Silent Innuendos

the crimson light

of a newborn day

joie de vivre in

every breath I take

treading footsteps

echo the sound

of silent innuendos

as thoughts fly away

like nectar dripping

invading my senses

where muses play

I’ll write you a verse

and softly whisper

“come play”


(Picture taken by yours truly at 5am on my daily 8km walk..phewww)

6 Responses to “Silent Innuendos”

  1. Oh I just love how you endied the poem…I had to smile and chuckle aloud because of the playful tone.

  2. Super pic– you must have been dazzled to see it in person! You have captured the awe of the scene in your words.

  3. Gillian Colbert Says:

    Lovely … D.

  4. lifeinarecipe Says:

    Beautiful poem and beautiful photo from such a beautiful person. It is a joy to see you writing and sharing again!

  5. Lovely and such a dramatically beautiful photo. Good catch.

  6. Wow… been the long time since I last visited… lovely beautiful words just right for such an enthralling picture.

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