Today I want to spit the dummy, once and for all!!  I was brought up in a home where I was taught that it is inconsiderate and really bad manners to be late!  I also believe that there are 2 kinds of people…..the one that will always be on time and the one that’s always late!   Thankfully I  fall in the first category!!

Last night was one of those again.  I had a meeting  at 7pm……at 5.45pm I started getting everything ready, made sure I had all of my paperwork in order, packed and ready to go.  I left the house at 6.20pm (as my destination is not far) to be on time, enough time to set up so we could start at 7.00pm sharp.  Only to be told that we can’t start because “Sue” and “Sally” (not their real names) have not arrived yet.  At 7.20pm I am really getting agitated and asked if they could be phoned to find out if they still will be attending!  Response was….one could not make it and the other will be leaving her home as we speak!  So we waited…for another 20 minutes!!

There are some people that just don’t get it. I don’t care if you have to feed your dog, bath your children or finish off dinner, if you made an appointment for a certain time, bloody well BE on time!!!!  (Unless it’s something serious)  You are selfish and unmindful towards other people!!  A meeting that should have lasted 2 hours at the MOST, made me come home at 11.00pm!!!  Only to be totally over stimulated and then not go to bed until 1.00pm. (now that is not your problem!)   It almost seems like they are living in another reality…where their clocks are set differently!  Being late SUCKS….that is all of my beef for today!!!!!  Thank you oxo

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