I am not naturally a procrastinator but when it comes to certain things I just can’t help myself!   Back in South Africa, we had servants for everything, “Serrie” cleaned the house, made the beds, did the washing and ironing etc while “Adam” did the gardening, windows and cleaned the cars.  All I would concentrate on was going to work, now and then cooking as “Serrie” was the masterchef most of the time!   So when I came to Australia 10 years ago, I had the shock of my life when I realized everyone does their own housework, cooking and washing!!   As most of my friends will  know, I am very houseproud and can be a bit of a perfectionist in certain ways.  My home is my sanctuary where I feel safe and spend most of my time pottering around.  

After all this time, I have everything worked out almost to perfection.  I do all the housework,  have developed a love for cooking like never before and am very happy doing it.  I don’t do the gardening and happily will pay someone else to do it, I don’t clean the pool and cannot do  some of the more technical things….(have discovered a company called “Hire a Hubby”…..don’t laugh!)  to do all of the mundane’s I can’t do!!  All of this should make me very happy and satisfied BUT…….I have to this day not worked out why on earth I have this absolute aversion to ironing!!  I have tried everything…hanging the clothes to perfection on hangers to dry…..using a spray bottle….. buying the most expensive iron I could find….NOTHING WORKS!!!   To me ironing is truly the devil when it comes to housework and chores…..maybe I should just do what my girlfriend does….. get someone else to do it!!???…….NOT!!

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