Metamorphosis (2)



exposing a bleeding heart

becoming undone

life has a rhythm

lies within the rules of hope

no-one understands

uncover the darkness

 so angelic and sanguine

blazing fire within

©AvdL 2015



4 Responses to “Metamorphosis (2)”

  1. The music for this poem reminded me of the Mystic Mood Orchestra’s cd “Stormy Weekend”…wishing you a wonderful weekend my friend.

  2. I picture myself in front of a fireplace with a glass of red….listening to this enchanting music, just pure bliss! Thanks for sharing my friend. You have a great week too xxx

  3. Long stormy nights, we are getting plenty of those at the moment and an early morning one as I type but it cools it down and the sound of the rain is soothing until the thunder makes you jump but I love it. Love your blog 🙂

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