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at the crossroads of thought

reflection takes flight within

journey’s through floating seas

held into the depth of night

sing to me this heart of soul

embraces of desires subdue

quenching heating fevers

giving all of myself to you

unite your words of wisdom

shelter the gates of my heart

hold these ardent promises

honoring truth to never be apart

sing to me sweet carnal arrest

infuse this inner fire of love


let me kiss these flaming desires

and show you where love begins


as time weaves

upon the canvas

of my emotions

©AvdL 2015



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Amanda~ Whispers file 9

an epic smile

as fingers trace

the silhouette mind


aquatic streams

of  her inner


perhaps the moon

was her only friend

wading through


on arduous



the rainforest


a lush



mirrors of time

a sacred space

as cosmos speaks


language of love


no more

to dwell

in life’s

shadowy past

you may find her

in the motley



streaming glades

where she muses

to herself


and the dance


©AvdL 2015




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If you are unhappy, be unhappy.
Do not judge yourself for being that way.
It is wonderful to be unhappy, it is expressing emotion.
Love your unhappiness. It means you are ready for change.
You are ready to go forward, yet you mourn for the old;
you are not ready to let go.
Allow the unhappiness, there is purposefulness in it.

Remove from your life everything that inhibits you
from being the totality of yourself. That is called “becoming”.
Remove from your thoughts all the have to’s, should’s, must’s.
Remove the images you think you must be and just be.

Embrace your life. Know that you created it.
Love all that you have been, said and done.
Know it was all purposeful.

Never see anything as a failure.
See everything as an accomplishment.
Love the hurt, the pain, the sorrow.
For what an experience! What a wonderment!
What jewels of wisdom are now in your treasure!

 Be your own teacher, friend, counsel.
Confide in yourself, speak to yourself.

Seek answers that feel right within your soul.
Your soul knows what the truth is,
and it will tell you through feelings.
Always listen to your feelings. They know … they know.

Live, experience, feel. Do not seek to identify yourself.
You will never have a point of understanding from which you
can say, “This is who I am!”, for in each expanding moment
of consciousness, who you are will have
changed into the next moment of being.
To know who you are is to feel what you feel each moment.

Never do anything, no matter how far you are into it,
if you lose the joy of it and it becomes monotonous and mundane.
Do away with it and do something else that brings happiness.
For perhaps what you needed to learn from it
you have already achieved.
Go wherever you want to go,
Do whatever you want to do,
for as long as you want to.

 Create only for the mere joy of creating.
When you create for you, you will soon find yourself living in joy.



Extracts from Dr Wayne Dyer 



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How many times have you come to a crossroad in your life….a place where you need to make a decision about something that not only will affect yourself but the lives of so many others?  We’re all on a path of personal growth in our lives and hope we make the right choices and decisions, one that will cause us no pain.  Let’s be honest, it is not the wonderful and happy things that make us want to move on to other things – it is those times and incidences that caused us pain that forces us to move forward.  For example….who can hold their hand in a fire for a long time….when it starts hurting, your immediate instinct is to move your hand away.  In a way I think life works in a similar way….you get to a point where you know it is too painful…and you move.

Fortunately we should also realize that for us to go forward in this life, we have to go through pain and heartache….. a step closer to a better life.  I have had so many choices I had to make over my lifetime, some were good, and others not so good.  But ultimately I know that I had to walk through each and every experience to bring me to this point in my life.  It has made me the person I am today and I am thankful for that.  I know that there will be many experiences ahead but I am open and willing to embrace whatever comes my way.  We should not rush into anything with blinded eyes…but learn to be patient.  And when we do get to these crossroads in our lives, embrace it and know that they are there to make us a better person. I love my life and am thankful for all the heartache and difficult times that brought me to this point.

Live your life, embrace it….with every heartbeat!!

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