I had it all planned and worked out!  For weeks we have been looking forward to the International Boatshow at Sanctuary Cove, a yearly event that runs over 4 day’s.  Everything was set up for our promotion, pamplets were printed, samples and brochures were ready, even decided what I was going to wear the night before!!  All excited and full of anticipation, I woke up with a song in my heart!    Then I looked outside….and saw the rain!  Oh well, I thought….it will pass and as we will be “half” under cover…..it could not be that bad!

The road to Sanctuary Cove is blocked off for the show, you must have a pass to enter, there’s no way of getting there…or else you could go by bus.  I was lucky enough to get a pass but these are issued randomly and you have no idea where the parking will be.  I placed the orange sticker with number 7 on the front windscreen and left early enough to find a spot before the actual crowds arrive…..  (or so I thought)  I arrived, waiting in line for about 10 minutes, only to be told to turn around, I am in the wrong lane and missed entry 7 by about half a kilometer.  So back I go, looking for the right turn……a small little sign that’s rather hidden away….and  missed it again!!   By this time it’s starting to rain quite heavily and wondered how on earth am I going to get to where I’m suppose to be?   The parking lot is situated on a new block of land they just recently opened, with long grass and muddy roads…..quite some distance from the main entrance.  (Already then I smelled trouble!)

Luckily I saw a bus waiting to take us to the entry point….got out of the car,  my feet totally sinking away in the grass and mud!!!!  Those of you who know me, will know that I have this absolute passion for shoes, I will go without many things but never, ever without a good pair of shoes!!!   The higher the heels, the better!!  Now imagine  me getting on that bus, shoes and feet covered in grass and mud!!  I was not a happy girl at all.  Finally got to my point of interest, tried cleaning my shoes and face the day…..!!

The mother of all rainfalls happened yesterday, the heavens opened up and it rained so hard and for such a long time, it was quite a disaster.  No-one could walk around, every single restaurant and corner was filled with people, trying to find cover and in the end I decided to go home earlier.  The bus took me back to my car…… to find one mud bath like I’ve never seen before.  So I took my shoes off, walked barefeet in the mud (by that time my “Guess” shoes were totally ruined anyway) ……had no towel to try and clean my muddy feet and got in the car.  At last I’m safe and on my way home!!   So I thought……:(   

As I’m driving out of the parking lot, trying to make a right hand turn….my car started to slide and I knew right there and then I’m in trouble, stuck in mud!!   To make a long story short, in the end a good samaritan came to help  getting  the car out.  I came home, with mud everywhere….not just in the car, between my toes, my shoes and I could even taste it in my mouth!!!!  Today the sun is shining…it’s a beautiful day and I have to do the same again……..  I think I might just go by bus!!!!!!

2 Responses to “A MUDDY AFFAIR!!!”

  1. Shawn Picard Says:


    My name is Shawn, I live in Montreal. I was wondering if I might have your permission to use your “Muddy Affair” image in a graphic design project. Thanks.

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