Enjoy your meal, Ma’m!

Now you have to admit that few of us would complain having food at a restaurant.  You’re looking forward to something special and delicious.  The best part is that you don’t  have to prepare it yourself and on top of it all….no dishes!  How wonderful.  Now I have to warn you…don’t read further if you are going out for dinner tonight!

Recently I’ve listened to a program on the ABC radio where they interviewed people working in restaurants.  They did not have to use their own name for obvious reasons!  Waitresses will bring out your plate of food, even if some of the food landed on the floor…and so will chef’s too (as long as there is no damage done)  They also admitted that sometimes they  sneeze or cough (which happens quite often if they can’t turn away soon enough)  Some of them admitted that they don’t always use fresh produce, to cut cost and as long as no-one knows…..”Bob’s your uncle!!!”

The real shocker for me was just how easily they have forgotten about the very 1st lesson we were taught, even before we learned to read or write!  Wash your hands after you have been to the bathroom!  Most of them DON’T…. said there is not enough time (hardly time to have a widdle)  To me that also means that they obviously don’t wash their hands after a sneezing or coughing attack.  There has been the odd occasion where a client was grumpy and neurotic about something….some have admitted to spitting on their food and drinks!  My mind has been working overtime since as I do food critique locally and I might start to act a little bit neurotic myself visiting certain places in future. Maybe hygiene should be on the list of qualifications   All these facts make you think…..are you still enjoying eating in restaurants?

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