in murk

of despair

beyond warning

passing through

 desolate walls

of what was

yet to be

like a ghost

I flitter


the light

 a place

of no return

watching the


as I cry




©AvdL 2015


13 Responses to “SILENT TEARS”

  1. As I read your poem…such a deep sense of sadness was present…I am hoping that you new year will be filled with beauty…be well my friend.

    • A sadness that’s hard to put into words when you’re in the process of losing your partner to the big “C” my friend. Hoping the new year will be good for my precious friend xxx

  2. Beautiful Mandy – you have natural gift.
    Luv u xx

  3. We are shedding silent tears with you and for you x

  4. love you to the moon and back. Beautiful words. Raw emotion. Family forever. ❤️

  5. My dear– lovely to get an email notice of your post. I hope the new year brings lots of light and love into your world. all best!!

  6. Beautiful touching poem. May good news dry up all the silent tears of a lifetime for you and yours. Blessings to you…

  7. Blessings to you Carol Ann 💛

  8. charming,
    your blog is indeed kept festival and lovely, Amanda.
    bless you,
    Happy 2015.


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