Have you ever had one of those day’s where a little voice whispers in your ear…Do it…do it?  Now I have to say that I have really been trying to eat healthy for the last couple of weeks but last night was such a temptation.  All I could hear was the the distant echoing of a big juicy pizza chanting my name, making my stomach groan and my taste buds dribble.  The craving knocked me around to the end that I felt sick!  I started walking up and down the stairs, all I could think of was something warm, delicious and bad and I wanted it yesterday!!      Nothing could shake the image of warm melting sticky cheese entering my mouth or the thought of crispy, doughy crust in my mouth.    I walked to the phone, picked it up (give me one last hit goddammit!)  I had hit rock bottom.  I thought of  the pros and the cons and walked away!!  The guilt, the adversity, the angst, the apprehension and in the end, I didn’t cave (totally mundane right!?!)  With  better consideration, I tried something more healthy and cooked it with a sense of contentment and sanctity in my heart😦

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