hiatus far too long.

10 Responses to “Blog of the Month”

  1. Hi Buttercup,

    That is wonderful. Congratulations!

    Bill Cook

  2. Oh how I’ve missed your words and thoughts…hope all is well.

  3. I have missed you too dearest Charlie, so happy to see you here. I am well, a new year…a new start!! Happy weekend my friend…hope all is good with you as well oxo

  4. Hope you’ll be able to be home for a while, Amanda.

  5. DiamondsandDogs Says:

    It’s been too long, friend. I hope you’re well.


  6. Ah, this space has been silent so long. Good to see it back too. Hope you doing well Amanda, and that you’ll fill us with your poetry again… 🙂

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