No Ugly Duckling

Beautiful – Christina Aguilera

Mother Duck waited a long time for her eggs to hatch.  Then, one day…all of a sudden, the most beautiful little ducklings arrived, except one.  When it  finally hatched, it was a greyish,  funny looking “ugly duckling”!  Even Mother Duck was ashamed about this one and when the other ducklings ignored him, he felt like no-one loved him and ran away!!

When it got cold and wet,  he found a spot on an old womans farm.  She decided he was too ugly to keep for breeding purposes, instead thought of making him fat for the pot!  The old woman’s cat and other pets teased him so much that he decided to run away again!  A friendly farmer found him and took him home.  One day, while he was on the lake, he saw the most beautiful swans flew by and wished he could be one of them.  Then….he looked at his reflection in the water…….and saw that he was a swan too….even more beautiful than the others!!!!!

The moral of the story is that there are no “ugly ducklings” on earth.  God had a plan for us the day we were born.  So next time you feel that you’re not appreciated, not loved or “ugly”,  know that there is a much Higher Hand that loves us unconditionally and we are all here for a reason.

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